Secrets of the Seventh Ray

21st Century Science Meets an Ancient Prescription for Change

In his article for Atlantis Rising #84 (“Politics and Psychic Manipulation in Romania”), Boston University professor and author of The Parapsychology Revolution (Tarcher/Penguin, 2008), Dr. Robert Schoch, wrote about a phenome­non called “The Violet Flame,” which he said had played an important role in the history of Romania. “The color vio­let is unlike any other color,” he explained, “and has long been a focus of attention by alchemists and occultists. Seen as the boundary between the physical and the spiritual, with the ability to promote transmutations between the realms, in modern terms the color violet does indeed have unique properties. Of the visible spectrum, violet has the highest frequency… and in its representation and manifestation spiritually can be harnessed and channeled as a pow­erful force…”

Just weeks afterward, scientists at Scotland’s University of Strathclyde reported that a special, yet visible, violet light is enough to make bacteria “commit suicide.” Clinical trials have now proven the HINS-light Environmental Decontamination System is effective in getting rid of bacterial pathogens in the hospital setting. In other words, vio­let light makes a great disinfectant, a fact which may not surprise those who have, for years, used ultraviolet (UV) light in water purification technology. Incidentally, Washington State University researchers have found that UV im­pacts gene repair and also activates the creation of defense proteins. Although UV and colored light are not to be con­fused with the violet flame of esoteric lore, they are thought to be its physical counterpart and to provide uses which, some feel, might indicate what could be achieved were the actual thing to be properly harnessed.

Early in the twentieth century, Edgar Cayce (The Sleeping Prophet) recognized the power of the violet light. In many of his recorded readings, he recommended a “violet-ray” electrical device that emits a violet-colored charge to treat a number of ailments. At the heart of this device was a Tesla coil. It was widely used in the first half of the twen­tieth century and is still available today.

The violet flame theme has even made it into popular culture. The Inn of the Seventh Ray is the name of a restau­rant near Los Angeles frequented by many Hollywood types who live nearby.

In Romania even presidential politics, it seems, is influenced by the Violet Flame. In 2009, defeated candidate Mir­cea Geoana publicly charged he had been attacked by “violet flames.” Traian Basescu, the winning candidate, might view this as yet another example of the disinfecting capabilities of the seventh ray.

Vibrating at between 785 and 665 terrahertz, the “Seventh Ray,” or, alternatively, the Violet Flame or light, is said by some to be one of the best-kept secrets of the twentieth and previous centuries. The proverbial cat, though, it now seems, may be out of the bag. An Internet search for “violet flame” produces over six million results. Doctors, nurses, teachers, architects, engineers, and even heads of state outside of Romania—a former President of the Philippines for one—have reportedly attempted to deploy it.

So what is the truth of the matter? Is there more to the subject of the Violet Flame than meets the untrained eye? To gain some perspective we need to look at the larger picture, one familiar for ages to initiates in the spiritual mys­teries—the “Seven Rays.”

Seven Rays of Creation

For centuries the concept of “The Seven Rays” has been part of many mainstream religions, as well as esoteric philosophies. Wikipedia says it has been around since at least the sixth century BCE, in both Western culture and in India. In the west, the notion can be seen in early mystery traditions, such as Gnosticism and Roman Mithraicism, and in the texts and iconic art of the Catholic Church as early as the Byzantine era. In India, the idea has been part of Hindu religious philosophy and scripture since at least the Vishnu Purana, dating from the post-Vedic era.

The Seven Rays appeared in a modified and elaborated form in the teachings of Theosophy, starting in the late nineteenth century, first presented by Helena P. Blavatsky. The Theosophical concept of the Seven Rays was further developed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in the writings of C. W. Leadbeater, Alice Bailey, Manly P. Hall, and others, and in the philosophies of organizations, such as, The ‘I AM’ Activity, The Bridge to Freedom, The Summit Lighthouse, and various other organizations promulgating what are called the teachings of the ascended masters—the immortalized saints and sages of all ages, East and West.

In the mid-to-late twentieth century, as the New Age movement developed, the Seven Rays concept appeared as an element in metaphysical healing techniques such as Reiki and other modalities and in esoteric astrology.

The idea is that all that exists emerges from the original white light of creation. The seven rainbow rays—into which that light can be separated by a prism—all possess unique properties which can and should be nurtured and developed for the advancement of creation on both the individual and collective level. These fundamental seven color rays have been depicted in religious iconography as rainbow auras around the heads or hearts of saints, or around sa­cred relics. The Seven Rays also correspond roughly to the seven days (or stages) of creation, as well as the days of the week, the seven chakras, the seven churches in the Book of Revelations, etc.

