Webcasting our “Conversations”

By the time you read this, the all-new Atlantis Rising Conversations Internet radio show will have made its debut. It is our plan to offer a regular series of interviews with our many world-class writers on the topics they cover so well in our pages. Eventually we expect to talk to others who share our perspectives. For now each show will feature yours truly in conversation with one guest.

As I write this in late February, all the details are not finalized, but you will be able to find out more through our web site at AtlantisRising.com/conversations.shtml or by checking our Facebook page. The first three shows have been recorded and edited. You will be able to listen to and to view the programs through a dedicated page on our site, and each will probably also be available on YouTube.

In the first three programs, I interview Dr. Robert Schoch, Dr. Susan Martinez, and William B. (Ben) Stoecker. Dr. Schoch talks about his recent trip to Gunung Padang in Indonesia, where he has investigated some little-known ancient ruins and provided indisputable evidence of sophisticated civilization before the end of the last Ice Age. The show includes a number of previously unpublished photographs taken of the site by his wife Mary. Dr. Martinez talks about the evidence for Global Drying and its surprising implications for the Global Warming theory, especially in light of the current historic drought in the American west. Ben Stoecker discusses the well-documented anomaly of animal species found in many locations throughout the world, where there is no satisfactory explanation for just how they got there.

Future shows will deal with many of the topics that we cover in these pages; but, as you might imagine, it will take some time to get to many of them. Our main priority remains to produce Atlantis Rising Magazine, but in creating Conversations, we hope to expand our reach to a new audience as well as provide a valuable supplement to these pages.

Back in the 1990s we undertook production of three TV documentaries dealing with our chosen fields. Over the years, all have enjoyed wide public interest; and for the last couple years, all have been available for streaming download through YouTube. As of this writing, Technologies of the Gods has been viewed over a half million times. Clash of the Geniuses and The Atlantis Connection have also enjoyed very large audiences. In all, Atlantis Rising Video has generated nearly a million viewings so far. The new Atlantis Rising Conversations, we hope, will help people to make the link between our YouTube presence and our magazine.

To listen to Atlantis Rising Conversations right now, go to: AtlantisRising.com/conversations.shtml. Be sure to tell your friends about the new show, and don’t forget to mention that the FREE Atlantis Rising App is now available on the Apple App Store.

By J. Douglas Kenyon