The Mystery of Lost Tribes

Is the Biblical Prophecy Still Relevant in Today’s Secular World?

The revelation of long-lost knowledge can take many forms—historical, scientific, religious, and sociological, etc. This issue’s collection of DVDs will, we think, make some very entertaining contributions to the mix, and excellent material for your video library.




Director Simcha Jacobovici traveled throughout the Middle East and Asia in search of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel and discovered some extraordinary evidence about a mystery that has tantalized the world for almost three thousand years. This documentary points out that scripture tells us that the tribes of Israel deserted the God of their forefathers and worshipped idols. The prophet said that for this sin, the Israelite tribes would be conquered and exiled until the end of time, when they would be found and redeemed—that they were given the prophetic promise that once atonement had been made, there would be a bright, messianic future and that the staff of Judah would be rejoined with the staff of Joseph—the tribes finally reunited.

The story begins 2,900 years ago when, after Solomon’s death, his biblical kingdom split into two—in the south, Judea, home to three tribes, including Judah, which gave its name to modern-day Jews; the other two being Levi and Benjamin. In the north, there was Israel, home to the people that would later be called The Lost Tribes of Israel: Gad, Reuben, Simon, Issachar, Manasseh, Ephraim, Asher, Dan, Zevulun, and Naphtali. Conquered by the mighty Assyrian Empire over 2,700 years ago, ten of the twelve tribes of Israel apparently vanished into the mists of history; most scholars think they would have been assimilated. But this dedicated team of documentary filmmakers believes that remarkable new findings could confirm the Tribes’ existence and whereabouts. Pursuing clues across time and space from the Middle East into Asia, they attempt to sort myth from reality. What do new archaeological discoveries say about the Lost Tribes? Can their lineage be tracked across three millennia?

“So,” states Jacobovici, “this is the challenge before us. How are we going to find millions of people that no one has noticed? When I say ‘find them’ I don’t mean people who have never made contact with Westerners; I mean taking very obscure pieces of the puzzle and going to very remote, sometimes dangerous, places on the earth and taking those pieces and putting them together, then asking, ‘Does this accord with the biblical prophecy?’ I have been on a journey, and I invite you to go on this journey with me.” And whether or not the viewer subscribes to his viewpoint, he does introduce possibilities as his adventure continues.

First they go to Manipur, India, where he meets a tribe that claims to be from the tribe of Manasseh and have incorporated Jewish rituals into their life. Jacobovici then travels back across the Silk Road to interview descendants of the tribes of Issachar and the Naphthali, in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, who currently observe ancient Jewish practices. Further along, he encounters the Pathan Muslim tribes who live along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. Though presenting as zealous Muslims, they still observe many Jewish rituals. He returns to India and finds what is perceived to be descendants of the tribe of Zevulun, and then to the Mediterranean for the tribe of Asher.

Jacobovici is Jewish, and he does present the ‘end times’ scenario found in the Bible. The biblical prophecy states that in the end times, the Lost Tribes of Israel will return to Israel, that it will start happening all over the world, and he does get excited as he tries to pull this together. Jacobovici asks: “What if it’s actually happening? Here you have this prophecy, and people are actually getting up, they may be in your own neighborhood, and they’re packing their bags. To you, they’re just somebody else packing their bags and moving; but what if they’re responding to some kind of biblical, posthypnotic suggestion? I’m talking about a 2,700-year-old suggestion that they’re responding to now… and we can actually film these people and match the prophecy with the events… the reason it should matter is, because once they do what they have to do, they trigger the apocalypse.”

Among the scholars presented in this film is Dr. Rivka Gonen of the Israel Museum, who presents another viewpoint. “I believe that the whole thing is in the realm of religious belief rather than in the realm of reality; that there is a strong necessity to find the tribes for religious-theological reason, both Jewish and Christian, and those are the two religions that are active in tribe-seeking, each one in its own way; and all the attempts to find them, I think, have no historical, sound historical, evidence. It is the belief that keeps the Ten Lost Tribes alive, not the people themselves… We are talking about 2,700 years ago. There are historical documentations, historical records, actually found in excavation, from, say, the fifth century BC, that record Israelite names in Assyria. At that time, maybe, they still existed there, or a trickle of them still existed there. After that, there is absolutely no documentation. So, if you look at it historically, all kinds of people were exiled and got lost; and I believe that the Ten Tribes also got lost.”

