New Energy

Power from the Nightside


Mobil and Exxon won’t like it. Neither will the nuclear power industry. Even solar power enthusiasts may frown in disbelief. But give them time. All new ideas, especially those that reverse conventional wisdom (180 degrees exactly), fall on deaf ears, unwilling ears. Take polar energy, for example: that glorious spectacle of colored lights painting the night sky of the northern and southern latitudes. Auroral readings taken in the Van Allen Belt are on the order of 3 million megawatts. That’s four times the power used…

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Fire from Water


No, the writer didn’t flunk Chemistry. He wrote HHO, not the familiar H20, for the very good reason that it’s not water. In fact, it’s a whole new kind of gas, using a patented process inventor Denny Klein developed, a process requiring only a small amount of electricity and some distilled water. And what a gas! When it burns, it leaves only water as a combustion byproduct, yet can seemingly defy the fundamental laws which govern the behavior of gases, to include the one which…

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