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Inside Knowledge

I was elated to read the article “Is DNA Influenced by the Spoken Word” by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf (AR #67). Anthropologist Jeremy Narby in The Cosmic Serpent, DNA and the Origin of Knowledge (1998) explored the intricate nature of DNA and noted the research indicating that the non-coding portion seemed to function as a com­municating crystal, hence the validity of the Amazonian shamans’ claim that their extraordinary botanical knowledge is communicated to them by plants!

Graham Hancock’s recent book, Supernatural, pays tribute to Narby and cites new research showing that in addi­tion to the regular syntax and semantics found by Russian linguists, the non-coding DNA displays both Zipf’s Law and redundancy, which is characteristic of all human and computer languages.

Moreover, Narby’s book Intelligence in Nature notes the discovery that consciousness and intelligence exist at the cellular level. The single-celled slime mold can be taught to navigate a maze.

Perhaps the admonition of the ancient sages to “look within” for wisdom will take on new meaning when we learn to talk to our DNA.

John Herman New Paris, PA

The American Contract

The “Living up to American Contract” article (Carolyn Myss interviewed by Cynthia Logan in A.R. #67) cannot go unanswered.

Where to begin? Let us start with 9/11. “The cry for vengeance is not typical for America?” She (Myss) must be kidding. Just watch any WWII-era serial and see how we portrayed the enemy. “We are going to bomb those Japs right off the map” (as was commonly said at the time) or “I have not felt this safe since we bombed Nagasaki.” Yes, we can feel vengeance.

(Myss thinks) 9/11 pushed America into the world arena? That had already happened in March of 1947 when the British announced they were withdrawing from the world scene. Truman responded and the world policeman policy of America was born.

Activism and love of litigation (as discussed by Myss) were born after the Civil War. The activists, many of them fe­male saw what activism could do. The next thing on the agenda was Prohibition. This was led by the female activists. Gone was the Revolutionary type woman. Now it was for the children and society. America was a nation of great drinkers. In fact, in 1825, about 425,000 gallons of booze was shipped on the Erie canal. Not to mention that at least Adams was a rum runner from the Caribbean. Yes, it was a global economy back then even.

“The other nations are our equals?” (as Myss asserts). Here we find something so feminine and feel-good. The pe­troleum industry was invented in America. Now OPEC routinely harps at us. If it were not for the U.S., they would be a third world society, run by dictators. See that one in Venezuela, recently visited by an antiwar female activist.

“Slavery an issue?” (she says). Jefferson said they could not fight a war for independence and free the slaves as he did not want America to disappear from the map like Poland did.

“Consumerism an issue?” Actually this was started way back before America in 1600 Britain. Agriculture was be­ing commercialized as the peasants were not known for their productivity. Now they had to become wage earners and buy things. Many remained poor to evoke do-good acts toward them. They were victims of the rich.

The do-gooders such as Caroline Myss would have us all equal, poor peasants.

Tom Batorski Angola, N.Y.

Racial Agenda?

I have found Atlantis Rising Magazine informative, but missing input from people of color. Even articles from Asia, South America, Africa, Australia more often than not exhibit a lack of “color.” Most articles of said areas of the world are published with authorship or reporting by whites. NOT to take away any credit from European/Euro Ameri­can/Euro Australian, etc., but a balance needs to be at least accepted which could result in increased readership and a more balanced point of view.

Lionel P. Bonnett Bronx, NY

It is difficult for me to understand what exactly the letter writer is speaking about. We actually do not know the race of many of our writers, since we have never met them in person and do not know what they look like. Articles

are published in Atlantis Rising, not because they advance a particular agenda, but because they effectively chal­lenge conventional thinking in science and culture. That is certainly not the kind of program that can be associated with any particular race. The idea is to express the high ideals that have guided the best in all races but which, more often than not, we find lacking. Editor

Power Tripping

Humanity has power to go beyond this silly little realm that most of us manipulate to no end. Heck, we all need to move on down to the anvil of hard processing and become a little smarter.