When Jacobovici again asks, “But what if they are not lost and have preserved the memory of their ancient origins? What if they are waiting in their millions for their prophesied return?” Especially referring to the Manasseh tribe visited by the crew, Dr. Gonen further points out that: “This particular tribe seems to have been a rather lowly tribe in the area, economically poor, socially on the lower scale of society. To people like that, the idea that they may be related to some divine promise of a huge and glorious future may have a very big appeal; and when the rabbi came, he already found a tribe that had managed to convince itself that it belongs to the Ten Lost Tribes.”

Another scholar, Professor Jayim Tadmor, an Assyriologist, adds: “I cannot say it’s impossible; but I would say it’s very optimistic. People were thrown into nowhere among many other people. We have no evidence whatsoever that anything survived the Assyrian melting pot.”

Does the prophesied return of the Lost Tribes to Israel mark the beginning of the biblical end times—Armageddon? See if the circumstantial case built by Jacobovici is convincing to you. Keep in mind, though, that this review is of this DVD only. There is much that could be researched, with many variants to consider, which is out of the purview of this review.

You can read more about the story of the “Lost Tribes” in the Atlantis Rising special collector’s edition available from the Atlantis Rising online bookstore or by calling our toll free number. —ED

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Alive Mind Media

Is it possible to shed light on the states of grace experienced by mystics and meditators? This documentary investigates recent discoveries of scientific research on the phenomena of the states of grace experienced by mystics and meditators, breaking new ground on the intersection of science and spirituality. It features the exploratory work of a team from the University of Montreal. Directed by filmmaker Isabelle Raynauld this film presents scientific research that suggests that mystical ecstasy is a transformative experience that could contribute to people’s psychic and physical health, that could treat depression, and that could speed up the healing process when combined with conventional medicine.

Featured here are portions of clinical studies that test brain patterns of meditation subjects; i.e., nuns, monks, and a near-death experiencer.

Vincent Paquette (Neurobiology of the Mystical Experience) is the Research Assistant working with the Carmelite nuns. It was very difficult to convince the Carmelites, who are cloistered, to leave their convent and participate in this sort of study. “At first,” Paquette said, “they laughed at our naivety, saying that we were not going to find God in the brain.” He then clarified that their interest was to see how the brain reacts during prayer, and that what they needed was to find someone to have a mystical experience while they tested them. They answered, “That’s impossible. But we might be able to recall one.” Paquette questions, is it spiritual neurons or a spiritual brain? “These are interesting questions insofar as science takes an interest with religious questions, or abstract concepts like emotions, consciousness, the mind, and spirituality.”

Another researcher is Dr. Mario Beauregard from the Dept. of Psychology, Radiology, at the University of Montreal. Bringing up how people are divided on this issue, the reactions it provokes, he offers the interesting philosophical questions: “Was God created by the brain, or did God create the brain to use it?” Even as a child, he already had an inner certainty that the essence of human beings, the soul, was a phenomenon linked to the brain, but was not the brain; one could not be reduced to the other. He vowed to grow up to become a scientist and demonstrate that—and here he is in this research project.

“I think it is wise that these Carmelite nuns are willing to be tested, that they want to discover what’s going on in their own brains,” adds Dr. Daniel Dennett, Philosopher, and author of Consciousness Explained and Breaking the Spell, from Tufts University, Boston. “It’s very difficult to study these things, because, for one thing, people don’t want to study them. They’re afraid of subjecting such delicate phenomena to the full, bright lights of science… Philosophers have been trying to figure out what the mind is for thousands of years, and only very recently did we have any technology or science that could really help with this. And philosophers still haven’t figured out whether they like this, whether they feel their questions are being taken away from them. I’m one of those who thinks that this is a good thing, that we’re actually embarking on a much more interesting investigation than the old philosophical world, because we have all these lovely tools, which really do open our eyes about how the brain works and, hence, how the mind works.”

