Wonders from Water

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Cold Fusion

These claims of over unity devices involving water keep on coming. In my recent article “Suppressed Technolo­gies,” posted on the unexplained-mysteries.com site, this was one of the issues I discussed. As [A.R. columnist] Jeane Manning pointed out, conventional physics tells us that electrolysis of water into hydrogen and oxygen must con­sume more energy than can be gained by burning the resulting hydrogen.

But there is a long tradition of a mysterious, all-pervasive primal energy filling all of space and called variously chi, ki, orgone, etc. The ether was supposedly disproven by the famous Michelson/Morley experiment, but, as I point­ed out in “The New Dogma,” also on hidden-mysteries, this experiment appears to have been flawed. Furthermore, current mainstream theories of a sea of virtual particles filling all space bear a suspicious resemblance to the ether. If there is an ether, and it is dynamic rather than static, it, in turn, would resemble the chi, or orgone.

To say that water, one of the most common substances in the universe aside from elemental hydrogen and heli­um, is strange stuff is an understatement. It is, with its polar molecule, a near universal solvent. When frozen, incred­ibly, it becomes less dense rather than more dense. Could it be that water, if energized electrically, somehow begins to resonate with the universal etheric energy, and is split into hydrogen and oxygen primarily by that energy, effec­tively tapping it?

Note that cold fusion alsoinvolves water, or heavy water made of the deuterium isotope. Is it really fusion at all, or does the cold fusion apparatus somehow tap into the etheric energy? There are some reports that ordinary water will do. Could it be that any fusion that occurs is but a byproduct of the main event?

There is no definite proof for any of this, but even the wilder claims made by alternative energy researchers de­serve a fair hearing. Our future is at stake.

William B Stoecker Sacramento, CA

Jesus in India

In the A.R. #75 Reader Forum, Paul Davids, the movie producer (“Jesus in India: Making the Movie,” A.R. #74) referred to an e-mail he had received regarding the Notovitch “Issa” document said to be at the Hemis Monastery in India. (The existence of the document, which would virtually prove that Jesus traveled to India, has been disputed.) At Paul’s suggestion we are publishing here an edited version of the e-mail to Paul which describes the attempts by Ron Chism to win the cooperation of Hemis officials. ED.

The [Hemis] office told me that those documents are “heritage property” of India, and that a “higher authority” would have to be contacted in order to secure the documents.

REALLY!!?? What gets me about that response was that it appears to be a subtle acknowledgement that the docu­ments actually do exist. Because, why would they tell me that the documents are “heritage property,” if such docu­ments did not exist? I found that interesting!!

I responded, asking them if they might be so kind as to tell me the contact information for the “higher authority” that was in charge of those documents, so that I might appeal for permission to photograph the documents.

They sent me a reply asking me to take them off of my mailing list.

By the way, although this is definitely jumping the gun, I contacted a friend, Barry Schwortz, and he has agreed that if we can get to the documents, he would photograph them. Barry was the (meaning ONLY) photographer of the 1978 STURP (Shroud of Turin Research Product) team of scientists who studied the Shroud of Turin.

Ron Chism to Paul Davids

The Return of the Djedi

I am a critic of trying to speculate on associations that don’t deliver. In addition to the coincidence of being pho­netic homonyms,[Mark Amaru] Pinkham (“The Return of the Djedi.” A.R. #74) implies that the ancient Djedi were the inspiration for the Jedi Masters of the Star Wars pictures and stories. The article never confirms this, never re­ports whether George Lucas derived his fantasy heroes from these warrior priests of the past. He suggests a second, less convincing homonym comparing the Djedi Farr to the Jedi’s Force, only adding to my conclusion that Pinkham is stretching his association past the breaking point. A little earnest editing here would have prevented my disap­pointment in the article. I interpret part of AR’s mission to give the speculative credibility by giving alternative re­searchers a venue and I appreciate this, but more rigor toward presentation is warranted.

Brian White Simsbury, CT

Ancient Architects

For much of my life, I have studied the engineering of the ancients. They had episodes of having access to the highest mathematical computations as evidenced by their artifacts. Peru comes to mind. Egypt and Sumer are not far behind.

