Underwater Bases and Alien Civilization

Is the Answer to the UFO Enigma to Be Found Deep Beneath the Sea?

Ivan T. Sanderson was born in 1911. Before he died in 1973 he wrote over 18 books on the UFO phenomenon. A trained biologist, Sanderson, was, nevertheless, fascinated by the unexplained and wrote on many exotic topics, such as mystery animals (including Bigfoot and the Yeti), lost civilizations, UFOs and “Ooparts,” or “Out-of-Place-Artifacts.”

In Invisible Residents, first published in 1970, he put forward the curious theory that “OINTS”—Other Intelli­gences —live under the oceans. This underwater, parallel civilization, he proposed, may be twice as old as Homo sapi­ens and may have “developed what we call space flight.” In the book Sanderson argued that the OINTS are behind many UFO or USO (Unidentified Submarine Object) sightings as well as the mysterious disappearances of aircraft and ships in the Bermuda Triangle.

In the years since his book was first published, Sanderson’s ideas have been largely dismissed as crackpot ravings, though Hollywood has managed to capitalize on some of them and to make several movies along lines suggested by him, including Cocoon, The Abyss, and others.

Sanderson’s original book is long out of print, but the original theory remains, in whole and in part. In whole, it is the rather fanciful notion that an underwater humanoid civilization—with advanced technology, no less—is inhabit­ing the deep oceans of our watery planet. In part, he is giving evidence, and attempting to explain, the often bizarre UFO-USO sightings that involve metallic craft exiting or entering large bodies of water, typically the ocean (though in some cases rivers and lakes).

Sanderson subtitled his original book: “A Disquisition upon Certain Matters Maritime, and the Possibility of Intel­ligent Life under the Waters of This Earth.” However, the most important part of his investigation on this subject seems to be the enduring enigma of the UFO phenomena itself and the very real possibility that some UFOs are able to travel underwater, and the related possibility that some theoretical “UFO Bases” are actually underwater, rather than underground or in space as advanced by the typical “Moon as a Space Base” theory.

Indeed, how fascinating a theory for the serious UFO investigator is the suggestion that bases for these craft may well actually be underwater. What better place to have an impenetrable base than deep within the oceans of the plan­et? Yet, if UFOs, or at least some of them, are coming from beneath the oceans or lakes of our planet, does it neces­sarily mean that there is another civilization besides our own that is responsible? In fact, could it be that since WWII a number of underwater UFO bases have been constructed on the planet by the very human governments of our plan­et? We know that many of our governments, on nearly every continent in the world, have constructed submarine bas­es that are hidden in oceanside cliffs or even entirely underwater. Could some of these underwater bases house UFO-type craft that are capable of moving through the water and through the air as well? Some evidence may be pointing in this direction. On the other hand, as Sanderson and others have conjectured, extraterrestrials may also be using our oceans for space bases. The enigma endures.

Statistically, UFOs are most commonly seen around 1) military bases, 2) electrical power lines, and 3) bodies of fresh water. UFOs coming out of the earth’s oceans are, generally, in a category unto themselves.

UFOs don’t necessarily have to come out of the water to be around water. A number of UFOs have been noted hov­ering over bodies of water and apparently lowering a tube down to the water and “sucking it up.” These so-called “thirsty UFOs” may be using water to power their craft, may simply need to replenish the on-board water supply much as a commercial jetliner, or, it has been speculated, may be taking water to UFO bases on the Moon.

One famous encounter occurred three years after Invisible Residents was published. On May 22, 1973, Japanese student Masaaki Kudou had taken a summer job as a security guard at Tomakomai, on the island of Hokkaido (Ja­pan), at a timber yard near the sea. After a routine patrol around the site that clear, starry night he parked his patrol car, turned off its lights and looked over the lumberyard and the bay beyond.

What seemed at first to be a shooting star coming down toward the bay, suddenly stopped in its tracks, vanished, reappeared, and began to gyrate slowly down over the bay. It stopped about 70 feet (21m) above the water and then lowered a transparent tube toward the water with a soft sound (described as “min-min-min”).

