Rings of Fire

For Those Expecting Trouble for the Earth, There Is No Shortages of Possible Scenarios

Doomsday mavens have had their hands full recently, correlating every eschatological prediction (from Nostradamus to the Mayan calendar) with the current spate of earthquake and volcanic activity. Haiti, Chile, China, Japan, the United States, and several other countries have experienced temblors measuring high enough on the Richter Scale to cause widespread destruction and, in the cases of Haiti, Chile, and China, massive loss of life. Add in the chaos caused by new volcanic eruptions in Ecuador, Italy, Japan, Iceland, and even in the United States, and one quickly under­stands how the various Chicken Littles of the conspiracy world may believe that the sky is finally falling.

Three Theories

Online journalist Asenath Waite’s article “Atomic Destruction Without the Bombs,” in the now defunct blog Out­rider 12, reported a link between the violent upheavals on Earth with unusual solar activity. Waite notes “On 10 April, 2010, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite recorded the death knell of a previously unknown comet as it was consumed by the sun. Researchers for NASA and various other astronomical organizations around the globe claimed this is not a rare phenomenon, only that such an event has never been recorded.” Waite points out other disruptions in the normal eleven-year sun spot cycle, including records from the Aickman-Barker Science Academy of similar coronal mass ejections (CME) which preceded the catastrophic eruption of Krakatoa in August of 1883, and of the Lowell Observatory’s notations of peculiar solar flares seen prior to the extraordinary Tunguska blast over Siberia in 1908. The writer quotes the scientific evidence of F. J. W. Whipple and others supposing the latter ex­plosion to have resulted from the impact of a comet with Earth. Returning to the present, Waite describes how, three days after the 10 April meeting of the sun with the unknown comet, “SOHO also recorded an enormous solar promi­nence reaching a size of some 500,000 miles, stretching nearly halfway across the surface of the sun before erupting out into space,” an event she claims aligns with the worsening of the volcanic eruption of Eyjafjallajokull, in Iceland, the very next day.

Amateur astronomer and professor emeritus, Dr. Gordon Gregor (UNCG) charitably states that the doom criers are simply “misguided,” but argues that researchers like Waite could find more accurate information “by gazing into a crystal ball.” Dr. Gregor does not deny the wealth of evidence collected by the scientific institutes mentioned in the journal article, but he cautions his colleagues, and Atlantis Rising readers, to make informed suppositions based on “fact, not coincidence.” Dr. Gregor sees such activity as “cyclical in nature,” agreeing with the late Michael Crichton, that even “so-called ‘Global Warming’ is nothing more than a repetitive phenomenon of the earth’s heating up and cooling off,” which the professor claims will continue to occur ad infinitum into the future until the sun super novas or “the little green men whisk us away a few at a time in order to blend us into pate or have us as human barbeque” (see the Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man,” 1962). The professor also mentions a fact corroborated by recent data from NASA concerning the increase in surface temperature of not only Earth, but of Venus and Mars. Dr. Gregor and several of his former colleagues believe the recent volcanic activity on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn may also be a result of this solar cycle.

The research team of historian Brian Leno and investigator S. H. Urban propose what seems, at first, the least likely of causes for these recent disasters, yet, upon further consideration, may well be the most terrifying possibility. Leno and Urban lay blame for the volcanic eruptions, earthquake devastation, and even the escalating public unrest in the world to a single, man-made cause—the European Organization for Nuclear Research’s (CERN) Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Leno scoffs at the reported numbers for the LHC’s output. “The scientists there are fairly straight-faced about their operation, maintaining their spiel about how they hope to ramp up the LHC to the point where they can get their proposed seven trillion electron-volts by colliding single protons. It’s a good cover for their actual aims.” Urban agrees and claims that his partner’s theoretical possibilities led him to investigate “What’s really going on there; the creation of a wormhole that can be turned on and off. Such a device could be used by the most powerful governments for the purpose of time dilation.” When asked for evidence to support the enormity of their claim, Leno revealed several notebooks filled with intricate mathematical calculations relating to the Large Hadron Collider’s specifications and the actual limits (kept secret thus far) of just how much power can be generated. “That seventeen-mile monster can easily produce three microjoules per particle. The bastards could solve the world energy crisis in a week, but they’re too busy perfecting the Time Tunnel to bother.”

Political opinions aside, Urban’s research in the surrounding region of Switzerland and France has turned up nu­merous physical changes in the terrain, such as the upheaval of long stretches of roadway, sections of buildings and bridges which have shifted out of true, and in three separate locations, evidence of rivers and waterways that had been slewed from their former paths. In one location, near the Franco-Swiss border, a small village was temporarily flood­ed by such an alteration. Urban also points out odder phenomenon, such as individuals who have disappeared and re­appeared before startled witnesses (similar to reports associated with the so-called “Philadelphia Experiment” of 1943), a disproportionate number of cases of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease (particularly alarming in Meyrin which lies just outside one edge of the LHC’s largest ring), and a general consensus of malaise and depression throughout the region. These geological, physical, and mental aberrations are indicative, says Urban, of “A warping of the physical reality we know, and one that could easily explain the unusual stresses occurring around the planet as the earth tries to counter for this displacement of its own relative position in the fabric of space-time.” Both research­ers note the strange level of geological activity and civil unrest since 2008 when the LHC was first tested. Leno also notes an interesting coincidence in one of the proposed dates for the LHC’s search for the Higgs boson particle—21 December 2012. “Maybe,” says Leno, “the Mayans had it right after all.”

The Other Ring

Although the three previous theories are equally compelling, each one bows to the statistical evidence seen in an all-too earthly phenomenon—The Pacific Ring of Fire, one of the largest areas of tectonic plate activity on the planet and running along coastlines from Micronesia up around Asia and back around and down the coasts of North and South America. The region accounts for over 90% of the world’s seismic and volcanic action and may well account for the majority of current activity. A Wild search for Alaska alone turns up fifty volcanic eruptions since 1760, in­cluding Mt. Redoubt in 2009. For old school prognosticators who once predicted that California would eventually slide off into the ocean due to a violent earthquake, the more likely scenario is that Mt. Rainier will erupt, destroying Seattle and its environs.

Of course, not even the Chicken Littles want to be right about such phenomenon. Few, if any, would actually wish to stand amid the rubble saying “I told you so.” Yet, no matter whose idea one chooses to espouse, the facts point to major upheavals in the world. If Asenath Waite’s theory holds, then we might soon see a tapering off of such violent actions as the sun calms into a more normal rhythm of sun spot activity. Dr. Gregor’s best and worst case scenarios relating to cyclical changes include a leveling off of world temperature and eventual cooling as we saw in the 1970s and early 1980s, or plunge in temperature resulting in yet another Little Ice Age like those occurring between 1650 and 1850. Worst still, the entire planet could be warped by the actions of the Large Hadron Collider and torn asunder by the stress resulting in opposing gravitational forces.

Some pundits claim that we’ve had it too good for too long and have grown lax in our abilities to cope with these geological and climatological changes. Such suppositions do not bode well for the outlook of the world’s societies. But perhaps the greatest conspiracy here isn’t some unknown technological horror about which our governments re­fuse to share information. The most frightening fact of all may be that we are currently doing this to ourselves. What if we have ways to stop it yet continue to destroy the only home we have in favor of acquiring some granule of knowl­edge, some paltry fact that will benefit only the smallest quotient of the world’s population?

C. C. von Werklaäg’s work has appeared in various magazines in the USA and abroad. He also writes fiction which focuses largely on his Scandinavian roots and detailing unusual cultural juxtapositions between his native Icelanders and other peoples of the world.


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