Roswell to the 33rd Degree

A Former Air Force UFO Investigator Makes Some Startling Observations

Sometime in early July, 1947, William “Mack” Brazel, manager of the Foster sheep ranch near Corona, New Mexico (Chavez County), journeyed to the nearest large town, Roswell, New Mexico, county seat of adjacent Lincoln County. He visited Sheriff George Wilcox to report the crash (in June or early July—accounts differ widely) of something strange on his ranch.

Students of old-West history will recognize the names “Brazel” and “Wilcox,” for the two families had known one another and been on good terms since the time of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. Lincoln County was the location of the infamous range war that made Billy famous. Wilcox, intrigued by Brazel’s account, notified nearby Roswell Army Airfield (the U.S.A.F. would break away from the Army and become a separate military branch in December of 1947).

In the all-too-familiar story, the Army, on July 6, sent intelligence officer Major Jesse Marcel and a CIC (counter intelligence) man to investigate, and Marcel picked up a large mass of wreckage. Most accounts describe a kind of metal foil of unnatural strength and resilience, and beams of some unknown but strong material with “hieroglyphics” engraved or printed on them. There were, moreover, reports of bodies—humanoid, dwarfish “aliens,”—and a second crash site, either on the ranch, or far to the West on the Plains of St. Augustin. Accounts vary, and, where Roswell is concerned, confusion is the norm. The base was home to the 509th Bomb Wing, America’s (and the world’s) only nuclear bomber wing, flying B-29 bombers. Jesse Marcel was its Intelligence Officer, and we would all like to believe that only a first-rate man would be given this duty. Surely, the commander of the wing, Colonel William Blanchard, would have been carefully selected. In fact, both men had excellent records of good service in WWII and afterward. It was Col. Blanchard who authorized the Public Information Officer, Lt. Walter Haut, to do a press release on July 8, stating publicly that the Army Air Force had recovered a “flying disc.” The term was by that time understood to be synonymous with “flying saucer,” and to refer to something very strange indeed, involving an unknown and possibly interplanetary technology. The fact that a man in such a responsible and important position as Col. Blanchard would authorize this release is not to be ignored.

The recovered wreckage was flown, accompanied by Marcel, to Ft. Worth, and there, on July 9, 1947, General Roger Ramey issued a press release, contradicting the previous one, and claiming that the “disc” was nothing more than a weather balloon. A photograph of Major Marcel was also released, showing him posing in the General’s office with what is obviously a weather balloon, with its kite-shaped radar reflector. Marcel and the other Roswell personnel were very familiar with these devices, made of neoprene, balsa wood struts, and foil-backed paper. In fact, even many civilians would recognize one instantly.

Decades ago, in another life, I was a NORAD Intelligence Officer and, as an additional duty, a U.S.A.F. UFO investigator. If I had told my commander that a weather balloon was a “flying disc,” my career would have ended that very day, and I would probably have been locked up. As for my commander, had he authorized a “flying disc” press release, he would have suffered the same fate. But Marcel was later promoted to Lt. Col., and Col. Blanchard was promoted again and again, retiring with four stars, the highest possible rank. The only conclusion we can reach from all of this is that some sort of flying craft using unknown technology did in fact crash on the Foster ranch, and the weather balloon story was just that, a story to cover up the truth. Years later the USAF changed its story again, claiming that what crashed was a secret Project Mogul balloon. Nevertheless, a balloon is a balloon is a balloon, and neoprene is rubber, and balsa wood and foil were common, well-known materials. Marcel would never have told his commander that a balloon—any balloon—was a “disc,” and neither of their careers would have survived such an inexcusable error. In addition, like the Sherlock Holmes story where the clue was a dog who failed to bark (because he knew the perpetrator), a “dog” failed to “bark” at Roswell. Any such device would have writing and labels in English, including one asking any citizen finding it to turn it in to the proper authorities and perhaps offering a small reward. In the entire history of the Roswell incident, no one has mentioned any such thing.

So a craft of unknown origin crashed there in 1947 and was taken away for study, probably to the Wright-Patterson Army base in Ohio. There may or may not have been bodies; numerous people claimed to have seen them, but accounts are confused and contradictory. Bodies, if sufficiently “alien,” would indicate an interplanetary origin. Otherwise the device may have been something developed at the White Sands Missile Range (W.S.M.R.), perhaps based on the rumored Nazi “bell” craft brought over by ‘Operation Paperclip’ scientists tasked with recovering German rocket technology following WWII. This, in turn, implies that we do, indeed, have a secret space program and advanced, albeit suppressed, technology.