Mastery over the Seven Rays is still considered by some groups to be a requirement for the evolution of conscious­ness. The process—also known as the spiritual path—is said to lead to expansion of the “rainbow body,” or aura, of the saints. One focuses (or “majors”) on developing the skills or virtues associated with one of the rays while advanc­ing generally with the others. Mastery of the green ray, for example, involves the use of healing energies and precipi­tation (making the spiritual physical). We see this color used often in hospitals or in surgical garments as well as with alternative therapies, etc. Violet is usually associated with alchemy or transmutation, and as the Seventh Ray it corre­sponds to the seventh day of creation; or the day of rest when the creation—to that point—is set free. In New Age cir­cles it is usually associated with the Aquarian Age.

Transmutation means change, of course, and “alchemy” (derived from the Arabic word al-kimia) was an ancient philosophy and practice (some would say a science) devoted to changing base metal, or lead, into gold. That, at least, was the popular view. Secretly though, say scholars, the alchemists were interested more in changing themselves than any mere lead; and the gold they sought was the elevation of their own human consciousness to the level of the divine—a change perhaps more akin to metamorphosis, as when the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. They did, though, by some accounts, do the lead/gold thing, too.

One name that comes up frequently when the violet flame is discussed is St. Germain. Known to some as the Wonderman of Europe, the Comte de Saint Germain is believed to have lived in seventeenth and eighteenth century Transylvania and to have been an important behind-the-scenes figure in the Enlightenment. Many credit him with the founding of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism. Some, including Manly Palmer Hall, have claimed he acted to in­spire the founding fathers of the United States. Hall, along with the Theosophists and other groups, regarded St. Ger­main as an ascended master whose many embodiments on Earth included the Biblical prophet Samuel, the Greek philosopher Plato, Merlin of Camelot fame, as well as Francis Bacon (believed to have secretly authored the Shake­spearean plays). A few years ago the television series, In Search Of, featured his story in an episode entitled, “The Man Who Would Not Die.”

St. Germain, it is said, taught the invocation of the Violet Flame to alchemists as a means of facilitating the kind of personal transmutation which was their goal.

Scientific Theory

Is there a scientific basis for using the Violet Flame? Some argue, that since it is the color wave with the highest frequency, it can act upon matter and substance of lower frequencies. Since energy can neither be created nor de­stroyed, it can only be transformed from one state to another. According to this line of thinking, all energy we have ever used (including presumably our thought and emotional energy) continues to exist—it doesn’t just disappear.

According to quantum theory, matter is also a form of energy. Atoms aren’t material substance at all; they are merely little packets of energy. Even though an electron is described as a particle, when its wave function has “col­lapsed,” it remains a form of energy. This energy, of which everything is composed, is in the form of waves that can be encoded with information. In fact, waves have an infinite capacity for information storage, and all the energy we have ever used remains encoded with our unique, individual frequency signature.

In Lynn McTaggart’s compilation of fascinating discoveries in quantum physics, The Field, she writes, “On our most fundamental level, all living beings, including human beings, are packets of quantum energy constantly ex­changing information with this inexhaustible energy sea.” This sea of energy is also known as the Zero Point Field and is described as “an ocean of microscopic vibrations in the space between all things.” Some scientists call it a huge reservoir of energy information.

Physicists have also discovered the quantum property called nonlocality. This refers to the ability of subatomic particles to influence other particles instantaneously over any distance without apparent energy expenditure. Once connected, always connected—no matter how vast the distance. This is known as quantum entanglement.

Like all colors, violet is a wave, and waves can alter other waves through resonance entrainment or by creating an interference pattern. Waves with an opposing pattern of alignment of peaks and valleys will cancel each other out. Vi­olet is composed of two colors: rose, from pink to dark ruby, depending on the shade (accentuating, it is suggested, the action of love from gentle to intense expression) and blue (amplifying the power of alignment with cosmic princi­ples).

The rose frequency purportedly erases the negative-record overlays held by electrons, possibly through the oppo­site-wave-pattern cancellation effect. The blue wave aspect ostensibly re-polarizes the energies to their original “blue­print of perfection.”

At the quantum level, it doesn’t matter whether the energy records are stored in our atoms, cells, the electromag­netic biofield around our bodies, or on the other side of the galaxy. Because of non-locality and entanglement, change can occur instantaneously.

Sometimes teachers will refer to the Violet Flame as a higher dimensional frequency working as the “Holy Spirit” on different dimensional levels. A dimension can be described as a frequency field within a specified range of oscilla­tions.

A materialist scientist could say Violet Flame doesn’t exist because his instruments can’t identify it. He could also say that love, forgiveness and compassion don’t exist because his instruments can’t detect them either. Yet, we know they do exist because of our direct experience with them and their effects on our lives.

Application of the Violet Flame

Seventh-Ray energy, according to most schools, is accessed through four modalities: intention, visualization, feel­ings, and sound. When all four are employed, it is said, the greatest action is achieved, though some people report suc­cess using as few as one.

