Understanding, or Not

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Telephone Telepathy

(Author John Kettler says) “The observer effect has long been the bane of truly effective psi research.” Well, yes, understandably so, but isn’t it also terrific proof that we do indeed each create our own universes? It would seem there are, in this situation, two overlapping parallel universes: one for open-to-psi researchers, and one for agnostic researchers, each getting the results they create. Both results are, therefore, “correct,” just like the life and death of Schroedinger’s Cat, both existing in a state of possibility until “observed.”

Bob Freedman Internet

Hancock’s Supernatural World

Logic is a beautiful thing. Based on duality, it recognizes the limitations that make up distinctions, which allows for measurement and valuation. Logic builds up civilizations, from the roots of basic survival, unto self-interest, then aggrandizement and hierarchy.

The problem with logic, is that it is derived from need. This feeling of inadequacy reflects the trauma of birth— the combined loss of the womb, where need is not an issue, and the shock of sudden vulnerability. In this state of transition, the mind opts for survival, desperate for any advantage that might prolong existence. Thus, the dreams of contentment are gone, supplanted by fear and discomfort.

The tone of life is set at birth, logic versus need. Instinct, as residual logical programming, helps to jumpstart sur­vival, but the fully functioning logic of self-interest, is the new leader. Thus, ego is instilled at birth, and the unsus­pecting baby is programmed for a life of civilized behavior, processing advantages through the vision of ambition, such that advancement up the social hierarchy is duly rewarded.

Thus, the limits of logic itself are long forgotten, for logic’s new womb of civilization is pervasive and effective. This matrix of the mind is in total control. The old dreams of contentment, are supplanted by new dreams of wealth and convenience. Still, there remains in some individuals, a suspicion that logic (and therefore need), are devolu­tions, not evolutionary leaps. While logic calls each new advantage, a progress; suspicion doubts the holistic benefit of a materialistic, analytical, judgmental, lifestyle.

This person of suspicion, is a shaman; someone who channels the old contentment, for the sake of new visions. However, all shamans were born, thus traumatized, thus cut off from the meaning of contentment. Inspired by their suspicion, they induce, through drugs, or trance, or meditation, or ordeal, a disconnect from common logic, and a re­turn to primal mind, untainted by birth. With tales of these visions, and the art of their imagery, shamans bring back the old magic of intuition, to challenge the new magic of logic’s science, and civilized institutions.

Over time, the gap between the old and the new grew so large, that the challenge itself became institutionalized as a higher power; but also tamed, and then marginalized, by logic. Thus, any revolution of new meaning, is forestalled by now being part of the hierarchy.

This marginalized primal spirituality, still erupts as the inspirations that characterize art and discovery; but meaning and purpose have long ago been co-opted by logic’s desire for security, love, happiness, and cultural wis­dom.

Nevertheless, the revolution awaits all would-be shamans; the return of true meaning is latent in mind. The es­sence of this revolution, is the end of need, for neediness itself, is apparent, not essential. The alternative is fate. For fate is the omnipresent father, the perfect and ordained story of god’s success. Faith in fate, rather than ego, clears the soul of devolution, and its ironical progress, which is doomed to extremity and destruction. The lilies of the field toil not, because fate is sufficient and ordained.

Within the current of fate, on the circle of life, soul is open-minded, and channels an inspired clarity that finds truth in harmony and virtue, not advantage and ambition. This feminine grace, is the elevation of consciousness that leads to new eden, a humanity attuned to cosmic mercy, thus having Gaia’s continuous support on the difficult, but worthwhile, journey.

B.J. Street Paso Robles, CA

The Grail Mystery

Here we are with another article about “The Holy Grail” (“The Grail in America,” A.R. #61), whatever that might be, if such an article ever existed. I have seen a seemingly endless series of articles purporting that this mythical ob­ject is in this country or that country, or that it was the cup from which Jesus drank at the last supper, or it was a cup that someone collected a few drops of Jesus’ blood in as he hung upon the cross. Others claim that “the Holy Grail” is a symbolic name for some other treasure, perhaps guarded by the Knights Templar.

Obviously, if such an object ever existed, no one knows what it was, where it originated, who had it, where it went, how, or where it might be today. Many articles in magazines picture a golden goblet, frequently studded with pre­cious gems, as if the last supper were catered in the governor’s palace or the home of a treasure-collecting million­aire. Certainly no one is wandering around Golgotha with a golden, gem-studded goblet on the off-chance that some holy blood might be collected in it and the goblet become a holy relic.

