ET Presence

The Roswell Glyphs


“Since it is virtually certain that these craft do not originate in any country on earth, considerable specula­tion has centered around what their point of origin might be and how they get here. Mars was and remains a possibility, although some scientists, most notably Dr. Menzel, consider it more likely that we are dealing with beings from another solar system entirely. Numerous examples of what appear to be a form of writing were found in the wreckage. Efforts to decipher these have remained largely unsuccessful.”—Eisenhower…

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Is Anybody Home?

By Martin Ruggles

For years Hollywood has romanticized the search for life on planets other than Earth—especially the intelligent kind. Since 1960, when astronomer Frank Drake first attempted to deploy a radio telescope to listen for alien radio signals, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has been a key element in many a cinematic story line. Films like Contact, Independence Day, and ET have offered variations on the theme of earnest, if lonely, researchers striving to lead the world to a new interstellar awareness. The reality, however, has…

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New Washington & the ET Issue

By Michael Salla, PhD.

Newly confirmed Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has long had an interest in UFOs and the existence of extrater­restrial life. She was given an informal briefing in August 1995 by billionaire philanthropist, Laurence Rockefeller, on the best available UFO evidence. An August 4, 1995, memo by President Clinton’s Science Advisor, Dr Jack Gibbons, confirmed that the Clintons would be vacationing with Rockefeller at his Teton Ranch in Wyoming that summer, and they would discuss UFOs: “You will probably see Mr Rockefeller on your vacation in…

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Indians & Aliens


Most readers of this magazine are familiar with ancient legends that seem to describe human encounters with extraterrestrials in prehistoric times—Ezekiel and the wheels within wheels, stories of sky-gods in ancient Egypt, winged gods in Mesopotamia, the Dogon tribe in Africa. Less well known are Native American legends that may also point to an awareness of beings from the skies, of actual encounters with aliens. Any number of New Age books and websites now purport to contain accounts of Native American interactions with ETs and…

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Creatures of the Underworld

By Rita Louise, Ph.D.

Deep in north central New Mexico is the sleepy little town of Dulce. Located on the Archuleta Mesa on the Colorado-New Mexico border, Dulce is home to about 3,000 and is capital to the Jicarilla Apache Nation. In the early 1980s this seemingly insignificant location became a center of controversy. Physicist and inventor, Paul Bennewitz, claimed he had discovered an underground base there occupied by extraterrestrials. His story quickly spread throughout the UFO community. Sensational allegations included human abduction by these extraterrestrial beings. Bennewitz also…

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Archaeology of the UFO

By Frank Joseph

During September 1993, I was at the Cairo Museum, studying the life of Thutmose III. As the sixth monarch of the 18th Dynasty, he was the king of Egypt for fifty-four years, beginning in 1479 BCE, a period pertinent to my research at the time. Among documents I was allowed to inspect was an English language translation of the Tulli Papyrus. Hoping to learn something about the Pharaoh’s connection with ancient dynastic seamanship, I was surprised to read instead how, during the “sixth hour of…

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The WOW! Signal Reconsidered

By Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.

Do extraterrestrial (ET) intelligent aliens really exist “out there”? The serious Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has been ongoing for six decades, primarily utilizing radio telescopes (which detect electromagnetic radiation in the radio wave range; optical telescopes use light, another form of electromagnetic radiation). The basic idea is that a technologically sophisticated extraterrestrial civilization will utilize radio waves for communication, perhaps even purposefully sending a message into space to announce their presence. The ETs might be curious to know if they are alone in the…

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The True Confessions of Lt. Haut


In June, the famous dispute over reports of a crashed UFO near Roswell, NM in 1947 got a new lease on life from a dead man. One important witness to those controversial events, whatever they were, had previously refused to talk, but now he has, from beyond the grave. Lieutenant Walter Haut was the public relations officer at the Roswell Army Air base in 1947, and was the man who issued the original and subsequent press releases after the crash on the orders of the…

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Underwater Bases and Alien Civilization


Ivan T. Sanderson was born in 1911. Before he died in 1973 he wrote over 18 books on the UFO phenomenon. A trained biologist, Sanderson, was, nevertheless, fascinated by the unexplained and wrote on many exotic topics, such as mystery animals (including Bigfoot and the Yeti), lost civilizations, UFOs and “Ooparts,” or “Out-of-Place-Artifacts.” In Invisible Residents, first published in 1970, he put forward the curious theory that “OINTS”—Other Intelli­gences —live under the oceans. This underwater, parallel civilization, he proposed, may be twice as old as…

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Extra Terrestrials and the Vatican


The death of Pope John Paul II has occasioned widespread discussions about his own stand and the Vatican’s posi­tion regarding a variety of subjects, from purely theological to social issues. Completely lacking has been any refer­ence to an issue of concern to many, and especially to those interested in the subjects of UFOs, Life on other planets, and Extraterrestrials in general, and in Zecharia Sitchin’s writings in particular. As it happened, in April 2000, Sitchin engaged in a public discussion of those very issues with…

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