There have been other alleged UFO ‘crashes,’ including one in northern Mexico in December 1950, not far from Del Rio, Texas, reported by retired U.S.A.F. Col. Robert Willingham. Another reported crash was supposedly at Kingman, Arizona, in May 1953. One in the woods just outside Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, was reported in 1965, and possibly there was one near Aztec, New Mexico, at about the time of Roswell (or that may have been a confused account of the Roswell crash). Multiple witnesses, including military personnel, reported the crash landing of a strange flying craft in the water just off Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, in October of 1967. This particular object reportedly later moved off underwater and was never recovered. As far back as 1897, eyewitnesses all across America reported seeing a mysterious “airship” (there may have been more than one) and even conversing with crewmembers that appeared to be human. One report claimed that one of the airships crashed in Aurora, Texas, but no wreckage has ever been found, nor the bones of its pilot. Even then, there was speculation that they were dealing with some kind of spacecraft from another world, perhaps Mars.

Most of the Unidentified-Flying-Object (UFO) talk has been focused on the ‘flying object’ part of the phenomenon, but unknown to most, there is another possibly stranger dimension to the story—at least as far as the Roswell incident is concerned. Indeed, its physical location seems to some of us to suggest a kind of what might be called ‘magical’ significance. For these observers, there is something remarkable, yet unexplained, in the story’s numerological and sacred geometrical aspects.

The Roswell crash site, it turns out, is within about one degree of the thirty-third parallel of North American latitudes. The number 33, it is argued, has a special meaning to the powerful and influential Freemasons, apparently because most humans have 33 vertebrae—counting the neck (cervical) vertebrae and the fused vertebrae at the base of the spine, known as the sacrum. Mystics believe that practices such as meditation can cause a mysterious force called “kundalini” or “chi” to rise, right up the spine, from the base chakra to the crown chakra. Thirty-third degree Masons, we are told, consider themselves “enlightened” as a result of this force. Thirty-three, moreover, is a multiple of 11, and the average sunspot cycle is about 11 years, perhaps due in some way to the orbit of Jupiter, although it varies—perhaps due to the orbits of the other planets. Indeed, many very strange factors seem to cluster near 33 degrees north. If you find it hard to wrap your brain around the 33rd parallel connection, bear with me a little longer.

In 1926, many years ahead of his time, Dr. Robert Hutchings Goddard (1882-1945) built and tested the world’s first liquid fuel rocket at Auburn, Massachusetts, and, in 1930, moved to Roswell, where he continued his experiments. To steer his rockets Goddard developed gyroscopic stabilizers and exhaust vanes. He also developed reasonably effective fuel pumps. By circulating the fuel around the engine before injecting it into the combustion chamber, he tried, but failed, to achieve regenerative cooling. Ironically, German rocket scientists would later perfect the idea. There is even one report that Goddard tested an ion rocket. It seems beyond coincidence that a spaceflight pioneer conducted his tests so near the destined crash site of a machine that may have been from another planet. Incidentally, the New York Times ridiculed Goddard at the time, claiming that a rocket would not work in the vacuum of space—apparently the paper’s writers had never heard of Newton’s Third Law.

West of Roswell, parallel 33 passes through the Sacramento Mountains, and there, at 32 degrees 49 minutes north, is the Sunspot Solar Observatory. On September 6, 2018, on orders of the FBI, the observatory was shut down for several days and its personnel temporarily evacuated due to some unspecified threat. A satisfactory explanation of the shutdown has been slow in coming

Further west, within a degree of the 33rd parallel, is Holloman A.F.B. and W.S.M.R., where ‘Operation Paperclip’ Nazi scientists helped the US to develop more advanced rockets. For years, the only launch pad at W.S.M.R. was ‘Launch Complex 33’; later the government added complexes 34 through 36. Holloman is primarily a research and development base and figures in some very strange rumors, though none of them are really verified. President Eisenhower, it has been rumored, met with humanoid alien beings at Edwards A.F.B. in California in 1954, and, in February, 1955, with tall “Nordic” aliens at the door of their saucer, which had landed at Holloman A.F.B. not far from Air Force One. Some writers claim that about 500 people witnessed the event—if so, why have not more of them come forward with statements? There is also a rumor that in 1964 three spacecraft landed at Holloman and that the “aliens” stayed there for several days, conferring with U.S.A.F. officers. I admit that this one disturbs me a bit, for I had a pre-commissioning physical at Holloman that year and was never able to remember anything after driving in the front gate. At a safe distance north of Holloman (but still within a degree of parallel 33) is the Trinity Site, where the first atomic bomb, a tricky plutonium implosion device, was tested.

