Stellar Construction?

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Mega Engineering

Robert Schoch’s article [“Mega Engineering in the Stars,” AR #122] reminded me of Larry Niven’s book, Ringworld. It described an artificial world built by a truly advanced (and wealthy) civilization that consisted of a ring-shaped structure open on the side facing the star, with high walls to hold in the air and water and keep people from falling off the edge. If such a world were constructed around our own Sun, at about Earth’s distance (in the Goldilocks zone), it would have to be orbiting the Sun much faster than once a year to produce a spin-induced gravitation equal to Earth’s. I’m not sure how stable that would be, but such rings might be built at slightly different angles to one another and at slightly different distances from the Sun, eventually constituting something approaching a Dyson sphere.

The irregular dimming of KIC 8462852 seems more consistent with a swarm of much smaller space colonies, each producing its own spin-induced gravitation; and presumably (if the structure is artificial) each would enclose an entire ecosystem, with plants producing oxygen and food. An F-class star would stay on the main sequence (that is, remain relatively stable) for some billions of years, almost as long as our own Sun. One problem with the Ringworld version is that stars seem to gradually get hotter, and there is no way to move a ringworld further out.

Pat Alexander, Sacramento, CA


Caves of Lascaux

The article [“The Caves of Lascaux,” by Julie Loar, AR #122] states “…a set of 13 dots and another of 26… represent the 13- and 26-week intervals from summer solstice to autumn equinox…” So, 30 thousand years ago cave people had 7-day weeks!

Mark Dormann, Palm Coast, FL


AUTHOR’s RESPONSE: Yes, it’s humbling and thrilling to realize how far back certain schemes of measurement reach and how much our modern ways of “marking time”are really a legacy from antiquity. —Julie Loar


Prehistoric Realities in Egypt’s Chronicles

In “Khufu Papyri Unveiled” (AR #121) Robert Schoch considered the oldest part of the Manetho’s history of Egypt as an argument for incredible antiquity of proto-Egyptian civilization. I would like to note that there are intriguing parallels between the oldest part of Egyptian kingship lists and prehistoric realities.

For example, the pre-Hawass “Histoire des Hommes” (vol. 10, Paris : 1781, p. 225) contains the interesting table for “mythical chronology” of Ancient Egypt. In this table, the Egyptian history is begun about 38,633 BC (in the “Original system of the great period” based on the precession) by Hephaestus or Vulcan, which are the Greek/Roman versions of the native creator god Ptah. The next kingdom of the Sun (Helios, Ra) came in 38,464 BC for 30,000 years in the same precession system. This was followed by the Saturn’s kingdom in 8,464 BC. Note that Saturn is associated with agriculture.

It is remarkable that this Saturnian-agricultural date (8,464 BC) corresponds to the beginning of the Neolithic Revolution (10,000 to 8,000 BC) in the Fertile Crescent. The migration from the Crescent is a known factor of agriculture spreading in the pre-dynastic Egypt as well as in Northern Africa. The solar kingdom (38,464 to 8,464 BC) corresponds to the super-arid Sahara desert during the last glacial period (108,000 to 9,700 BC). That time can be characterized as a solar terror indeed.

Hence, the “mythical” history shows “a grain of truth” confirming the long timescale of the Egyptian chronicles.

Oleksiy Arkhypov, Ph.D., Graz, Austria


Egypt’s True History

I am glad to know, I am not the only one who thinks that [the figure of Osiris outlined by the arrangement of pyramids along the Nile in Scott Creighton’s article “Burying Egypt’s True History,” AR #120, November/December 2016] is the function of the Ankh. I don’t know about what Jewell might have been inset. But most of the time the ankh is shown with the sign for the Bread of Life, which I believe might be Monatomic Gold. I had thought the ankh might be used to activate the monatomic gold, as it has medical benefits—that and other monatomic metals. If just taking it would have worked, it appears to me, those who received it would have had much longer lives and better health. It needed activation.

Dianna Bourke Privette, Jacksonville, FL 


Garden of Eden

In considering Dr. Schoch’s article, [“The Search for the Garden of Eden,” AR #117], a question presents itself.

Dr. Schoch reminds us that after Adam and Eve eat of the forbidden fruit, the Lord fears that they will next eat of the tree of life and become godlike, so he expels them from the Garden of Eden. However, while God did forbid Adam and Eve to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, nothing else was forbidden them: “of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat.” Shouldn’t the tree of life also have been forbidden them from the beginning? I wonder if anyone else finds this to be a bit odd.

