The Powers of Meditation

John White

Life on planet Earth is threatened from many directions; many responsible sources warn of this. There is the possibility of nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare by the superpowers. There is worldwide pollution of the air, land, and sea by all nations. Nonrenewable resources—topsoil, water, various minerals, tropical rain forest, and the ozone layer, for example—are being wasted or destroyed. Overpopulation is straining the biosphere, bringing drought and pestilence. All these threats to life are manmade; all of them originate in the minds of people. Our…

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The Synchronicity Phenomenon

By Patrick Marsolek

Since Carl Jung defined the word ‘synchronicity’ in the 1920s, it has become part of our everyday language. How many times have you heard someone describe a synchronistic experience they had, where something in their outer life seemed to be meaningfully connected to something on their mind? Though this sense of an interior connection to the outer world has deep roots in our history, the modern trend towards a more mechanistic worldview has tended to treat this belief as an outdated superstition. Jung’s theory of…

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