When the tube reached the water, it began to glow. The tube was withdrawn, and the UFO moved to hover over Kudou’s car. Everything around the car was lit up like day. Kudou was afraid the UFO would attack or even kill him.

Leaning over to watch through his windshield, Kudou saw that the UFO was perfectly smooth and glowing white, with windows around it. He could see the shape of humanoid figures through the windows. More brightly lit UFOs and a large, brown cylinder now joined the first. The spheres maneuvered and vanished into the cylinder, which then sped north. Kudou, who felt as if he had been bound hand and foot, regained his senses. His car radio was making static and he had a severe headache. The entire event lasted about 12 minutes. “Experts,” as usual, were baffled, espe­cially that high-tech “aliens” would need to slurp up sea water in a Japanese bay. Why do aliens, or their craft, need something so plentiful as water? Could their craft actually be powered by water?

Another thirsty UFO popped up on September 30, 1980 at the White Acres Ranch, near Rosedale, Victoria, Austra­lia. The White Acres Ranch is a cattle station of about 600 acres with several large water tanks. On that night, George Blackwell, a station hand and caretaker, awoke about 1 A.M. to the sound of the farm’s cattle going wild. He could hear a “strange screeching whistling” as well, and got up to investigate. The moon was out on that night and there was no wind at all.

Blackwell saw a domed object about 15 feet tall and 25 feet broad with white top and blue and orange lights. For a while it hovered over a water tank made of concrete about 450 yards from the house. It then came to rest on the ground 20 yards further on. Blackwell drove a motorcycle to within 50 feet of the craft. There was no effect on his motorcycle, but the whistling from the UFO suddenly rose to deafening heights, and suddenly there was a loud bang and the craft lifted off. At the same time, a blast of hot air nearly knocked Blackwell over. The UFO dropped some de­bris as it flew away eastward at the low altitude of only about 100 feet.

Blackwell examined the site early the next day and found a ring of blackened grass, flattened in a counter­clockwise direction. Inside the ring was green grass, but the flowers had disappeared. In a line to the east was a trail of debris which comprised some small rocks, weeds and cow dung.

For days afterward Blackwell suffered headaches and nausea, and his watch refused to work normally. Most impor­tantly, Blackwell had discovered the water tank that the UFO had been hovering over had been completely emptied of the 10,000 gallons of water that it had originally held!

UFOs sucking up water—for whatever purpose—is just one aspect of our tale. It is the UFOs that actually dive in and out of water that are of critical interest here. In the last 30 years, new sightings have occurred and new informa­tion on old sightings has come forth through the Freedom of Information Acts in the U.S., Britain and Australia.

The government of Australia released 600 pages of UFO-related documents to UFO Research Association of North Adelaide in 2003. Debbie Payne of the Association reported on their findings in Nexus magazine (vol. 12, no. 1, Dec. 2004). Payne said that the Australian military had reported a number of UFOs around the top secret Woomera rocket range in the vast desert of south central Australia, including a flying disc seen during the launch of a test rocket in April 1967.

Many years earlier at Woomera, on October 27, 1952, a dark cigar-shaped object with two portholes was seen to fly rapidly across a clear sky by four witnesses, two of them army officers. Payne suggests that the Woomera facility in Australia, which covers an area the size of England, is the equivalent of Nevada’s Area 51 and may be involved in the manufacture of highly advanced aircraft that observers would call UFOs.

Do some of these UFOs—extraterrestrial or man-made—have the ability to go underwater as well, as Sanderson asks us? Payne in her article mentions that UFOs are commonly seen coming out of the water in the Milne Bay area of Papua New Guinea. Says Payne, “Milne Bay is on the easternmost tip of Papua, bordered by the Solomon Sea and the Coral Sea. The surrounding islands and seas were rife with reports of all kinds of weird and wonderful sightings. I believe there may well be an underwater base in this area, because of the number of sightings over such a great peri­od of time and also because the survey map indicates the ocean is very deep in this area. The sea beds around these is­lands are littered with underwater caverns.”

The long-time British UFO researcher Jenny Randles reports in the February 2005 issue of Fortean Times that the British government has continued to deny any involvement with the famous 1979 “Pennine Mystery Light Case” as she calls it. Randles reports that during a 48-hour period during February 22-24, 1979, a low-flying military exercise took place over the UK, and several major UFO encounters were reported, possibly related to the military activity. These included three landings in the area known as the Pennine Mountains which run down the center of northern England.

