The Data of the Creation

Just How Much Randomness Is Actually Possible?

For the intelligent questioner of life’s mysteries, it is not always easy to find answers of a quality corresponding to the questions. We are happy to inform you that that we have found another three DVDs that do the job remarkably well.


The Information Enigma: The Cambrian Information Explosion

Discovery Institute

In the beginning, there was—information! Stephen C. Meyer, Ph.D., author of Darwin’s Doubt, starts out this documentary with: “The crucial question that will decide the debate about biological origins is precisely the question of the origin of information. If you don’t have instructions, if you don’t have information, you can’t build anything in life.” Douglas Axe, Ph.D., Molecular Biologist, adds: “Everyone who works in biology knows that information is needed in order for a living cell to do what it does. On the other hand, there’s this huge mystery surrounding information, because we also know, as humans, that information doesn’t come from nowhere; it has to come from somewhere. So you have this big question mark in the origins question of biology: Where did all of the information come from?”

This documentary featuring Stephen C. Meyer, Ph.D., and Douglas Axe, Ph.D., was written by David Klinghoffer, all three with the Discovery Institute. Klinghoffer states that they were delighted to unveil this easily accessible twenty-minute crystallization of Intelligent Design’s (ID’s) major argument in the form of a beautifully produced video. He points out that ID stands out from other scientific ideas in a couple of ways. “First, unlike other theories, it asks an ultimate question: Does life bear witness to being the product of intelligence, wisdom, purpose? Is your life, my life, therefore potentially also the object of care, even love, on the part of a designer standing outside nature? Or on the other hand, do blind, unguided, natural forces fully explain the fact that I, a biological creature, decode and understand the alphabetic characters I have arranged?

“Second, while other theories are far more difficult to grasp—general relativity, for example—no one sets out to invert Einstein’s meaning, turning his account of curved space-time into a sinister parody to scare away independent-minded scientists and thoughtful laypeople. ID uniquely faces squads of activists committed to a rival idea, Darwinism, who specialize in confusing the public, casting ID as ‘creationism’ or ‘science denial.’

“Yet the evolutionary defense force is sometimes aided—let’s be honest—by the density of the scientific case for ID. Darwinian theory is actually a far easier idea to hold in the mind. I believe that “The Information Enigma” comes as close to simplifying ID down to the essentials, while remaining true to the science, as anyone has done before.

“Until now, when journalists and other Darwin advocates rolled out the silly definition of ID as the notion that ‘life is too complicated’ to be the product of Darwinian evolution, we have responded by suggesting they study up on the work of Stephen Meyer, Douglas Axe, Ann Gauger, Michael Behe, and other ID scientists.”

In just twenty minutes, you’ll see excellent graphics, clearly making the case for Intelligent Design. Using the image of a bicycle and a four-dial lock (from Darwin’s Doubt), Meyer compares the tough challenge facing a bicycle thief in opening a lock with just four dials of ten digits to the challenge facing unguided natural selection in arriving at the genetic combination to “unlock” the right sequence to yield a simple functional protein. They show the difference in the form of a bike lock stretching to the horizon, furnished not with four dials but with seventy-seven! Dr. Axe’s experiments at Cambridge enabled him to estimate that for every DNA sequence that generates a short functional protein of just 150 amino acids in length, there are 10 to the 77th amino acid arrangements that will not fold into a stable three-dimensional protein structure capable of performing that biological function—one correct sequence for every 10 to the 77th power incorrect sequences! To put this in perspective, they ask that we keep in mind there are only 10-to-the-65th atoms in the entire Milky Way galaxy. We as biological creatures are constructed from cells, which in turn are constructed from proteins, for which DNA gives the coded building instructions. Searching the combinatorial possibilities for just a single protein is far beyond the resources of even life’s extremely long history. Sufficient time is just not available for Darwinian evolution to do the job—not even close, they say.

Again, Meyer states: Whenever we see information, especially when we find information in the digital and typographical form, and we trace it back to its ultimate source, we always come to a mind, not a material process. So the discovery that information is running the show in life, the discovery that there are these huge infusions in the history of life, such as the one that occurred in the Cambrian explosion, suggests that a designing intelligence has played a role in the history of life.

This is a short film but wow—the POW! And the bonus material is excellent as well.

