The Quest for Immortality: Illusion or Reality?

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I’ve always been interested in the many legends about people claiming to be immortal but who have had the sense to keep it to themselves. So, since I prefer ‘Pampers’ to ‘Depends,’ I’ve been studying rejuvenation.

One approach came, years ago, in a simple e-mail, which recounted the story of NASA astronauts living underwater for six months and breathing a special mix of gases, which darkened their hair, toned up their bodies and reversed their age by 15–30 years. Blood tests showed rejuvenating proteins from an organ above the heart. The e-mail commented that the wives of these astronauts were complaining to NASA because their husbands’ increased libido caused them to want sex all the time, as if in their 20s. (“Dr. Baugh & the Pre-Flood Environment”— htm)

I looked and found only one organ above the heart. The fist-sized thymus gland, at its largest during puberty, produces the greatest volume of youth proteins; but as we age, it shrinks until, at 75 years of age, it’s the size of a pea (“Thymus Organ Regenerated Inside a Living Animal”— I was never able to track down just which experiment this was and what was the exact mix of gases.

So, by stimulating the thymus to make it bigger or by exciting it to produce more of these youth proteins and T-cells, it seems, we should be able to reverse our age. Maybe Joel Sternheimer, inventor of Protein Music and winner of the ‘M-Prize’ for medical innovation, had a thymus-protein melody to stimulate the thymus using sound, in hopes it would produce more of the youth proteins? (“First Methuselah Mouse Rejuvenation, ‘M Prize,’ Awarded”—

I don’t think it’s actually possible to live in a body that never ages. Instead, I think we might be able to rejuvenate back to a 20-year-old body every 30-50 years and repeat as long as we wish.

My favorite story is of the, so-called, Aqua Vitae, or Elixir of Life, which is said to cause expulsion of all dead and dying tissue, as well as any foreign material in the body. Legend says this takes place in three to five days where the teeth, hair, fingernails and toenails all fall out along with a brackish ooze from the skin, consisting of dead and dying cells, like a snake shedding its skin. So, the story is, you become bald, toothless, and nailless but in a 20-year-old body that then regrows everything, and you live another lifetime. I’ll take that.

Note the parallel between that three-to-five-day time period—when your body sloughs off its contaminants—and a recent discovery where laboratory mice also took about five days to complete a rejuvenation process. (“Aging reversed in mice equivalent of 60 to 20 regression”—

Another story comes from Dr. Peter Guy Manners which refers to the use of cymatics and sound, in a process called ‘Wave Genetics’ to reverse the age of a dying man from 30 to about 25 (“Rejuvenation using DNA map”— The DNA audio patterns from a 17-year-old German kid were played then into the body of the dying man, and, over time, they healed and rejuvenated him, we are told.

I have set up a gofundme project on-line to duplicate the Manners results, and I am attempting to raise $2000 to pay for the DNA analysis for STR and Mitochondrial profiles. I plan to convert these into raw frequencies and chords to match the amino acid patterns. I will play this WAV file into my body nightly as I sleep with the idea being to partially clone my 23-year-old donor’s DNA into my 60-plus-year-old DNA, hopefully to make me younger (“Make me Young Again”— If it works for me I will provide visual proof and share the technique, free for everyone.

The other theory, which really interests me, deals with heavy water (deuterium oxide—D2O), which accumulates in the deep fat as we age. We all have natural radioactive materials in our bodies, specifically radioactive potassium40 (“The Radioactivity of the Normal Adult Body”— Heavy water quenches these nuclear processes that naturally release heat and electricity. So the more heavy water we have in our body, the less heat and electricity, which allows the buildup of toxins as well as dead and dying tissues.

Because of the accumulation of heavy water in the deep fat of our bodies, we begin to die around 20 years of age. Notice how we bubble, ferment, and grow up to about 20, and we grow out after that?

That means, I believe, if we can remove the heavy water, or transmute it back to light water, our nuclear furnaces should once again provide the heat and electricity our bodies need for life. The only caveat, I think, is the speed at which this unquenching happens. Too much heat, too fast, might produce spontaneous human combustion. See “Spontaneous human combustion assassination caught on video”at

Some claim the more heavy water we have in our bodies, the longer we live, but that makes no sense to me (Mikhail SHCHEPINOV—“Deuterated Nutrients”— Heavy water accumulation in the body is not a natural thing but thanks to modern day atomic bomb test pollution. One in six-thousand drops of light water are actually heavy water (“Light Water”— If that’s true, then people attempting to live on Mars should have much shorter lifespans, because there is over five times as much deuterium on Mars as on Earth (“Did Martian deuterium burn out their civilization?”—

There is also the matter of Mars having no magnetosphere, so its atmosphere is slowly sputtering out into space (“Why Mars Died, and Earth Lived”— Ancient Martians, I suspect, realized, not only were they subjected to much EM and UV, but, in addition, they had lost their protective magnetosphere resulting in a loss of atmosphere. They also had so much deuterium they realized their planet was dying. Could all that deuterium, possibly, have come from massive nuclear wars? (“Debunking nuclear explosion on Mars”— Might they then have seeded Earth with hybrids of themselves, thus creating man, and probably going through several versions?

