When Far Out Is Next Door

Sometimes artists, interested in illustrating for Atlantis Rising, send us their material; and in many cases, their work is what can only be described as very strange, maybe even a trifle mad. The motive for these well-meaning, would-be contributors seems to be their conclusion that since this magazine is dealing with really “far-out” subject matter—well beyond the bounds of conven­tional thought—we must also, therefore, be looking for art from beyond the pale. Only thus can we avoid the sin of boring our readers. We, however, approach our chosen subject matter a little differently than some might expect.

Our view is that—fantastic as it is—the material we cover is, indeed, very real and should be treated as such and presented in a down-to-earth, even comforting, way. After all, it represents the actual ground on which we stand, and which the powers that be have perversely chosen to portray as strange and bizarre. These prevailing arbiters of thought tend to do this, even as they offer us their own superficial experience as representing actual reality.

Consider this issue’s cover story. The notion that there is more to human life than earthly ex­perience is seen by mainstream science and its cohorts in the media as an idea so fantastic as to defy belief. We would argue, on the contrary, that the evidence for the immortality of the soul is so powerful and ancient, it cannot be honestly disregarded; and if such a wondrous fact is, indeed, universally real, then it is the true normal, and those who deny it run the risk of ultimately being diagnosed themselves as pathological.

John Anthony West is fond of saying that we live in an insane asylum run by inmates. Certainly the choice of a reality to which we subscribe can quickly get us classified as either sane or insane. On one hand, the secular materialist establishment—what West has called the church of progress—offers us a very bleak vision of the world, for which they claim authority based on the assumption that none of us is anything more than a biological machine, living out an essentially meaningless existence. Alternatively, those who accept the overwhelming evidence for the immor­tality of the soul and see a world filled with purpose and meaning are dismissed as dreamers, out of touch with reality. It is possible that one of those points of view, is, indeed, crazy. We will leave it to you to decide which is which.

At any rate, here at Atlantis Rising, we think it is our duty to present amazing facts as sanely and as normally as possible while exposing the preachments of the ruling order for what they are—madness or otherwise.

As always, we are guided by a belief that the truth is fantastic. Only the lie is boring.

By J. Douglas Kenyon

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