Weather Wars

Is There an Unnatural Side to Natural Disasters?

This historic tropical storm season (storm specialists ran out of named storms, substituted Greek letters) appears to have finally jarred the mass consciousness into realizing there’s something fundamentally off with the weather. For “off” substitute “unnatural.” Consequently, concepts and people normally kept on the sidelines and out of the public eye are receiving unprecedented coverage and exposure in such unlikely places as Business Week Online magazine.

Consider the following:

First, “normal” weather is, from a long-term-climatological perspective, an exception to the general pattern; his­torically it has been both generally colder and far less stable. It seems we’ve been living the halcyon days and have gotten used to them.

Second, the global warming theory based on the greenhouse effect is merely a theory. No amount of scary publici­ty or punditry will make it otherwise—glacier recession notwithstanding. Many reputable scientists do not subscribe to the theory at all and have published withering critiques of same.

Third, many have argued that it’s not the atmosphere that’s heating up, but instead the planet’s interior, evi­denced by eruptions from long-dormant volcanoes, the appearance of new volcanoes, and numerous reports of build­ing volcanic forces from earth sensitives. (See AR no. 27 “The Bio-Sensitive Factor” —

There are several other players, too. The Sun has been highly and abnormally active outside of its 11-year cycle, and Mitch Batros at Earth Changes TV ( has established a direct link between solar upheavals and cra­zy weather, among other things. Evidence shows that stellar instabilities (“starquakes”) directly affect this planet, and we haven’t even discussed the planet X/Nibiru scenario and the potentially huge weather effects as it, allegedly, nears earth. Some even believe we could well have global hyper-weather like that portrayed in the upcoming TV disaster film “Category 7: The End of the World,” or in the movie, “The Day After Tomorrow.”

And with all of the above going on or lurking about, could we also have people messing with Mother Nature?

Connecting with Mother Earth

Commentators ancient and modern have long noted an apparent relationship between fierce battle and extreme weather, with the scientific explanation being that all the noise, dust, etc., act to trigger greater than normal precipi­tation via enhanced condensation effects and, perhaps, adding energy to a nascent storm. This purely mechanistic ex­planation, of course, leaves Mother Earth, Gaia, out of it. Is this wise? To those schooled in the Hermetic tradition (“As above, so below”), the answer is no!

Interestingly, in regard to Hurricane Katrina, we find a remarkable congruence between what some call the “fun­dagelicals” (a coined word for fundamentalist evangelicals) and their most unlikely brethren, the Luciferians. The common theme? Punishment. The fundagelicals view the destruction of New Orleans as nothing less than divine ret­ribution against the city for its institutionalized wickedness, and the Luciferians, in the person of psychic Aaron Don­ahue, view it as earth’s “…rising up and bringing judgment after years of misuse and abuse by mankind. As the planet is dying, it (she) is using her energies to attack the people who continue to kill her without thinking.” As reported in “Aaron: Katrina—A Mother’s Gift to a Greedy Nation” (, he told Luciferians listen­ing to his Voice of Lucifer Internet radio show to “learn to live close to the earth to be protected from the chaos that is befalling mankind, not just in the United States, but all over the world.”

Sounds weird, but it’s simple to show the same theme has been offered time and time again, not only in cultures girdling the globe, but in dreams, visions, prophecies, etc., given to people as religiously and ethnically diverse as tri­bal chieftains and suburban housewives. The warning is clear and unambiguous: humanity’s vibes and behaviors are faithfully reflected by Mother Earth. The crazier and more destructively we behave, toward the planet and each other, the more unstable and dangerous our loving host becomes. But what if people are deliberately messing with the weather? Is that even possible?

Of Politics and Superweapons

Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn, said, “Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the cli­mate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of in­genious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts.”

As noted by retired Army lieutenant colonel, towering intellect, energy researcher and scalar weapon “prophet” Tom Bearden on his in-depth site (, the bracketed material in Secretary Cohen’s quote is textual “clarification” (read spin) by Pentagon PR types. The original statement means groups and nations alike have this devastating electromagnetic weaponry at their disposal.

And what groups!