INTENTION: Many researchers have studied the effects of intention on outcomes, and Lynn McTaggart has docu­mented some of these in her books. Dr. Gary Schwartz, a professor at the University of Arizona, studied the effect of intention on plants in his research lab. With bio-photon imaging equipment, using a super-cooled camera to record the aura of light emitted by plants, he showed that a group of 400 people in England, sending the intention to one particular leaf on a lab plant in Tucson, was able to cause the leaf to increase its light output.

VISUALIZATION: Intention and visualization are not quite the same. A few people are able to put the intention of a goal into the field and achieve the desired outcome. Others have to add visualization, which probably relates to the observer effect in physics. It has long frustrated scientists that subatomic particles like electrons will behave differ­ently and cause different outcomes in experiments when they are being observed. Which begs the question: how do electrons know they are being observed? Such ‘knowledge’ implies consciousness, and many researchers now think that the basic fabric of the universe is one all-pervading consciousness. Nobel Prize winning physicist Erwin Schro­dinger said, “Mind, by its very nature, is a singular entity. I should say the overall number of minds is just one.” Forming a mental image of one’s goal and intent adds another dimension of action upon the “one mind.”

FEELING: Feeling is another key to activating the power of the violet ray. Violet contains the shades of pink and/ or ruby, which are believed to resonate vibrationally with the frequencies of love. The “love vibes” of compassion, mercy, and forgiveness are known to create healing on many levels. Most people have discovered this by direct experi­ence. Gregg Braden calls feeling the language of the universe. In our work with the ancient healing mantras of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, we have coined the phrase HeartSound™ to emphasize the powerful multiplication factor of the effectiveness of sounding her mantras combined with intention, visualization, and devotional feelings.

SOUND: As explored in Sol Luckman’s groundbreaking work, Sound, Intention and Genetic Healing, scientists have long established that light (photons) and sound (phonons) have a direct influence on matter, even on the DNA. Sounding can include the use of seed syllables, such as the “OM,” or worded and repeated phrases in the form of prayers, invocations, affirmations, and mantras. An invocation to increase the action of the Seventh Ray could be as simple as “I am calling the violet light to blaze through me and through all the earth now!”

Our observable world is a world of forms, and many experiments have shown that form is related to and sustained by sound. In his book, Cymatics, Swiss physician and scientist Hans Jenny showed how he created various geometric shapes in substances like powders, pastes, metal filings, and liquids by applying various sounds to the media. As some became spirals, flower-like patterns, and so on, he demonstrated that the world of form can be changed and shaped by sound and that dissonant sounds create chaotic shapes. He also experimented with the intoning of ancient Hebrew and Sanskrit syllables which caused vibrating sand to form their written symbols—evidence that the ancient languag­es were based on what we today would call the optical manifestation of a sonic interference pattern. This also points to the fact that ancient seers and linguists understood that sounds and their symbols were keys to unlocking certain actions in the physical.

Jonathan Goldman, sound researcher and author of The Seven Secrets of Sound Healing, argues that “vocaliza­tion plus visualization equals manifestation,” and that sound can be a carrier wave for consciousness.

Unlike light, which is electromagnetic in nature, sound is a pressure wave that doesn’t travel very far; yet, say the adherents, it can still effectuate change at a distance because the waves can be transformed, just as sound waves that enter the ear are converted to electrical impulses in the brain. Sound conversion is also employed with the use of ra­dio waves and even the digitizing and reamplification of music onto CDs and into other media.

More research and study is warranted, but that shouldn’t stop today’s would-be alchemists in their explorations of this powerful high-frequency agent of positive change—keeping in mind that changing the baser aspects of our hu­man nature into the gold of our higher nature is the true goal of Seventh-Ray alchemy.

Josefine Stark lives in Bozeman, Montana and is author of the recently published e-book, Kuan Yin’s Miracle Mantras: Awakening the Healing Powers of the Heart. Contact her by e-mail at Web site:



  • Avatar Silver says:

    Excellent article! Perhaps the question should be concerning light (photons), can photons actually create matter and manifest reality?

    I believe that answer is yes! This being that according to Einstein’s famous equation E=MC^2 matter and energy are interchangeable and energy is carried by photons.

    Author Anita Meyer

  • Avatar sitaram says:

    Very illuminating article. Thoughts create vibrations. Color is a vibration. Violet gives thoughts of mercy forgiveness, transmutation and transforms. Thought, intent and purpose are three basics for anything to manifest. This is also proven by modern science as shown in this article. Indigo synthesizes, hence there is a synthesis between science and religion.
    The secrets of violet flame, when correctly comprehended, can perform many and sundry things, which a novice may call ‘miracles.’
    I am indebted to the author of this article. May the violet flame shower its blessings to her for spreading the message of the Masters, especially of Master Saint Germain.
    Wishing Good Luck,

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