Further west the mysterious parallel passes near the Superstition Mountains, where there is an ancient medicine wheel, and, just to the west of the mountains is Phoenix, Arizona, where thousands of people reported seeing a massive UFO, also known as ‘the Phoenix Lights’. The phoenix, incidentally, is a mythical bird sacred to many cultures, as well as the Masons, as a symbol of death and rebirth. Further west the line passes Blythe, California, home of some very large prehistoric geoglyphs, presumably made by ancient Amerindians, including a depiction of an Indian riding a horse, made before Europeans reintroduced horses, which had long been extinct in North America. Then the parallel passes near Nagasaki, Japan, where the second bomb, another plutonium device, was dropped on that most unfortunate city. The first bomb we dropped, destroying Hiroshima, was a relatively “simple” uranium gun-type bomb.

East of Roswell, the 33rd goes by Stephenville, Texas, where in January, 2008, dozens reported a UFO the size of a football field. Others described one nearly a mile long. Some said military planes pursued the objects. Next for mystic 33 comes Dallas, where, on November 22 (11/22), 1963, John Kennedy was shot. Note that 11 and 22 add up to 33. Also, if we measure the century that began in 1913, when America instituted the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and the direct election of US senators (until then state legislatures had picked their senators), that century ended in 2012—the infamous Mayan calendar year (even more strangely, the midpoint of that century was 1963).

Next the 33rd goes by the ancient Amerindian ruins at Moundsville and Poverty Point, and then by Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is the location of Ft. Sumter, where the Civil War officially began. The city had long been a hotbed of secession and, prior to the war, headquarters for Scottish Rite Freemasonry for the Southern Jurisdiction of North America.

The 33rd parallel then heads out to sea, passing near Bermuda (of Bermuda Triangle fame, which may or may not be significant). Then it crosses the Dead Sea/Syrian rift zone near Mt. Hermon, where some (perhaps confused) theorists have speculated that the Elohim, or “sons of God,” came to Earth, and mated with human women, who then gave birth to the Nephilim, or Watchers. Further east, it crosses the Persian Gulf rift zone, near the site of ancient and magical Babylon, where thousands of US troops are still stationed. Then it crosses Afghanistan (where even more US troops are stationed), and, finally, northern Tibet. Some believe the legendary Shambhala is located there. By the way, nothing comparable to the northern hemisphere’s 33rd parallel can be found on its southern equivalent, 33 degrees south.

At first glance, it may seem absurd to suggest there could be any connection between the sunspot cycle and the number of vertebrae in a human spine, or any connection between these numbers and an “arbitrary” parallel to latitude on the Earth’s surface. Yet for the most famous UFO crash in history and two mass UFO sightings (Phoenix and Stephenville) to have occurred within a degree of 33 north suggests something more than coincidence might be at work here.

To conspiracy theorists, the question might arise: is it possible that much of this has been ‘rigged’ somehow by powerful and influential people? The US government, after all, selected the sites for Holloman, the W.S.M.R., the Trinity nuclear test, and chose to bomb Nagasaki—allegedly a secondary target, hit only because the primary target was obscured by clouds. Certainly a human being—or beings—chose to murder JFK near the 33rd parallel on a date adding up to 33. If UFOs represent a secret human-designed technology, even Roswell, Phoenix, and Stephenville could have been orchestrated by some powerful group. Humans did not build Mt. Hermon, but, indisputably the legends of the Elohim and Nephilim were passed along by ‘people.’

Could something be going on here that is simply beyond our understanding? Could UFOs and the mysteries of the 33rd parallel suggest that the very nature of reality may be very different than we suppose? You be the judge.


CAPTION: Ex-German Rocket scientists Hermann Oberth (front), and Werner von Braun were among those brought to the U.S. after WWII by Operation Paperclip.


By William B. Stoecker