Independent and also collaborative research by Tom Bearden and veteran petroleum geologist Ron Mason has un­covered an alliance unholy even by Hollywood-villain standards. In a six-part series in Nexus magazine ( titled “Bright Skies” (see Articles video and links here, too (, Mason makes a cogent case that the Aum Shinrikyo “Divine Truth” sect (of Tokyo subway “sarin” attack notoriety) quietly built and tested in the Western Australian outback a Tesla-based device which not only trig­gered quakes, but caused them in an area devoid of them both in historical records and in aboriginal tribal memory. Later articles in the series amended this view to indicate that the scalar shots were fired from Russia into Australia. Worse, it was said, the firing trials were on a grid pattern, with no regard whatever to underlying geologic structures. Ah, but that’s not the really bad news. The ultranationalist sect has powerful allies, you see.

Terrorist groups require funding, so it seems only natural that an ultra-nationa-list group aching for vengeance against the U.S. for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic strikes would get what it needs from a like-minded entity. How about the dread Yakuza (Japanese Mob), whose origin was reportedly a group of diehard ultra-nationalists at the end of World War II? Now, there’s a group with money and power. But superweapons, where to get superweapons? Quick. Name a former superpower which collapsed in 1989. Now, name its once all-encompassing security organ, an organ which controlled not just nuclear warheads but scalar weapons, too. Did you guess Russia and the KGB (now FSB)?

According to the research by Tom Bearden, Ron Mason, and others, that’s the core scenario we’re facing. Prompt­ed by both hatred for the U.S. and a large down payment ($900 million in gold), KGB/FSB members have quietly leased earlier generation Russian scalar weapons to the Aum Shinrykyo/Yakuza axis, and that entity is, among other nasty-terrifying things (see “The Quantum Menace” AR No. 50, Bearden’s Fer De Lance, 2nd Edition and the earlier weapon slides here [] for the chilling details), waging weather war against the United States, and getting rich in the process.

How? By investing in energy futures, then torpedoing the market with huge preplanned dislocations (targeted hurricanes which wreck offshore rigs and shut down refineries), causing prices to soar. The closure of the port of New Orleans for a time deprived the U.S. of 20% of its port capacity and hamstrung critical imports and exports. As a direct result of Katrina’s devastation, heating oil prices this winter could double, a huge hit in the pockets of millions of Americans. And these are reportedly but the tip of the cascading economic havoc. Nor is this the first such strike. In Part 5 of “Bright Skies,” Mason cites a string of weather attacks directed squarely at Western countries and their allies—old news to Tom Bearden, who dates such attacks clear back to the Cold War and the operational weather modification use of the Russian “Woodpecker” combined over-the-horizon radar system and scalar weapon: “North America has not had ‘normal’ weather since 1976.” Perversely, the Russians chose July 4.

Another disturbing angle to this scenario is that Mason turned up evidence that the Aum Shinrikyo deputy may have been involved in a covert Japanese scalar weapon program in Kobe, Japan, a program literally demolished by the January 17, 1995 Kobe 7.2 quake, following a “prophecy” from the head of the sect. It further appears that the Yakuza breached KGB/FSB security on the leased weapons and learned the technology—to the point it is now making its own portable scalar weapons.

Admittedly, this is ‘out there’ by most people’s standards, but as noted earlier, it’s drawing mainstream attention. Evidently, there’s enough attention that the coverage tone is both dismissive and derisive, but that the topic and some of the key players are being covered at all is amazing in and of itself.

In a licensed Business Week Online story titled “Who Controls The Weather?” ( we find Tom Bearden and the basics of the scenario fairly accurately reported in the first two paragraphs, some supporting sites listed in the third (with the term “conspiracy theories” bandied about), then a searing dismissal in the first sentence of the fourth paragraph: “To almost all scientists and weather professionals, this sort of rationalization is ludicrous.” Good thing that writer used a qualifier, for at least one former professional TV meteorologist hasn’t gotten the word, and he, too, is causing a buzz.

