Washington, D.C. & Newgrange, Ireland

Searching for Ancient Connections?

People have always felt a desire to be in contact with their Creator God. They looked toward the heavens and recognized cycles and numbers that were identical to numbers and laws associated with the creation of life here on Earth. For example the five-pointed star Venus traces during 13 revolutions around the Sun over eight Earth years—manifests the Fibonacci series of number 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55….  These came to be called “holy numbers” because they expressed the proportions of most of the life forms on our planet. Fibonacci numbers themselves strive to express the Golden Mean (34 ÷ 55 = 0.618) while the Golden Spiral, which defines mollusk shells and how nature unfolds, is based on these.

Humans are cosmic creatures built upon cosmic proportions; and when we recognize cosmic proportions in nature, we are overjoyed to find a connection between Earth, and ourselves, and the heavens of the Creator. This joy sees a sacred order and union between all things in the universe.

Ireland is abundantly blessed with holy sites so old that they were reused by conquering races. During my 13- year stay in the Holy Isle, these sites were investigated under the guidance of The Pattern of the Past (1969) by Guy Underwood. His contention is that all ancient temples and holy sites around the globe are founded above special underground water spirals and their track lines. During my researches from Tikal to Sardinia, Egypt, Cuzco, Tiwanaku, and countless other places, Underwood’s theories have been verified beyond question. But my contribution to knowledge is that there is another element necessary to the establishment of a major holy precinct—and that is that the major attendant water lines be also aligned to astronomical phenomena, such as one of the equinoxes or solstices.

On an investigation of Newgrange (Bru na Boinne) I discovered that the main underground water line of the sacred chamber also passed out of the mound and to the left of the major standing stone (upon the halo of standing stones that surround the mound. These are also located upon an underground ring of water). The water line passed onward through a field to another large standing stone and further to a low tumulus in the distance. The direction of the path of this water-trackline phenomena coincided with the winter solstice sunrise—consecrating this place as “On Earth as it is in Heaven.” The measurement of the diameter of the halo ring of stones proved that the sacred chamber of water spirals was located at 0.618 of the total diameter. I have known this fact for some time, and when my daughter visited Washington, D.C. I reread The Sacred Geometry of Washington, D.C. (2006) by Nicholas R. Mann. As I read and researched, I could not believe my eyes as the city of Washington, D.C., began to evolve as a holy temple site founded upon the identical principles as Bru na Boinne—astronomy, sacred number, geometry, and subterranean water lines. Could it be possible that these two places shared a common ancient heritage separated in time by about 5,000 years? Their similarities are astounding: The Boyne Valley astronomical complex includes Knowth, Dowth, and Bru na Boinne, which defines the winter solstice sunrise. Maryland Ave. NE in Washington, D.C., accurately marks the summer solstice sunrise. East Capitol Street shows the spring and autumn equinox sunrise, while Pennsylvania Ave. SE delineates the winter solstice sunrise—just as Bru na Boinne. We said that the sacred chamber and the diameter of the halo circle of stones at Bru na Boinne were in phi relationship. Coincidentally, the main construction circles around the Capitol building are arranged in the proportion of 0.618 of a mile, and 1 mile, and further at 1.618 mile.

Bru na Boinne is purposely founded and set above underground water spirals below the holy chamber which leads out of the passage and onward toward the winter solstice sunrise. The Capitol building (still called “The Hill”) in WDC is centered upon Jenkins Hill, an ancient social, commercial, and ritual gathering place where the ancient trail lines approaching the hill are directly under the present Maryland and Pennsylvania Avenues which align to the solstices. Underwood’s book specifically states that animals and humans instinctively follow the underground watercourses that then become marked by continual usage as trails above ground.

Sacred Geometry

Mann, in his book, mentions some of the holy numbers used in the creation of the Capitol:

L’Enfant defined East Capitol Street as “160 feet in breadth, and a mile long (5280 ÷ 160 = 33). The number 33 is the highest level in the hierarchy of Masonry. The Scottish Rite Temple of Freemasonry in WDC has 33 Ionic columns each of which is 33 feet tall. Thirty-three is of course half of 66 leading to the infamous but holy number 6 x 6 x 6 = 216—the root of the Vedic astronomical cycles and a fraction of the diameter of the Moon, 2160 miles. The Washington Monument was built 555.5 feet tall, which equals 6666 inches, thereby combining the sacred number five and the pentagram with the number six and the holy hexagram. Also coincidental is the fact that in 1810, Congress paid L’Enfant the sum of $666.66 for the design of the city of Washington, D.C.. This, above all things, shows that the Senate and the Representatives of the people were well acquainted with the mystery of geometry and the holy numbers—and by this little joke over the amount of L’Enfant’s bill proclaimed to the world that such a master geometer should be satisfied with this holy number sum. Again the Fibonacci numbers express the infamous holy number 666, because 2 ÷ 3 = .66666. A further coincidence is that Er Grah, the Great Menhir and main foresight of the entire astronomical complex of Carnac on the Bay of Quiberon in Brittany stood 66.6 feet tall.