The thinking that is inherent within mythological traditions of all the ancients such as the Vedics and the Jomon shows glimpses of a background of isolated brilliance that popped up here and there almost as if there were a compa­ny of Texas Aggies flying around the Earth trying to help out where they could—taking their knowledge and wisdom and “their goodies with them.” But the knowledge of their genetics seems on par with that of today or even higher than ours. They were highly creative and they knew whereof they existed. They knew the fiery intelligence that inhab­ited their bodies was much more than just evolving happenstance. The savages they came in contact with, which must have been some 99.99% of those on Earth, just did enough to get from one meal to the next out of habit and ne­cessity because they had forgotten what civilization had brought to the table after the Run of some great catastrophe or a series of catastrophes that had displaced an earlier Golden Age. The Earth just did not look the same and it did not provide the same. They were out of sync with nature.

Those “Aggies” or the Corps of Engineers did know and had access to tools that just put them out front on any task—they were us. They were us as we could be if we applied ourselves to learning and studying and working to be­come the Super Christ. The Christos Avenue to BECOMING was known to the ancient architects and they knew of the Tree of Being. They knew how we are manifest here in Time/Space and tried to tell us what we once knew; but due to convention, we were too busy trying to survive rather than put out the effort to attain our former verve. Christ is indeed who and what we should strive to become. Hero worship of those who strive to be all they can be became something else…Religion. Religion is Complex Ignorance (See Manley P. Hall’s Conclusion Chapter in Secret Teach­ings of All Ages.) Religion is for those who watch what should be done rather than actually live within the very sphere into which we are born. It is what it is.

The clue to our existence is onboard and within our reach if we would just follow our own mentality. We are self-aware but not cognizant of our own glory. We are indeed multifaceted beings and capable of high attainment intellec­tually, but apparently we are lazy. We suffer from amnesia or we just do not try hard enough to regain the intellectual and spiritual level that we are truly and clearly able to do. We sit and look at God all day, rather than take up the mantle of being part of the whole. It sits in the background of our minds and we just let it go so we can go to the mall and buy more junk. In my house there are thousands of books: they tell the story of humanity in every blank space between the lines of just how great we could be. We watch the life, but we do not live the life which is way beyond anything we see today.

Not that one is, but THAT whereby Is, is. That is the Crux of Becoming. We can become the very God we worship but we do not live it.

Orion von Koch Atlantis Rising Forums


I don’t think anyone needs a “brain” to process information. One’s consciousness is the basis for one’s learning ability, while the subconscious is learning things we do not know about.

I look on our bodies as nothing more than a pitcher and our soul/consciousness/subconsciousness/ and every­thing that makes us up, along with everything we have ever learned, as the water inside that pitcher.

As long as it is in the pitcher, it is contained, and cannot go anywhere. If one picks up that water, pours it onto the ground, or what have you, then it is free to go wherever it likes, but the contents are STILL there.

An NDE (Near Death Experience) is like someone pouring the water out of the pitcher to a saucer or much wider container, but then is poured right back into the pitcher. What’s interesting is that once that water is returned, it will not return in the same way it was before, and never will be again. The molecules, etc., will be different all the way around, yet will be reconfigured.

This explains why those who “return” from an NDE are never quite the same again.

Smiley Atlantis Rising Forums

Jumping Pages

I have just discovered your magazine, and it’s way ahead of other similar mags on the market. I am impressed at how well written it is too. I love your articles although I don’t always agree with them, but at least they make you think.

I have one tiny criticism. Why, do your articles jump from frontto back? Is it a format thing? I find it rath­erirritating flipping back and forth. Do other readers feel the same?

I suppose your production has to do with advertising and layout. However I am so thrilled to find your magazine (Where have I been for 14 years? I suppose I do live in the Wilds of Canada and have to make an 80 mile round trip to get groceries and magazines etc. That could be the answer.) thatI shall certainly continue to buy it even though I shall be muttering and tutting as I turn the pages.

Marina Lawson Wilds of Canada

Sorry our jump-page scheme doesn’t work for you, Marina. We know it is a bit old-school, but there are very real and practical production considerations which make this work well for us (I won’t go into them here). And, besides, how could a magazine devoted to ancient mysteries, be otherwise? So we will probably keep doing it, I hope you will overlook it and spread the good news of our existence to your friends. ED.

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