Randles tells the very interesting story of a security guard on the Central Pier in nearby Blackpool who saw a roar­ing orange UFO moving low across the Irish Sea at 2:45 A.M. on the night of the UFO flap. Half an hour later that night the same security guard saw something else which stunned him. “Climbing up from the cold waters of the sea was a spiraling mass of white lights that swirled upwards like a corkscrew and vanished quickly into the dark sky.”

These curious incidents, during officially announced military maneuvers, raise the question of whether the Brit­ish, and naturally, the Americans, have underwater military bases—bases which are capable of launching, shall we say, UFOs?

The American researcher Richard Sauder has used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain thousands of docu­ments on underground and underwater military bases. In his books Underground Bases: What Is the Government Trying to Hide? and the sequel, Underwater and Underground Bases, Sauder details an astonishing amount of tech­nology and activity.

Sauder documents current tunneling technology, and discloses actual designs for underground and underwater military bases. On the subject of underwater bases he shows how flat-topped seamounts, or guyots, whose mesa-like tops may be several hundred feet below the surface, may serve as underwater bases that include airlocks for subma­rines that enter an oxygen-rich, rock-cut harbor inside the subsurface mountains. Other underwater installations are located near coastlines, and the tunneling under the seafloor can begin at a coastal military base which is on dry land. Either way, Sauder concludes that underwater bases have been built by various governments around the world— and they are top secret! Also, he suspects that some sort of craft that is both a USO and a UFO can be launched from these underwater bases. Articles on UFOs-USOs appear consistently in newspapers and magazines around the world. On March 28, 2005, the India Daily ran a story entitled “Reverse Engineering ET Deep Underwater Craft.” Quoting the article (which con­tains some deviations from usual American-English usage): “Oceanographers and Naval engineers are investigating certain phenomena that show evidence of the presence of extra-terrestrial deep underwater crafts—the floating ver­sions of UFOs. These (craft) are capable of sharp and efficient maneuvering, (have) the implacable stealth to avoid de­tection, can hover in the deepest parts of the oceans and are capable of going deep into the tectonic plate levels under the ocean.”

The article went on to say that “scientists and engineers are finding solid evidences that these (craft) are present in (significant) numbers under our oceans though undetected and invisible in regular human eyes… There are not many sightings of these craft as very few people really dive into the depths of the ocean, which is really unexplored. A computer model has recently revealed the possible propulsion systems. The same anti-gravity principles apply though the model becomes much more complex due to buoyancy and other aquatic issues.

“Some divers in different parts of the world have reported sightings of strange underwater objects that propagate on (their) own but there is no real evidence that these are really extra-terrestrial craft. Some believe, there are coun­tries (which) have the knowledge of these craft and are trying to reverse engineer their next generation submarines and underwater craft from these.”

The article concluded, “The biggest problem of reverse-engineering these underwater craft is their stealth. As such deep underwater parts of the oceans (are) seldom explored. The super stealth around these vehicles makes them (even more) difficult (to detect). According to some UFO researchers, these extra-terrestrial craft are busy changing the under-ocean landscapes. The underwater accidents of submarines due to collision with unknown underwater ridges and mountains have increased steadily over the last five years. The navies of many countries have reported these accidents regularly.”

It seems startling to consider that UFOs may be real nuts-and-bolts craft using some form of electro anti­gravity—hence the bright lights associated with most of them—which can dive into the water at any time and pre­sumably dock in underwater installations that have been built, possibly, all over the world!

How intriguing a hypothesis, used in a number of Hollywood movies, that the ultimate docking stations for some of the UFOs seen constantly around the world are deep within our oceans. These underwater docking bases, it ap­pears, may have been built by humans in our distant past (and are still operational to this day), or built by extra­terrestrials, or by the current post-war governments of Earth—or even a combination of the three!

The above is an edited excerpt from the author’s introduction to Sanderson’s book Invisible Residents recently re­printed by Adventures Unlimited Press, and offered here by permission.


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