Nicholas Mann explains that L’Enfant expressed his internal design for the new city through pentagonal forms which of themselves express Golden Mean relationships and form—because every line of the pentagram is in phi relationship to the length of the other lines. This special phi relationship is of extreme antiquity and has been found at Abydos in Egypt in a design called the Flower of Life. When visualized in three dimensions, twelve spheres will fit around a central thirteenth sphere. Mann says that the Flower of Life provides the basics of measurement and has proscribed our use of standards such as 360 degrees, 60 minutes, 60 seconds, and the duodecimal system. The Masonic fascination with Venus and Fibonacci numbers explains the widespread use of the number 13 as an enduring symbol for the original 13 colonies of the United States of America, and the perpetuity of this number upon its paper currency.

Mann summarizes that the Congress House, the President’s House, the Mile Column, and L’Enfant’s intended locations for City Hall, the District Court, and the Washington Monument are all placed according to the Golden Section Ratio of phi.

Mount Vernon

George Washington was the lead decision-maker in the layout and design of the new capital city. Much of the site was upon his ancestral estate of Mount Vernon, which had originally been founded upon a prominent sacred Native American site dedicated to trade, alliances, judgments, and social gatherings (Mann p.177). This Native American site functioned exactly like the Viking “Thing” and the Druid meeting places throughout Europe and the ancient world. Just as Bru na Boinne was taken over by conquering races of Ireland, the new Americans appropriated the Native holy sites such as Treaty Oak and Jenkins Hill, the magical place of water spirals linked with astronomy.

Mann writes (p.33):

Several roads already existed in the area that took advantage of ridges of higher ground. The Bladensburg-Ferry road, which approximates to Maryland Avenue today [summer solstice sunrise], and the Georgetown-Ferry road that approximates to Pennsylvania Avenue [winter solstice sunrise], formed a diagonal cross through Jenkins Hill. Apart from the hills to the north, the densely wooded Jenkins Hill was the highest point in the center of the territory of the future city.

Mann says (p.33) that Jefferson requested the astronomer Ellicott to carefully ascertain “a true Meridian and the latitude of the place.” Ellicott chose the well-known landmark Jones Point on the Potomac near Alexandria as the southern point of his 10-mile-square diamond whose points marked the cardinal directions NSEW. Mann cites (p.74) L’Enfant, “Mr. Ellicott drew a true Meridian line by celestial observation which passes through the area intended for the Congress house; this line crossed by another due East and West…These lines were accurately measured and made on bases on which the whole plan was executed.” Ellicott and his assistant, the talented Benjamin Banneker, conducted their astronomical survey upon Jenkins Hill, which they defined as the new Global Prime Meridian of zero/360 degrees. This astronomical act defined the exact center of power from which the so-called New World was to grow and progress. It signified a new union between Heaven and Earth during a New Age. Benjamin Banneker (African-American Irish) was an adept astronomer and calculator who for the rest of his life published a successful farmer’s almanac like that of Benjamin Franklin.

The personal notebook of Ellicott (#97:archive.org/stream/andrewellicotthi00math 1-12-2012) says that he discovered the olden native name, Annakostia, for the eastern branch of the Potomac from “some old surveys” of the locality. Ellicott further reports (#95) that he had set up squared stones engraved with the number of miles from Jones Point as well as the variation of the magnetic needle at the position that the stone was set. One may imagine that surveyors used a magnetic compass and that true North was achieved by astronomical observation.

Ellicott writes (#83-87) that Major Pierre Charles L’Enfant was to design the city upon a site of ten miles square, and that Washington suggested the distance of a mile between the Executive Mansion and the Legislative Department. Mr. Jefferson wished to have a straight grid of streets, like Philadelphia, and gave L’Enfant numerous street maps of Versailles and prominent European cities.

However, the enthusiastic L’Enfant was born to the Age of Enlightenment and envisioned a “heavenly city and temple” laid out in divine proportion and cosmic geometry, which would convey heavenly harmony, justice, and balance upon the new city. L’Enfant decided that Congress, as the meetinghouse of the representatives of the states and people, should be the center of this powerful cosmic design. L’Enfant was proposing a wondrous experiment creating a sacred geometry between Heaven and Earth. He was the son of an architect who had worked on the Sun King’s domain at Versailles.

The Temple

Throughout the world at the Temple of Solomon, Angkor Wat, the Coricancha at Cuzco, the Parthenon, Giza, and many other centers, priest-scientists sanctified centers of creative power, temples and judicial and social meeting places directed to the three primary axis: East-West, North-South, Above-Below. The last axis was a bond between subterranean water forces and astronomical alignments. The combination of all these forces created something magical and powerful—a sublime unity, an axis mundi, the omphalos or navel of the world—a point of connection between the terrestrial, the heavens, and the underworld. This vertical axis was often represented by a world tree, a mound, a pyramid, a spring, a ladder, or a pillar of stone.