DVD – 21 Min. (plus 49-Min. Special Bonus) • $14.95 • 1-800-228-8381



The Path: Afterlife

The Monroe Institute

Why are we here? What is our purpose? Why do we live, only to die? Age-old questions, and the complete answers aren’t here, but it is enlightening, as it adds to the many other books and DVDs on life-after-death and near-death studies and experiences.

Michael Habernig, the owner of Habernig Productions and director of The Path, is a man with a personal vision to impact the world with a documentary on the soul’s purpose and healing. After the death of many people in his life in a short period of time, he felt he had no choice but to begin to question: ‘What is going on here?’ He began to feel a strong, gut instinct that he needed to make a documentary about death and to bring an audience along his path of healing and to tell his story through film how it was that he came to learn more about the paranormal, afterlife, and different healing modalities. He knew he somehow had to turn his depression into a positive energy form that could be used to bring about healing not only for himself, but for others.

His goal is to inspire others who have lost someone dear so they can begin to heal, to release their fear of death, and to learn that there is more to life than just living in this body; hence, the beginning of The Path.

Filmed in this documentary are 13 individuals who are well versed, knowledgeable, and currently practicing, studying, or are experts in the field of holistic studies, out-of-body experiences, Reiki, past-life regression, physics, and/or integrative medicine. Well-renowned authors, practitioners, and well-respected local practitioners in upstate New York give their expertise on their own souls’ paths, what they have learned along the way, and their knowledge about the afterlife. The interviews of all participants also examine ways in which we can heal ourselves and compare the differences and commonalities of Eastern and Western Medicine.

Among those featured is Thomas W. Campbell who began researching altered states of consciousness with Bob Monroe (Journeys Out Of The Body, Far Journeys, and The Ultimate Journey) at Monroe Laboratories in the early 1970s, where he and a few others were instrumental in getting Monroe’s laboratory for the study of consciousness up and running. These early, drug-free consciousness pioneers helped design experiments, developed the technology for creating specific altered states, and were the main subjects of study (guinea pigs) all at the same time. Campbell has been experimenting with, and exploring, the subjective and objective mind ever since.

A former NASA physicist, Tom worked as a large complex systems analyst by day and collected evidential information in the larger consciousness system by night. He is the author of the My Big TOE trilogy that “unifies science and philosophy, physics and metaphysics, mind and matter, purpose and meaning, the normal and the paranormal,” as well as shining a light on the common spiritual basis of the world’s major religions, while placing belief, dogma, and creed into a bigger picture. The attributes assigned by some theologians to their concept of God are very similar to the attributes of the Larger Consciousness System (LCS), as scientifically derived by Tom.

“The next big cultural and scientific paradigm shift is virtual reality,” Tom has said for over a decade. Virtual reality is now a more widely accepted concept in science and technology. Tom combines a fundamental understanding of consciousness and virtual reality to back up this prediction with a logically and scientifically derived My-Big-TOE theory. This theory explains most of the remaining big questions in both physics and metaphysics, according to him.

Also featured is F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater, president of the Monroe Institute. Raised in a spiritually oriented family environment, Atwater’s childhood was filled with extraordinary psychic experiences. As a young adult he was guided from within to a career as a counterspy during the cold-war era, where he used his natural psychic aptitude as a U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent. He played a key role in the remote viewing intelligence program now known to the world by the code name STARGATE.

Working in the Bob Monroe Research Lab, he has explored the realms of his own consciousness and adopted a spiritual perspective of everyday life. In his roll as Research Director, he published technical research on methods for expanding consciousness, authored the inspirational book, Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul, and assisted hundreds of individuals in experiencing and exploring expanded states of consciousness.

Also featured is Monroe Institute trainer William Buhlman, who is a leading expert in out-of-body experiences. His 40 years of extensive, personal, out-of-body explorations give him a unique and thought provoking insight into this subject. His first book, Adventures Beyond the Body, chronicles his personal journey of self-discovery through out-of-body travel and provides the reader with the preparation and techniques that can be used for their own adventure.

Over the past two decades, Buhlman has developed an effective system to experience safe, self-initiated, out-of-body adventures. He conducts an in-depth, six-day workshop titled, “Out-of-Body Exploration Intensive” at the renowned Monroe Institute in Virginia. He brings a refreshing look to how we can use out-of-body experiences to explore our spiritual identity and enhance our intellectual and physical lives.