Pocatello, Idaho is not generally considered to be a hotbed of controversy, but Scott Stevens and his site Weather Wars ( have made it so. Drawing not just on Bearden’s work, but info, video, and photos he and others have gleaned, he presents, in a straightforward manner, the astounding evidence for the unnaturality of not just Katrina, but many other “impossible” and “unprecedented” hurricanes. A (as in Moscow, Russia) article, “U.S. Meteorologist Says Russian Inventors Caused Hurricane Katrina” (, cites a Village Voice interview with Stevens “right after Katrina’s landfall,” which was picked up by Wireless Flash. His assessment was unflinching: “There is absolutely zero chance that this is natu­ral, zero.” He feels so passionately about what he’s doing that he recently resigned from the TV weather job he’s held for years, in order to devote full time to his researches and exposing the truth. Naturally, he’s getting all kinds of flak, being called “nut job” on certain Internet sites and “delusional” by a columnist for the Chicago Tribune.

“Weather Made to Order”

In 1992 the Wall Street Journal reported that a Russian firm bearing the fascinating name Elate Intelligence Technologies Inc. was offering weather modification for hire, with offices near Moscow’s Bykovo Airport, so close, the firm’s special antennas could be seen from there. Various sources indicate that such weather modification could be done over “200 square miles.” The firm’s director, Igor Pirogoff, whose quote forms the subhead above, was in no doubt as to what his company could do, saying it could’ve turned Hurricane Andrew (17 billion dollars in damage) into “a wimpy little squall.” This individual also pioneered a new concept in perversity, “weather extortion.” We guarantee good weather for your outdoor event if you hire us—and bad weather if you don’t pay as agreed.

As beautifully set forth in “Stormy Weather: The government’s top-secret efforts to control Mother Nature,” (, writers Bob Fitrakis and Fritz Chess show not only that the U.S. has understood, since the fifties, the range of military advantages associated with weather mod­ification and control, but has poured considerable resources, for many decades, into developing and fielding an array of operational capabilities. One such early use, Project Popeye, was seeding clouds with silver iodide over the Ho Chi Minh trail, with the goal of washing it out, while destroying crops used to support the vast logistical network it en­compassed. Reportedly, rainfall went up 30%. Unexpected precipitation came later in the form of outraged Senate hearings and a UN treaty.

On December 10, 1976, only a few years after Project Popeye, the alarmed diplomats composing the General As­sembly of the United Nations approved the CONVENTION ON THE PROHIBITION OF MILITARY OR ANY OTHER HOSTILE USE OF ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNIQUES. Article I.1 requires each State Party to the Convention “not to engage in military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects as the means of destruction, damage or injury to any other State Party.” Article I.2 commits the sign­ers to not encourage States, groups thereof or international organizations to do so either. Article II defines environ­mental modification as “any technique for changing—through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes—the dynamics, composition or structure of the earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space.” Article III specifically exempts peaceful uses in accordance with established principles and international law. Okay so far, but what about, say, individuals, companies, and organizations? Article IV requires the signers to control illegal environmental modification activities “anywhere under their jurisdiction or control.” Article V man­dates consultation and cooperation but has no teeth.

Prior to treaty signing, the then Soviet Union had commenced weather war, a gross treaty violation, against the United States, which meanwhile, it seems, was quietly pursuing all sorts of classified weather modification projects of its own.


The U.S. High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP), primary facility, Gakona, Alaska, supposedly grew out from a desire to use the vast Alaskan natural gas resources to generate power and beam it to users, rather than build a pipeline, with all that entailed. Its DoD cover activity is upper ionospheric region research, but as shown by researcher Bob Fletcher in his special report Weather Control as a Weapon, and Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Man­ning in their seminal book, Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, the reality is appalling. From an environmental modifica­tion standpoint, HAARP can a) move or block the jetstream, changing weather over entire regions, b) artificially load fault zones, triggering earthquakes, c) energetically alter space, and d) using ionospheric lenses and mirrors aided by pervading the sky with things like toxic barium compounds via chemtrailing, can not only interrupt or knock out all communications, power, and electronics in a selected area, but disrupt the nervous systems of people and/or other living things, killing them at will if desired. Alarmingly versatile, HAARP can affect every single area and item prohib­ited by the treaty.

So next time a “natural disaster” strikes, must we now ask: “Natural, unnatural, or artificially assisted?” And must we also ask: “Who benefits?”


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