This presentation does feel disjointed at times as you’ll go into the laboratories where they do EEG recordings and other tests, hear some words from the Dalai Lama, then you’re off to a conference in San Diego, then to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to run tests on a Buddhist monk, then to an MRI, and on to the Laurentian University with Dr. Michael A. Persinger, who invented “The God Helmet,” a helmet that selectively stimulates the left and right temporal lobes with small electromagnetic currents that induce this type of experience in subjects who are not mystics or religious. These are not smooth transitions; rather, they only offer a frustrating lack of continuity.

Much of this film is in French with English subtitles. And this film starts out with previews from other DVDs offered by Alive Mind Media, so if that doesn’t interest you, just hit the Menu button for the option to go directly to PLAY for the “Mystical Brain” section.

While there are some troublesome words from Dr. Dennett re the soul—if you’re one of those who don’t believe we ‘have’ a soul, but that we ‘are’ soul having a human experience—there is still enough of interest for the skeptic and the mystic, and those who fall somewhere in between.

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The Farsight Institute

Area 51 in Nevada has long been one of the greatest enigmas on Planet Earth. No other governmental facility has had such a high level of secrecy associated with it. Courtney Brown advises at the beginning of this DVD that there are lots of verifiable elements on the surface that can be corroborated with remote viewing done totally blind. But what we all want to know is: What exists below the surface? It has been the desire of many, over many years, to have this answered. Of course, until fairly recently, the government wouldn’t even acknowledge that it actually existed. So, it’s been in the realm of ‘conspiracy’ for too long. And Brown now says that the secrecy of what is below Area 51 can end.

The Farsight Institute sent three of their best, highly trained remote viewers to take a look, under totally blind conditions, as always. They were told only that there was a target, nothing more. These viewers did not communicate with one another during the data collection period, and they recorded their data live on video, all solo. As in the other Farsight projects, the viewers are Dick Allgire and Daz Smith, excellent as always, and more recently Aziz Brown, whose also excellent viewing appears to keep up with their standards. Corroborating each other on the basics, they all essentially tell a similar story. Their viewpoints do vary, though, as they each make their entry from a different angle.

What they report might lend credence to some of the rumors; and, certainly, when all is said and done, if it be so, we now know that Area 51 is stranger than anyone could possibly have imagined. It explains why all the secrecy has existed regarding that facility; now we know why ”they” were afraid to tell the public what they knew. “Fortunately for this project,” states Brown, “mainstream science has not yet accepted remote viewing as real; that state of denial will end one day soon. But the current existence of denial has opened up a window in which the greatest secrets can be told. This is a moment of opportunity, a moment when humans can resume control over their existence by claiming knowledge of that which is. Nothing sets one free more than knowledge of simply—what is!”

Understandably, after what comes to light at the end of the reports by the viewers, Brown feels the need to make some important remarks in conclusion.

There have obviously been reasons why the government didn’t want this exposed, but are they truly valid reasons? Brown finds these ideas worrisome. “The stock reason has always been that our social and religious institutions could not handle the shock of disclosure, but that never really rang true to me. It may be a ruse. These things can always be smoothed over with good speeches, advertising, and public relations. However, with Farsight’s new Area 51 project completed, a new possible explanation rises to the surface.

“Now let us answer the question of why this report is important to all of us. You see, I can understand that a government may want to do research, including aircraft and weapons research in a manner that is hidden from potential adversaries. So, the idea of having a facility such as Area 51 makes sense. But, clearly, the research that is going on underneath Area 51 goes far beyond the limitations that are imposed upon normal research that is funded by, say, the National Science Foundation. This research is literally off the books, so to speak… It really is not a government or military issue; it is a humanity issue. I’m not here to tell you how to answer these questions. There are so many other issues and concerns raised by, and related to, this report that one hardly knows where to begin. Nevertheless, I suggest we all start simply. Begin by thinking about what you’ve just seen. All great change in human society begins with what people think about. And as I have said often in the past—stay ahead of the curve. Let the mainstream fade in the dust—be there now!”

See for yourself if this is enough (not all is known/shown, of course) for you—or consider that maybe it’s too much? Be sure you really want to know. But be grateful we now have the choice (assuming you believe this to be true); and considering the fact that readers of Atlantis Rising are truth seekers, this is just one more thing to come to light. We just want to know—and most of us usually do take it all in stride.

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By Marsha Oaks