This documentary could help eliminate some of the fear associated with death and answer more questions about the spiritual realms in order to allow people the freedom to make their own informed decision about life after death and out-of-body experiences.

DVD – 71 Min. • $24.95 • 1-800-228-8381



The Tao of Quantum Physics: A Scientific Revolution of Enlightenment

Ike Allen

What if someone told you that your reality is an illusion? What if you discovered a way to break free from your current perceived limitations? Are you ready to experience an amazing life filled with happiness, abundance, peace, and passion? This film does not have the ultimate answers, but it does claim to be the key, as it invites you to join with some of today’s great minds as they explore the nature of reality and share an eye-opening and mind-expanding view of spirituality, science, and psychology. As it bridges the gap between science and spirituality, it will take you on an extraordinary journey to reveal the unity of all, as it challenges each of us to reconsider our most cherished ‘beLIEfs’ about reality. Actually, there are now many resources for such information, some previously reviewed here, as it is a most popular topic of interest.

Sharing their wisdom, insights, and personal stories are several pioneering scientists, probably well known to AR readers, as they have been featured in other productions reviewed here—Fred Alan Wolf, Joe Dispenza, Amit Goswami, Peter Russell, Stuart Hameroff, and Will Arntz. They don’t claim to ‘know it all’; and it’s even acknowledged that humans, limited in experience and perception, cannot comprehend the big picture, because they are actually in it, a part of it, and they can’t have a complete overview.

Fred Alan Wolf is a world-renowned physicist, writer, and lecturer, who also conducts research on the relationship of quantum physics to consciousness. He is the author of 13 books (the latest being Time-Loops and Space-Twists: How God Created the Universe) and 3 audio CD courses. He has appeared in many nationally released films, including What the Bleep Do We Know!? and The Secret. In 1963, he received his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from UCLA and began researching the field of high atmospheric particle behavior following a nuclear explosion. Wolf’s inquiring mind has delved into the relationship between human consciousness, psychology, physiology, the mystical, and the spiritual. His investigations have taken him from intimate discussions with physicist David Bohm to the magical and mysterious jungles of Peru, from master classes with Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman to the high deserts of Mexico, from a significant meeting with Werner Heisenberg to the hot coals of a fire walk.

William Arntz began his professional career as a research laser physicist, developing wave optics simulators for high-energy laser systems. After a few years of traveling and studying with spiritual teachers, he landed in San Francisco and wrote a software product called “Autosys” and was able to retire two years later. The proceeds enabled him to satisfy a life-long dream of making a movie, and he wanted to get some of the principles gleaned from his decades of spiritual inquiry out to the public. The movie started out as a small documentary about Spirit and Science and became the global phenomenon, What the BLEEP Do We Know!?

At Cambridge University, Peter Russell studied mathematics and theoretical physics. Then, as he became increasingly fascinated by the mysteries of the human mind, he changed to experimental psychology. Pursuing this interest, he traveled to India to study meditation and eastern philosophy and on his return took up the first research post ever offered in Britain on the psychology of meditation. He also has a post-graduate degree in computer science, and he has conducted some of the early work on 3-dimensional displays, presaging by some twenty years the advent of virtual reality. In the 1970s, he was one of the first people to introduce human potential seminars into the corporate field, and for twenty years he ran programs for senior management on creativity, stress management, personal development, and sustainable development. Clients have included: IBM, Apple, American Express, Barclays Bank, Swedish Telecom, ICI, Shell Oil, and British Petroleum. In 1982, he coined the term ‘global brain’ with his 1980s bestseller of the same name in which he predicted the Internet and the impact it would have. He is also the author of seven other books. As one of the more revolutionary futurists, Russell has been a keynote speaker at many international conferences and in the USA. His multi-image shows and videos, “The Global Brain” and “The White Hole in Time,” have won praise and prizes from around the world.

Others featured in this documentary are: Joe Vitale, also featured in What the Bleep!? and Cassandra Vieten, Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

So, if you’re ready to glean more information on your journey to enlightenment, maybe this one is for you.

DVD – 78 Min. • $19.95 • 1-800-228-8381

By Marsha Oaks