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Travel to Mars on the Cheap

According to recent news, any space flight to Mars will leave the astronauts in a state of dementia. This is likely to be the consequence of long exposure to interstellar radiation. Does that mean Mars travel is out? Maybe so. But maybe there is another way to get there. Maybe we can do it without leaving the comforts of Earth.   REMOTE VIEWING CYDONIA, MARS Farsight Institute   Mars—what is really out there? What, if anything, has gone on out there in eons past?  For…

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DVD: Life Beneath the Surface

Even for video consumers who demand production value normally available from the mainstream media, alternative science is starting to provide a much more viable option for consideration. A case in point is the latest offering from Illustra Media.   LIVING WATERS: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth Illustra Media This is the third film in Illustra Media’s series The Design of Life. The first two—Metamorphosis and Flight—were previously reviewed in Atlantis Rising. Each episode explores a different realm of the animal kingdom and…

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DVDs: Witnesses After the Fact

While there may be many events about which we would like to know more, we must accept that a shortage of actual witnesses can thwart any serious investigation—or, then again, maybe not. The folks at the Farsight Institute would certainly say ‘no,’ and they have been making the case in a series of documentaries, where Remote Viewers provide the missing details. In two new productions the team takes a look at one of the most celebrated of UFO events of recent years, and at the…

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DVDs: The Code of the Market

For those whose knowledge on some of these topics is based on what they’ve read in various best-sellers, here is material that can provide some help getting it all into perspective.   DA VINCI and the Code He Lived By History Channel   This History Channel documentary explores every major chapter in Leonardo Da Vinci’s life. In this interesting overview of his roots, early life, patrons, major works of art, interests, successes, and failures, we’re told that he was born illegitimate and was not entitled…

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The Making of a Revolution

For those interested in the cataclysmic goings-on in almost all areas of scientific investigation these days—probably most of our readers—here is a heaping helping of red meat. REVOLUTIONARY: Michael Behe and the Mystery of Molecular Machines Discovery Institute This documentary tells the story of Michael Behe’s transformation from mild-mannered biochemist to orthodoxy-challenging revolutionary through the publication of his path-breaking book challenging Darwinian evolution, Darwin’s Black Box. It also explores the rise of the broader intelligent design movement in biology, the attempt to silence supporters of…

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The Data of the Creation

For the intelligent questioner of life’s mysteries, it is not always easy to find answers of a quality corresponding to the questions. We are happy to inform you that that we have found another three DVDs that do the job remarkably well.   The Information Enigma: The Cambrian Information Explosion Discovery Institute In the beginning, there was—information! Stephen C. Meyer, Ph.D., author of Darwin’s Doubt, starts out this documentary with: “The crucial question that will decide the debate about biological origins is precisely the question…

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