I point this out only to suggest that the location of the Rivers Pishon and Gihon are not just unknown to the modern world, they may never have existed. When one considers the age of the books of Moses, it should not be overlooked that they have been subject to a long line of translation, revision, and editing. While inspiring, Genesis does not really make for a useful tour guide.

William Sodders, Coxsackie, NY


Clues to the Younger Dryas

Andrew Collins article in AR #121 [“Clues to the Great Catastrophe”] brings up his theory on past destructions that occurred in North America, a heavenly body, a comet, coming into our atmosphere/heavens, and breaking up into many pieces. These pieces hit the earth, and cause fires, whose smoke and ash “blot out the sun and moon.” He goes further and mentions that the said happening went as far as the “Eurasian landmass.”

While the above did indeed happen, why was it necessary for such destruction to have to come from the heavens? My, the same thing is in fairly modern history, with the explosion of Mt. Kilimanjaro—at least, the “sun and moon” part. And, note that it was several years before the areas of the “ash and smoke” began to return to normal. In between, the landmasses that were covered with clouds experienced times of famine.

When Andrew mentions the landmass, it is much as what Dr. Susan Martinez wrote on Pan—the time in recorded history in which landmasses that remained after the flood, sank beneath the waters. What I am referring to is, the events that Andrew Collins brings up, happened at the same time that Sue’s landmasses sank beneath the waters—and at the same time that our higher mountain ranges rose up from beneath the earth.

In recorded history, there was a great earthquake which was so great that the earth was moved 10 degrees on its axis, causing climate changes in many areas, mostly in the northern latitudes. But, along with these great earthquakes, which were the major reason for the landmasses sinking back into the earth and the new mountain ranges rising up from beneath the earth, there was accompanying volcanic activities—great volcanic activities.

What Andrew views as a meteor from heaven, was actually the result of numerous volcanic eruptions, which spewed out huge pieces of mountain granite into the earth’s atmosphere. Said “granite” falling to the earth in North America. Of course, not only America, but also other areas of the world, as a result of other volcanic eruptions.

There is another aspect to what happened when the volcanoes erupted. The north pole ice cap, at that same time, “exploded,” and huge, very huge, chunks of said ice went up into the atmosphere, and came down on the areas that were covered in the AR article on the “Carolina Bays.”

A question: If intelligent minds can realize the results of earthly happenings, why is it that they cannot get together to compare said findings? For, all of the above came about as a result of “records” describing the ACTUAL timing of said events. Why all the guesses? There was “one time” that all they report took place.

In the mid-700’s BC, there was a “great earthquake” with accompanying volcanic activities that caused all of the destruction—the earthquake I mentioned causing the earth to tilt 10 degrees. Said earthquake in the “record,” took place during the reign of King Uzziah of Judah. Note that the “mid-700’s BC” was some 2,700+ years ago.

Ray Daly, Lincoln, NE


Fighting the Forces of Evil.

Re: Publisher’s Letter, AR #121:

I believe the builders of Cydonia and Atlantis had an outlook compatible with the words of Nikola Tesla: “There is nothing in the universe that can’t be understood in terms of vibration and frequency.”

There are many guidelines set down as suggestions [by Tesla] for human behavior. While I would recommend consideration be given to any of them that make sense, I would say to forget the details and instead, do the best you can, and then you’ll find out when you get there. Above all, don’t become obsessive; instead, be reasonable about death and other subjects we may or may not have any influence over. From the manipulators of popular opinion we become subject to fear mongering. I have gone through everything from “Duck and Cover” to Vietnam to fears of oil depletion, from threats of nuclear war through warnings of deforestation, Mad Cow disease, SARS, Bird Flu and the SIKA virus—each one a member of the fear-of-the-month club.

But put these sorts of buzzwords aside for a moment and consider a cornerstone: in a series of logical stages, if any step is wrong then all after it can only become worse. I see that the elder people left us many mnemonic reminders but their patterns can be understood in different ways; e. g., when you look at the full or broken lines of the I-Ching, realize that the maximum number of hexagrams that can be constructed is 64, and according to Johnson F. Yan, and others, this is the number resonant to all life. Now imagine that you are looking down at broken or full lines of trees in the Garden of Eden. Those trees held a coded expression of the superior human being so that the created peoples would have a subliminal example to aspire to as they evolved. The basis of the theory of Arthur C. Clarke, as expressed in the film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, is that there were giant monoliths that guided and aided human development. This is a simplified view of the constructions that come to us from most ancient times.

Joe Richardson, author of The Once and Future Age, Holbrook, AZ


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