Pseudo Skeptics Beware

By Wistonas Wu

In the debate over paranormal phenomena, there is a new COP in town, but this one is challenging the fallacies of organized skepticism rather than the paranormal research community. SCEPCOP the “Scientific Committee Expos­ing Pseudo-Skeptical Cynicism of the Paranormal” bills itself as the “world’s first organized counter-skeptic group.” Principal organizers are Vinstonas Wu, Victor Zammit, John Benneth, and Leo MacDonald. It is, of course, directly confronting organizations such as CSICOP (Committee for Skeptical Inquiry into Claims of the Paranormal) which have, in the opinion of…

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The Newport Tower Mystery


The Mystery: Standing guard in Newport, Rhode Island, is a strange construction that is possibly the most controversial structure in America. It is a 28-foot-high, stone and mortar tower with a twenty-four-foot, outside diameter. It contains more than 5000 cubic feet of stone, sand, and lime. With each cubic foot of such material weighing 200-some pounds, it amounts to a million pounds being assembled— quite a project for early colonists. It has been called a windmill or stone mill, a twelfth century Viking monument, a…

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The Reality of High Strangeness

By William B. Stoecker

The late British biologist, mathematician, and all around polymath, J.B.S. Haldane (1892–1964) once famously remarked: “The universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.” As it turns out, this may be an understatement. The very basic nature of reality is almost certainly very different from what most people are programmed (yes, programmed) to believe. In fact, reality is so strange, so confusing, that human beings, in what passes for our normal state of consciousness, may never be capable of…

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Nazis and the Occult


“It has been ordained by the Karma of the Germanic world that he (Hitler) should wage war against the East and save the Germanic peoples—a figure of the greatest brilliance has become incarnate in his person…whom men would regard in centuries to come with the same reverence that they had accorded to Christ.”—Heinrich Himmler Ordained, Karma, Incarnate, Christ. Words of a priest who would pretend to be a prophet. The words of Heinrich Himmler regarding his Messiah, the dark soul of Adolph Hitler. This is…

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Time Travel Evidence


Our world is filled with many anomalies, most of them well documented and incontrovertible, which demonstrate that space and time are not what we think they are. One of the strangest of these is an enigmatic object which ap­pears in a painting in the little church of Montalcino in Italy, dating to over four hundred years old. The object can be classified as a genuine “out-of-place” artifact, because it incorporates several apparently advanced aspects in its de­sign. But the context in which it was placed…

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The Murder of John Cabot


Homicide detectives know that after 48 hours, the trail to the perpetrator starts getting cold. After five hundred years the odds of solving a murder are small, making the violent murder of John Cabot a true cold case. It involves a Ge­noese merchant, a Spanish soldier and an English sheriff whose name came to grace the North and South American continents. John Cabot, born Giovanni Caboto, was a Genoese navigator sailing for the British. He was a businessman who had accumulated enough money to settle…

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The Stones of the Ancients


A number of writers and researchers have suspected for years that the Great Pyramid at Giza and other ancient struc­tures around the world may actually be machines, representing a technology so foreign to our own that most people do not recognize it. The Great Pyramid is constructed with uncanny precision and has ascending and descending pas­sages, a bizarrely shaped “Grand Gallery,” a “King’s Chamber” containing a “sarcophagus” with no body, and a “Queen’s Chamber.” At least four shafts lead from the chambers, and engineer Rudolf…

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Journey to Akakor

By David Childress

In my book Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of South America (1986), I wrote about a strange character named Tatunca Nara and his claim of a lost city deep in the Amazon jungle called Akakor. Most of the information came from a book published in German and English in 1977 called The Chronicle of Akakor by Karl Brugger, a German journalist living in Brazil. The Amazon jungle is one of the last true frontiers on Earth. To this day, most of it is unexplored. People…

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The John Dee/007 Connection

By Steven Sora

What do the mystical Dr. John Dee and the spy James Bond have in common? A lot more than meets the eye. Dr. John Dee was a sixteenth century alchemist, magician, and Christian cabalist who so entranced Queen Eliza­beth that she even had Dee run her astrological chart to pick the most propitious day and time for her coronation. His home at Mortlake contained more books than any private library in England as well as a magic mirror that, it was said, would astound all…

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The Black Cross of Scotland

The Black Cross of Scotland: Has the Long-Lost Relic Been Found At Last? By Jeff Nisbet   This is the tale of a famous relic, considered lost for almost 500 years. It begins in AD 326, when Constantine, the first Christian emperor of Rome, sent his mother, Helena, on a mission to the Holy Land in search of relics of the Judeo-Christian tradition. While there, Helena found several buried crucifixes. One of them, by miraculously curing a dying woman, was believed to be the “True…

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