New Age Adventure

Shasta: Mountain of Mystery

By Poke Runyon

In our recent film “Beyond Lemuria” one of the characters, atomic physicist Xavier Jones relates: “Robert Oppen­heimer, the father of the atomic bomb, who was also a scholar of Sanskrit, believed that the world had once been dev­astated by an earlier atomic war.” He goes on to say: “When I was in India I asked a Hindu yogi where I could go to learn more about this prehistoric civilization. He smiled, somewhat sadly, and replied: ‘Go home and climb Mt. Shasta.’” This question, and the answer,…

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The Perilous Plight of Rockall Island


There are several North Atlantic islands that are little more than the tops of mountains growing from the sea floor. Possibly one of the smallest lies 180 miles from St. Kilda, an island belonging to Scotland and 270 miles from Donegal in Ireland. Called Rockall in the Shipping Forecast, issued by the British Meteorological Office, it is the focus of a struggle between four nations as well as the new sovereign nation of Waveland. Oddly enough, fewer people have actually made a successful landing on…

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On the Trail of the Abominable Snowman

By David H. Childress

At 19, my fascination with the Himalayas and the yeti had so consumed me that I dropped out of college and went to the Far East to teach English. Eventually, my trail led to Kathmandu where I began to trek all over the Himalayas in an effort to photograph the creature or get hair samples. Ultimately, I trekked to the remote Rowaling Himalayas, where one night I lay in my sleeping bag on a high mountain pass that stretched north into Tibet. As I drifted…

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