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20,000-Year-Old Civilization Discovered in West Bengal

For those committed to the idea that civilization began about six or seven thousand years ago, at the most, the news out of India in March was more than a little disturbing. Archaeologists digging into the “yellowish soil” in West Ben­gal’s Murshidabad district have discovered signs of civilization dating back 20,000 years.

According to Amal Roy, the state archaeology department’s superintendent, Indian scientists have found stone tools, as well as agate, Quartz, chert and chalcedony used by a hunting tool-producing community. Fossilized fish fins and seeds have also been found at the site. The dig, led by geo-archaeologists S. N. Rajguru and B.C. Deodare, has been underway for a year and a half.

The new find further buttresses the arguments of those, like Atlantis Rising columnist Michael Cremo, who have argued for a much greater antiquity for Indian civilization than is generally believed.

Pre Clovis DNA Found in Oregon

The idea that humans did not make their way into the Americas until about 13,000 years ago—the so-called Clovis horizon—has now been scientifically falsified. We still may not know how long mankind has been here but we can be sure that it has been at least 14,300 years. A team of scientists from the University of Oregon has turned up DNA from human feces dating over 1200 years before the Clovis culture.

Senior archaeologist Dennis L. Jenkins led an investigation into remains found in the Paisley Caves on the eastern side of the Cascade Range. After careful analysis the team says the DNA shows genetic ties to Siberia or Asia.

Other sites showing strong evidence of pre Clovis habitation in the Americas such as in Chile’s Monte Verde have been found, but Paisley is the first to produce DNA. “We have broken the Clovis sound barrier, if you will,” said Jen­kins. “If you are looking for the first people in North America, you are going to have to step back more than 1,000 years before Clovis to find them.”

Considering that most school children are still taught the Clovis horizon date, as if it were holy writ, it will be in­teresting to see how long it takes to make the adjustment. If history is any guide, by the time it happens, we can ex­pect the new horizon to be similarly outdated.

Are the Russians Coming Again?

Whether or not the first Americans migrated to the North American continent from Siberia by way of the Bering strait, the Russians may be coming that way in the future, but not by walking across the ice, as their ancestors are be­lieved to have done. Word is circulating that plans are in development for a 50-mile tunnel beneath the sea between Siberia and Alaska.

The Russian-born billionaire Roman Abramovich has purchased the world’s biggest tunneling drill, and many be­lieve he wants to tunnel to America. Abramovich is governor of Chukotka, the region adjoining the strait. He is also a good friend of Vladimir Putin who is believed to favor such an idea. Insiders say that secret talks on the project are al­ready underway with Washington. The Russians apparently see their country as the hub of a new world in which Eu­rope and the U.S. will transport their goods to each other through Russia. The Russians would also send plenty of their own.

Perhaps future archaeologists speculating over the influence of vodka on American DNA will find their missing link beneath the Bering Sea.

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