Lost History

Hitler’s Last Card


NAZIS ARE MAKING NEWS AGAIN Late in 2010 headlines in several European newspapers, including Britain’s Mail and Telegraph screamed that Hit­ler’s last attempt to win the war could have been a surprise assault on London and New York carried out with giant antigravity flying disks—an attack thwarted only by the end of WWII. Long circulated in the UFO underground, the story received a new lease on life when German science magazine PM reported evidence for the existence of such an advanced and secret program in…

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The Underground Stream & Rennes-le-Chateau

By Steven Sora

Millions who have read Dan Brown’s book or seen the movie The Da Vinci Code, have been intrigued by the story of the Priory of Sion, a mysterious secret society which some believe operated for centuries behind the scenes of Eu­ropean and American history. As has been argued recently in British courts, most of the ideas in Brown’s book were taken from the the 1980s best-seller Holy Blood, Holy Grail, but the actual facts behind both works were laid down decades and centuries earlier. Today…

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The Last of the Denisovans

By Andrew Collins

The date is approximately 45,000 years ago; the location, a mountain pass somewhere in the Altai-Sayan region of southern Siberia. From a rocky vantage point, four, tall, darkened forms emerge into view from behind a patch of cold early-morning mist. They stand a few meters apart, gazing toward the only path permitting access to the mountain’s central plateau. Each figure is of extraordinary size, being as much as 7 feet (2.15 meters) in height. Their stature is that of giant wrestlers, their enormous frames accentuated…

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The Other Shroud


One of the most controversial relics ever, the Turin Shroud, is said to be the burial cloth of Jesus. For some, it is the ultimate relic, proving the reality of his resurrection. For academics, it remains an enigma, since the image embed­ded on the cloth has never been fully reproduced. For others, it is nothing more than a medieval fake, for which a 1988 carbon-dating result provides the only evidence. And yet, recent research has indicated that the swatches taken for dating the shroud came…

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Moses, Son of Egypt?

By Rand & Rose Flem-Ath

It is not well known that during the last years of his life, the face of the iconic prophet Moses was covered by a mask. At his first encounter with his Maker: “Moses hid his face; for he was afraid to look upon God” (Exodus 3:6). It was a natural reaction. The people of Israel lived in terror of direct contact with God, believing that the mere sight of Him would bring immediate death. They’d been warned that, “Man shall not see Me and live” …

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The Heat of Battle

By Frank Joseph

In 1991, I was traveling through Scotland to see for myself some of that ancient nation’s most intriguing mysteries. Foremost among them was Craig Phadrig, an early Dark Ages site crowning a forested hill rising 564 feet above the western edge of Inverness, Britain’s northernmost city. It overlooks the Beauly Firth inlet to the north and the mouth of the River Ness to the northeast. The view—as panoramic as it was commanding—suggested the old structure’s original military intentions. The ruin itself seemed unexceptional in every…

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Roerich & Tibet


In the fall of 1923, a peculiar sage-looking European appeared in Darjeeling in the northernmost part of India near the Tibetan border. A plump man with a round face and a small Mongol-styled beard, he moved and talked like a high dignitary. He announced that he was a painter, and, indeed, from time to time people could see him here and there with a sketchbook, drawing local landscapes. Yet, even for an eccentric painter, he acted strangely. To begin with, he argued that he was…

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Was Columbus on a Secret Mission?

By William B. Stoecker

In America today he is called Christopher Columbus; in Spanish-speaking countries his name is Cristobal Colon. In Italian he is Cristoforo Colombo, and in the dialect of Genoa (his supposed place of birth) he is Cristofta Conbo. There has always been some uncertainty regarding his true nationality, but we know he had a brother, Bartolomeo, and that he married a Portuguese woman, Filipa Moniz Perestrelo, daughter of Bartolomeu Perestrelo. Their son was Diego and, after his wife’s death, Columbus had a mistress and, by her,…

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Where Was the Real Troy?

By Stephen Robbins

“Schliemann’s tiny ruins of a city on the coast of Turkey cannot possibly fill the bill for the city described in Homer.” Achilles storms ashore with his small band of warriors. He looks, yes, remarkably like Brad Pitt. A vast fleet of virtual Greek vessels is coming up behind him. The sands of an immense stretch of beach spread endlessly. A large walled city lies beyond in a desert-like plain. We know we are somewhere, at least in imagination, in the vicinity of the eastern…

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The Templars’ Greatest Secret


According to one esoteric tradition, after excavating the foundations of Solomon’s Temple for nine years the Templar Knights left the Middle East with five “caskets” or cases full of treasures they had collected in the HolyLand. These cases, the story goes, were eventually deposited in Kilwinning, the Mother Lodge of Scottish Freemasonry, before be­ing transported to Rosslyn Castle, ancient home of the Sinclair Barons of Rosslyn, where they were kept safe until a fire broke out in the building. The cases were then quickly removed…

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