The Many Dimensions of Breakthrough Thinking

The Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference in Hilversum, Holland, in November was a breakthrough in itself. The three-day event broadened and deepened communication between advocates of new, clean-energy inventions, on the one hand, and thought-leaders who are passionate about other ways to improve our world.

This month’s column will listen in on some of that conversation, which often detoured to extraordinary ideas.

Musician, author, and explorer Michael Tellinger of South Africa has seen evidence that indicates the ancients had advanced knowledge of the laws of nature. With a team of scientists he discovered clues that the Sumerians and Egyptians inherited knowledge from an earlier civilization that lived at the southern tip of Africa more than two hundred thousand years ago.

He believes that vanished civilizations knew vastly more than we do about using sound and resonance, and that the sound of Mother Earth is an inexhaustible source of energy if you know how to access it. The famous inventor Nikola Tesla apparently knew the secrets of accessing Earth’s energy, according to Tellinger, because Tesla spoke about the Earth’s ringing like a bell.

Slides of stone circles in South Africa were presented as physical evidence of ancient civilization. Tellinger said there are hundreds of thousands of such unexplained circles in his country and that they generate or convert some form of energy nonstop. He said the formations seem to be tapping into a sound frequency that emanates out of Planet Earth. Further, he said, the frequency generates electromagnetic fields in the stone circles, potentially giving us free energy. If that is the case, we have the challenge of finding out how to use that inexhaustible primordial source of energy to power modern communities. Tellinger is not an engineer and didn’t present how-to information.

His main interest is in raising consciousness and in healing social structures. “From the stone ruins we find the most unexpected lessons and guidelines for a world without money, breaking the stranglehold of corrupt governments and the global bankers and providing solutions that were unthinkable only a few years ago.”

According to Tellinger’s research, ancient cultures seemed to have embraced a philosophy of “If it’s not good for everyone, it’s no good at all.” Africans have called that philosophy “Ubuntu.” Tellinger is leading a Ubuntu political movement in South Africa to unite communities and to help humankind find its way to unity. He published his book, Slave Species of God, after twenty-five years of studying the writings of Zecharia Sitchin, who had translated ancient Sumerian clay tablets.

* * *

Mark Dansie is a cofounder of an incubator company for breakthrough energy technologies. Infinergy, Inc. has locations in Australia and America. Dansie demonstrated a solid-state (no moving parts) device that can tap into ambient or free energy.

He showed a small disk made of material that, once created, continuously gathers electrons from its surroundings without consuming any material and without any radioactivity involved. Infinergy’s laboratory is assisting the owners of the technology, who gave him permission to publicly demonstrate it working at the Global B.E.M event but not to describe how it is created.

By repeatedly shorting it out electrically he showed that it immediately recovers, with the needle on the voltmeter climbing back to its previous level. The output of amperes has not yet exceeded milli-amperes, but he had observed the progress through pico-amps, nano-amps, and micro-amps.

At a press conference in Hilversum, he said the disk’s operation has been verified by reputable scientists from industry and government. “It was the first evidence I’ve seen that was repeatable, verifiable, and explainable that it was drawing energy from the ambient. Electrons gather on the surface. And it works in a vacuum, in what they call a Faraday cage.

“It’s not a battery, because the colder it gets the more powerful it gets.” At first the device will be used in low-power applications and eventually be used to recharge and replace batteries in cell phones and cameras.

* * *

Speakers such as Dansie, representing the technical side, generally tried to simplify their explanations of breakthrough inventions so that nontechnical people could keep up. However, occasionally a speaker’s excitement took over and simplicity gave way to technical complexity and a faster flow of terminology than newcomers in the audience could follow.

Inventor Dan Winter (www.theimploder .com) is one of those high-energy researchers. He was Skyped in on a large screen behind one panel discussion. Winter said bioactive fields seem to surround a certain type of new-energy process. He said that Hungarian engineer George Egely has a “hydrogen-catalyzed carbon powder fusion reaction” which seems to have two to four times as much energy coming out as going in. “The reaction is doubly interesting because people are healed from colds and infections when in the presence of that type of fusion,” said Winter. That type of fusion is “parallel to the reversible carbon boron fusion in the Papp engine,” Winter, and the effects also relate to Nikola Tesla’s discoveries while working on his carbon button lamp.

“I’m suggesting a little meditation here on why it is that the right kind of fusion is a bioactive field. The reason it’s an energy source is the same reason that it’s healing or bioactive. If you can understand the wave symmetry of that, then you have, I think, Solomon’s Key and the Holy Grail and a few other details,” he added with a smile.

Winter referred to a paper titled “Mathematics of Fusion” that he, William Donavan and Martin Jones had written to prove that the geometric relationship Golden Ratio “is the solution to constructive wave compression interference and therefore implosion fusion.” They added Thomas Bearden’s view that the plasma of any nucleus can be pumped by certain waves.

