Worlds Beyond

Why Is the Martian Sky Blue?

By William B. Stoecker

In a sense, there are really three planets we call Mars. There is the Mars of fiction, of dreams, of imagining. There is Mars as depicted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) based on their own interpretation of the data from their various orbiters and landers. Then there is the ‘real’ Mars—now only dimly perceptible—which appears to lie somewhere between the Mars of fiction and the official version offered by NASA and its allies. Writers of fiction…

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Ancient War Fires

By Nick Redfern

The Cold War is long gone, as is the Soviet Union, but as numerous post-9/11 events have demonstrated, the world is still a dangerous place. In fact, it’s very dangerous and it’s getting even more dangerous by the day. In 2015 alone, we saw Chinese hackers infiltrate and steal files on millions of Americans. The Russians began to flex their muscles even more. There was talk of the military minions of Vladimir Putin placing new, atomic arsenals in the heart of Europe, something which, if…

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