The Temple was always a place to help people “to feel connected; to feel the unifying or archetypal patterns within everything: to become aware…of a unifying order behind the seeming chaos of ordinary existence (Mann, p.71).” Ancient people believed in cosmic order—that government, economy, society, and belief in God needed to function together as one organism for any and all its parts to succeed. Perhaps L’Enfant believed in these principles and wished to create a stage upon which everything could play out harmoniously. Mann remarks, “Government, it was thought, had the role of defining and harmonizing the many parts of the whole, but should intervene as little and as lightly as possible, and most especially should not tax the people too highly. Protected, directed, led, but sovereign and unencumbered, the American people were seen as the driving force of the economy and the wealth of the new nation (p.82).”

Cosmic Order should not be confused with fate. This order is the benevolent insurance of harmony and balance allowing all things to be free to grow and develop—and not trespass upon other members of the system. Order defends the whole against the parts, and each part against all other parts.

Was the Capitol intended to be a magical temple like those described above? The Masonic Grand Master Joseph Clarke certainly thought so during the ceremony of laying the cornerstone of the Capitol building, when he proclaimed, “I have…every hope that the grand work we have done today will be handed down…as the like work of that ever memorable temple to our order erected by our ancient Grand Master Solomon.” Seven years later President Adams again referred to the Capitol as “this solemn Temple.”

Geodetic Energy

Our entire planet is crisscrossed by beneficial underground water channels like the veins and arteries of blood that bring life to our bodies. Water under the earth as well as the blood and water content of the human body are all weak conductors of electro-magnetic impulses—heightened when humans place themselves above water spirals—and both are acted upon by the Sun, the Moon, and planets.

Guy Underwood’s The Pattern of the Past documents the interplay of underground water and ancient monuments. He calls these forces geodetic phenomena, which he divides into Water Lines, Aquastats, and Track Lines. Underwood cites Reginald Allender Smith of the British Museum and the Society of Antiquaries, and noted water-diviner, as writing, “At the center of every prehistoric temple there would be found a spot from which a number of underground streams formed a radiating pattern [spirals].” He called these spots “blind springs” and said that they existed at Stonehenge, Avebury, Stanton Drew, and at all similar sites, and wrote, “The constant presence of underground water at the exact center of these circles and earthworks is a significant feature easily verified by others…the selection of sites for consecration by the Druids and their predecessors no longer appears arbitrary, but dictated largely by geological conditions.” Guy Underwood’s book describes how insects and animals react to these sites, using them as regular paths through the landscape and holistic birthing places. He goes on to describe that specific underground water patterns create cures for headaches—while some spiral arrangements have a calming, penitent, or deleterious psychological effect. Sometimes the special places provide supernatural side effects such as clarity and power of speech and good decision-making.

Because of L’Enfant’s use of exponential larger pentagrams, the cosmic forces are expanded to physically allow the future decrees of the new Congress to illuminate the larger territories of the United States as a whole. This is magic based upon cosmic physics interacting with the geodetic physics of the land.

Charles Westbrook wrote The Talisman of the United States, The Mysterious Street Lines of Washington DC (1990) and The Kabalyon Key (2004–2009) in which he records (p. 33–35) that the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Solomon is where Heaven and Earth meet; and sometimes the visible Presence appears as a brilliant beam of white light called the Shekinah Glory. Thomas Jefferson wished to have this symbol for the power of God to have appeared upon the first Seal of the United States to symbolize their settlement in the New Promised Land, the New Jerusalem, or the New Atlantis according to Sir Francis Bacon.

Geometry Assists the Feng Shui of the Universe

Mann says that L’Enfant used his new interpretation of the pentagram to create a plan of harmony among Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary creating an open, balanced, and constantly self-referencing system where sovereignty lies with the American people.

The central plan of Washington, D.C., is based upon three circles with a common radius of one mile in conjunction with an off-center circle (focused upon the Capitol) of .618 mile around which another circle of 1.618 mile is drawn. The intersection of these circles forms a perfect pentagram star. The use of phi was regarded by Plato to be the mathematical key to the physics of the cosmos. The Egyptians considered it the means to the whole process of creation, producing numbers, measures, and proportions as the gateway to all knowledge.

As Nicholas Mann, pointed out: “However, the feng shui of combining subterranean water-lines and spirals with sacred geometry and astronomical alignments does not function without conscientious and humble human participation. Men and women must offer up prayers for guidance to the God of All Nations and Peoples, the Creator of the Universe—so that the “temple” is communicated to each citizen, and is created in their will and hearts.”

By Thomas Dietrich

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