“Any nucleus is functioning, in effect, as a plasma imploder,” Winter said. He thinks the whole universe is a bubble of charge. “If you can understand how the bubble becomes centripetal and therefore fusion and therefore a source of energy, which is to say cohered vacuum, the symmetry, you can also understand why it’s self-organizing and mindful and bioactive.”

“Everyone knows that ball lightning responds to telepathy. I think we need the physics of why…”

* * *

Nontechnical speakers included a Canadian statesman. The Hon. Paul Hellyer is a former cabinet minister and held senior posts in several government administrations. He continues to fight for economic reforms—and to speak out on topics that less courageous statesmen avoid. He told the conference that people of the world should demand that the major powers disclose what they already know about exotic energy technology.

Hellyer mentioned that in his latest book, Light at the End of the Tunnel, he quoted someone who allegedly worked in one of the “vast underground works the U.S. military have built in Arizona or Nevada. This source said the ‘Cabal,’ with the help of ‘Star Visitors,’ had developed both zero-point and cold fusion energy. That was years ago and the source was not unique,” said Hellyer.

“Most UFOlogists that I know believe that the Cabal—which is also known as the ‘shadow government’—in the U.S. is in possession of the technology we are looking for, but keep it secret for reasons of their own power and profit.”

Hellyer suggested the U.S. Congress establish a committee of scientific experts to examine existing patents that have been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and buried by secrecy policies. “Of the 10,158 Secrecy Orders for patents issued from 1942 to 1993, about 6,000 were still in effect in 1993, and it is almost certain that more have been issued since then.”

“The committee should have the power to decide if their disclosure would be in the public interest and, if so, declare them to be in the public domain as part of our world heritage.”

“One thing is certain,” Hellyer said. “The Star Visitors would give us the technology we need if we:

a) renounced the use of nuclear weapons and eliminated all plans to use them, and

b) started treating them (extraterrestrials) as genuine visitors rather than as ‘enemy aliens.’”

How could humankind switch to new, clean-energy sources quickly enough to help save the world’s ecosystems? Hellyer said the first step would be to identify the best energy technology and then organize an international effort. “It will require a mobilization not too different from the one us old-timers witnessed in the 1940s.”

In a new world of organizing to share energy abundance, the mobilization would be the opposite of what happened in the 1940s. Instead of planning warfare on fellow humans, armament factories would be converted to peaceful uses, he said. The goal would include converting, or replacing within a few years, the power source of every car, truck, airplane, home, and electrical generator now dependent on fossil fuels.

Patching up the current international banking and financial system takes our money and attention and moves solutions to the polluting-energy problem to the back burner, he added. “Only a near instant revolution of the heart and mind can save the day.”

* * *

Another distinguished speaker at the conference was Catherine Austin Fitts. She was U.S. Assistant Secretary of Housing—Federal Housing Commissioner, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), in the first Bush administration. On principle she left that administration in 1991 and started an investment bank in Washington. The firm also made financial software tools, including a suite of tools called Community Wizard, designed so that the average American could know what’s happening with their money. However, the Department of Justice and HUD seized Community Wizard. Today she manages Solari Investment Advisory Services.

She recognizes the potential for new energy technologies to replace scarcity with abundance. “Our problems are political,” she said. “We do not have an economic problem. We have a political system that arbitrarily produces scarcity as a plan.”

Specific advice on what people can do to free themselves from an outmoded financial system and help build a new world is available through her website The Global Breakthrough Energy Movement team will be selling DVDs of the speakers’ presentations on

* * *

There’s room here for a few more quotes from the many Global B.E.M. speakers. Moray King of Utah said, “To discover new energy we must first accept it as a scientific possibility. Otherwise we will just not look, and we will ridicule those who do.”

Judy Wood, Ph.D., gave a slide presentation titled, “Where did the towers go? The Evidence of Directed Free Energy Technology on 9/11.” She said, “Somebody has the ability to direct energy to disrupt the molecular bonds of matter and direct or control where it goes and what it does.” However, she added, we’re at the dawn of a new age in which people will openly discuss exotic technology with the goal of ensuring that it is not used to kill.

Dr. Nick Begich of Alaska spoke about how certain technologies targeting the human brain could either harm or, by mind balancing, help people reach their potential. As well as speaking about mind balancing products that are on the market, he also was asked to talk about the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) and similar experiments on Earth’s ionosphere.

Begich is often asked, “What can I do to protect myself?” He replies that is the wrong position to take, because “You’re already fearful. Fear is the adversary!”

What everyone in the conference room could do, he said, is to center on an issue they care passionately about, then “Step up and do something you know you can achieve. We each have a sphere of influence. It might be just your close family and a few friends, or it might be to reach into government. Exercise what you can do, not what you can’t do. Recognize there’s millions of others doing the same, acting on what they know is right and true. Together we can change the world.”

Jeane Manning is the internationally known author of energy-related books and co-author of award-winning Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-leap New Energy Inventions can Transform Our World. It’s now available in e-book format via