It does seem odd to me that mankind has no penile bone, not even a vestigial one. Another thing to consider, humans placed in a darkened room but able to control artificial lighting over a six-month period, will ultimately adjust the lighting to a 25-hour day, which is very close to the Mars day. Cells, apparently, don’t forget where they came from.

The most common orthodox approaches to healing and rejuvenation involve the use of stem cells: (“Fashion mogul’s ageing process ‘reversed’ ”—; Resveratrol (from grape wine) (“Grapes Prolong Life”—; Some nicotine-based chemicals (“The Anti-Aging Pill”—; and attempts to grow stand-alone organs for transplant (“Researchers grow miniature functioning organs on plastic chips”—; as well as conjectures about transferring human consciousness into software (“Tech company reveals way to bring you back after death”—, which, I think, is no longer ‘us.’

If, at this moment in time, life extension is all we can hope for, could that goal be achieved by living in a reduced-gravity environment? As visionary researcher John Worrell Keely said, “Time is Gravity.” What he meant was that the influx of ether/zpe (Zero Point Energy) into the neutral centers of mass, produce the effects of gravity—weight, the ‘flow’ of time, and the grip of inertia.

According to the theory of relativity, the further you get from Earth, the less gravity, the slower the speed of time, and the less inertia. As Keely showed us, with his push, pull, or balance concepts, we should be able to reduce or increase gravity or to produce equilibrium between the push-and-pull forces, so a mass would float in air, like a buoyancy compensator floats underwater at a chosen depth.

The faster the influx of ether/zpe influx, the greater the gravity; the faster the speed of time and the more intense the effects of inertia. Conversely the slower the influx of ether/zpe, the less the gravity; the slower the speed of time and the less intense the effects of inertia.

All matter, said Keely, is held together by the pressure of ether/zpe in the form of a flow. Some call it the ‘breath of God.’ Once we understand this, we could be able to create zones with reduced gravity for slower time. Since the moon has one-sixth Earth’s gravity, we should be able to live six times longer on the moon. On Mars, which has about a third of Earth’s gravity… Well never mind that; we’d still die from the sputtering away of the atmosphere and the sheer volume of deuterium whose quenching effect would reduce the lifespan of all exposed to it.

Maybe, we could create an area where gravity is reduced for all matter inside the zone, where the ‘speed’ of time would be slower, and gravity less. There is one caveat for that idea: the closer you get to no-gravity and no-time, the faster your body begins to dissociate back to the ether/zpe from which it came and whose flow is into your neutral mass centers that sustain your mass and life.

If you remember the celebrated UFO case of Billy Meier, when he asked the age of his ET contact Semjase, she answered: 1,000 years, yet she still looked young and gorgeous, about 25. She told Billy that the counter-clockwise rotating field that produced antigravity also slowed, or nearly stopped, time. As long as beings stayed within the field, they did not age. So, it was dangerous for them to stay on the earth where they would begin again to age.

Though, there appears to be a delay as to when the change starts—as if you are charged with the low-/no-gravity, slow-time effect—and that it must dissipate to be overcome by ambient gravity intensities and time speeds.

Then there was the question by Billy of why grass continues to grow in a clockwise pattern for a long time after a ship had landed and left. Semjase said the counter-clockwise field of the ship rewrote the pattern in the DNA of the grass so that it held the swirling pattern for up to a year, when it would weaken and the Earth’s gravity intensity would take over so the grass would again grow vertically.

This ties in with the Lung Gom Pa stories from Tibet of old men wearing chains, because their meditation caused them to lose so much weight, they could jump 50 feet or so, actually flying, and that their cells, over time, would forget what they should weigh. As a result of this cellular memory effect, Lung Gom Pa initiates had to wear chains to keep from flying off or from being carried away in strong winds. But as they stopped their gravity/weight-reducing practice, their cells would eventually return to the embrace of normal Earth gravity, and the initiates would have no more need for chains.

Semjase also said the three half-domes beneath their ships (like those reported by George Adamski) had to be replaced because they were antigravity emitters and, thus, would dissolve over time—by absorbing the ether/zpe which holds mass on Earth together. The domes canceled, or repelled, it causing mass to dissolve like Alka Seltzer, or tires where the treads wear out.

So by reducing gravity, it seems, we ought to be able to slow time and reduce inertia, just as in space where there is no gravity, no time, and no inertia. Conversely, by increasing gravity, we should be able to speed up time and increase inertia.

Like snakes, it appears, we have to shed our dead and dying tissue, both outside and inside, to become bald, toothless, nailless, virtual 20-year-old babies again, before resuming the aging process.

At 62 and falling apart, I’m up for that.

Jerry Decker •