The last supper was held in Jerusalem, most likely in the upper room of the house of the parents of John Mark, who later wrote the second gospel. Mary and Elijah Mark were not wealthy, and the cup(s) used at the last supper were most certainly carved from wood or hollowed stone. Under no circumstances would the Mark family have pos­sessed a golden goblet, much less one studded with emeralds and rubies. The last supper was not designed to become a holy sacrament, but was Jesus’ goodbye dinner with his apostles. It was to become a remembrance ritual only. The business about the blood and flesh was added later, to facilitate the formation of a “Holy Sacrament.” It was meant only as a “going-away party,” in modern vernacular.

Whatever Jesus drank out of, Mrs. Mark would have washed it and put it back on the shelf with the other cups, in­distinguishable from the other cups on the shelf. As a code word for other treasure, no one knows. So, enough al­ready…

William R. Hoagland Daytona Beach, FL

We gather that Mr. Hoagland will not be interested in Mark Amaru Pinkham’s article on the Grail’s connection with Sri Lanka, elsewhere in these pages, but for those who don’t believe the mystery of the Holy Grail is quite so easily dismissed, we recommend it.

The Editor

Current Wars

The article about Tesla and electricity (Jeane Manning’s “Report from the Front” in A.R. #61) deserves some com­ment. It is just not about money that we have the system we have. Tesla gives us a hint in his autobiography. He says, most people believe their thoughts to be their own. Most people are like corks on the medium, tossed in every direc­tion. It takes a skilled thinker like Tesla to see when this occurs. So if Tesla’s comments are true, we must find the source of the thoughts. Steiner and Harrison give us a hint. The thoughts originate from either spirit beings directly or the so-called human dead. The dead are dead only in physical form. They are influenced by the occultists, both good and bad. We can see this in Steiner’s Temple legend.

Here is described the building of the Temple and a very good description of the Cain and Abel story. The Cain and Abel story fits into this region exactly. Cain will be the one, or rather people who think like Cain, to awaken the dead. We are dealing with at least three kinds of spirit beings here. There are Jehovah, Ahriman and Christ. We also find a statement that the dead must be awakened. Modern black occultists try to keep the spirits of the dead in the eighth sphere, where they can be controlled by magic. The magic predisposed everyone to materialistic thoughts. The magic gives great power unto this end. The power to overwhelm anyone who tries to do anything against the materialistic stream will arise from these actions.

We can see that in Harrison’s Transcendental Universe. Christ descended into hell, the region of the beings re­sponsible for this. I call it his counterpart to the water into the wine and increase of bread, which was for the living. So a counterbalance must be found, by the living to awaken the dead from the materialistic grip the materialistic oc­cultists have put on them. Tesla was not able to do this. Steiner advocated reading to the dead. If the Harrison book is to be believed, reading would not be enough. What is needed is a water into wine miracle for the dead. Then, the grip of the materialistic powers can be broken. Mere wishing about sustainable energies will do nothing.

Tom Batorski Angola, NY

The Zero Factor

In your Issue Number 59, I read the article “Precession” which stated that “when Aryabbata fixed the sidereal and tropical zodiacs he defined a ‘zero’ time that was purely a mathematical convenience, but was taken up later by vari­ous theologians, philosophers and even Hindu saints. One such saint who believed the A.D. 500 zero date to be critical for chronology was Sri Yukteswar who founded the Self Realization Fellowship in California…”

This reminded me of my writing in 1989, since copyrighted and printed in Images. May I share it with you and your readers.

ZEROS We Are calculating mortals Spending the calendar Measuring this against that Space Time Limits.

Our zeros stand naked Calculating the occasions of our existence Measuring the fiscal limits of our lives Their fascinating symmetry Satisfies our urge for order As our zeros come full circle The cycles continue unending Complete and eternal.

We ache to encircle the Universe We ache to measure the Silent Forever Zero after Zero after Zero.

Esther V.M. Hamel Libby, MT

The Truth by Any Other Name

Your (Publisher’s Letter) in the (#61) issue is a well-written and very thoughtful editorial. Yourinsight is refresh­ing to someone like myself who avoids “political correctness” like the plague and is not afraid to call a spade “a spade.” Youpointed out very well how insane our language is becoming, and maybe people willwise up before no­body knows what anybody is talking about. Keep up the good work!

Larry Brian Radka Parkersburg, WV

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