Human power-vehicles already referred to earlier, are used as tools to leverage reality or matter in time and space. They are: violence, knowledge, love, friendship, beauty, wealth, social position, immortality (religion), and well being. The application of truth or illusion and selfishness versus lovingness as ingredients, can be built or included with any of the power concepts to be leveraged by the human entity to produce manipulated results within the arena of event­sequences…life.

For most of us, education has been taught through a liberal arts curriculum centered around reward and punish­ment methods which reinforce the theories of behavioral modification, positive reinforcement and deference to au­thority (rather than earned respect). In its early days, this educational process produced satisfactory citizens because of the initial creative start. In time, however, creativity wore down and collusion (self-oriented behavior) began to creep into the process. People sought increasing favors from their leaders and each other to satisfy their needs for in­creased acceptance and popularity in their social and business lives. It was a power thing. As the participants began to expend as little energy as possible to get the most reward possible, leveraging through misinformation signaled the expansion of selfish/ulterior motives.

Mutualism and permissivism became the habit of collusion as its tentacles began to pervade every power base in life. Increased pandering among certain segments of the population produced waves of support programs designed to reinforce insecure egos. Blind collusion creating polarizations became the method of elitists to usurp power from the naive. Networked collusion began to approach a kind of sick pollution that diffused creativity and true self-esteem be­cause subconsciously, humanity knew it was living a self-manufactured illusion. This misinformational life soon be­came the fashion while the liberal media used “peoplespeak” and pop culture to amplify the narcissistic message for power and political profit. Truth has since become hard to recognize because leveraged-illusion has expanded to meet an increasingly complex society or one that is confused by a saturation of complexity.

By propping-up and rewarding “poor-me-ism” through the illusion of kindness (which the transmitter / receiver knows is an illusive lie), this sickness begins to offer up a vision of the ultimate collusion of a self-centered, ergo lone­ly, populous expressing destructive behavior. Humans today constantly require psychological reinforcement through the “mirroring” of each other for some sign of personal worth. Reinforced by “showy” positioning, via communicative exchanges of collusive activity, the universal lie expands so the participants feel needed. These persons constantly seek visual recognition and eventually become obsessed with posturing for adulation and fawning approval. Some ex­change flattering remarks so as to “pump” each other up since they share a lie together.

As illusions grow, consciousness of the real world decreases. (Is this because self-oriented illusive life produces more social and personal consequences via living lies?) People sense a feeling of “is that all there is?” Individuals caught in this web become easy targets for human leveraging or manipulation through emotional blackmail or guilt trips used to modify their (all) behavior. Most humans know when they “have-been-had,” except it is usually the next day or next year. Afterwards, they are either driven to lower esteem or to revenge through the threat or act of vio­lence.

People living the leveraged illusion have thus far produced most of our social problems including the lack of inter­est in our public school systems, because these practitioners’ lives are built upon systems of collusive practice. Gangs, terrorists and other undesirables can proliferate in a world full of perpetuating lies. Perhaps the time has come to in­vestigate a more creative approach to living life. Such a change would require of mankind the ability to rise in high­er-ordered cognitive processes, which are not yet a part of human education. The introduction of such a collusiveless paradigm could usher in a realm of creative “topsight” and a life of a little more love and truth. But first, we must de­termine what positive and negative conduct produces good and evil in the leveraging of a virtual life.

Orion von Koch Atlantis Rising Forums


Your magazine is absolutely the best I’ve ever subscribed to and I have subscribed to many. Five of these maga­zines went out of circulation probably because of financial reasons.

If I were a daily conversant with “The Big Guy” I would plead daily for your magazine’s continuing survival. I can’t do better than that.

Gerard Stehlin Blue Mountain Lake, NY

I have been reading Atlantis Rising since your second issue and I don’t want to miss an issue. Atlantis Rising is by

far the most exciting thought-provoking, impressive collection of information in one publication. Kudos for the great job of gathering the finest diversity of anomalies of science information from brilliant reliable sources. Keep up your great work. We need to have information that allows us to stretch our minds.

Terri Adams Schramko Earleville, MD

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