Prehistoric Underground

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Sacred Caves

Robert Schoch has written another excellent article, on the sacred caves of India (“Inside the Sacred Caves of India,” AR #125, pg. 46). As he points out, many ancient sites have manmade tunnel complexes under them, and the reason is not always clear; in addition, especially in Turkey, there are underground cities of great size, with more being discovered all the time. By a process of elimination, his theory that they served to shelter people during times of extreme solar activity is the only one that makes sense—yet even that explanation has its problems.

The suggestion some have made, that they were used to escape floods, is absurd, due to something called gravity. Water flows downhill, and even if the cities could be made leak proof, the inhabitants would asphyxiate when their oxygen was used up. When a flood strikes, we all instinctively head for the high ground. As for the theory that they served as shelter from invaders, that makes no sense. True, they would have been hard for an invader to penetrate, but if the invaders wanted to wipe out the inhabitants, they would have just let them starve when their food ran out; or they came out, surrendered, and were murdered or enslaved. Meanwhile the invaders would have their country, its livestock and fields, rivers and forests, for free.

But as Dr. Schoch points out, the underground chambers and cities would protect people from extreme solar radiation, and their supplies might last until our closest star quieted down. But people would have had to know about such events in advance and be able to predict their recurrence, or at least recognize the first signs of impending catastrophe. We don’t seem to be able to do this today. It seems that the underground cities, mysterious as they are, point to some still deeper mystery buried in our forgotten past.

Pat Alexander, Sacramento, CA


Martian Mystery Hole

The article in AR #125 on the appearance of a Martian Hole (“Giant Martian Hole Defies Explanation,” pg. 12) opening on the surface is very similar to the Siberian craters appearing in the northern Tundra of Russia. The idea of frozen carbon dioxide is comparable to methane frozen and melting within the landscape of the tundra, which is thawing at a rapid rate on our planet. If you closely look at the holes, their construction or blowouts are comparable.

This begs the question of what is causing this anomaly. My curiosity would lead me to question if the other planets in the solar system are experiencing unusual heating of the planetary cores with subsequent changes also. In a similar vein is climate change on this planet: is it associated with this phenomena and so, why?

I stumbled across an article in that might give you another perspective for a valid speculation. In the Viewzone article, Professor Paul LaViolette posed an interesting idea of how our solar system is experiencing influences that are extra-solar which are impinging on our magnetosphere. This in turn is heating up our sun and affecting our planets. There is another factor that he mentions, of the super heated plasmas/gases that we are slowly moving into/through within our own galaxy.

If we look at this over eons, the Hindu timeline becomes a manageable explanation for the ice ages and planetary changes as we move around the spiral arm of the galaxy while moving through space.

A studied outlook can be found at:

George Harrington, Monroe, NC


Betz Sphere History

I was here in Jacksonville, Florida when the Betz Sphere was found. I still have the original newspaper clipping. The information in AR #125 (“The Betz Sphere Mystery,” pg. 23, by Frank Joseph) is much more than I ever saw in the paper. But I can tell you that the Sphere went to the Naval Air Rework Facility at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station, and it was never seen again. I had no idea those people also disappeared. I’m not sure if I was working there at that exact time, but I transferred from Data Processing to the NARF early that year. I maintained the computer system for two years on the second shift. It’s always an interesting surprise when I open a new Atlantis Rising.

Dianna Bourke Privette, Jacksonville, FL


Questions of Fact

At what time do facts replace assumptions? At the same time, allowing for assumptions? For example, in your AR #125, there are very interesting articles that relate to fact while not putting said fact into proper place.

An example: The “Mayans” (“Gods of the Mayas” by Erich Von Daniken, AR #125, pg. 32). Who were they and from whence did they arrive in Central America? Well, they were the Egyptians. And they first arrived in Central America around 1,000 BC, or, during the time of David and Solomon, thus the “pyramids and calendar.” At the same time the Egyptians [were] beginning a colony in Central America, the Phoenicians “sea peoples,” with Israelite explorers and miners doing their job of collecting copper off the shores of the Great Lakes (mostly on the Canadian side). They also went into the British Isles mining tin, one of the two ingredients of bronze. [Ancient epigraphy expert] Barry Fell (author of America, B.C.) was real, and those after him are not.

As to “giants,” Scripture says that “There were giants in those days (pre-flood) and after that (post-flood),” meaning that the DNA of the pre-flood giants were passed on to the post-flood giants via the wives of Japheth and Ham. Hey, Japheth had seven sons and four daughters, while Ham had four sons and seven daughters. Mix the extra three men and women, and what would you get? The pygmies were brought out. As for pertaining to Africa: a genealogical report that I received shows their origin in the present-day island areas north of Australia, from whence they were forced out into Africa, and, some, into South America. In past times, “inbred peoples” were not allowed to migrate with the “pure DNA peoples”! Thus the Japanese mixed with Southwest Indians.

What about “Cuba’s Sunken City Revisited” by Michael Cremo? Such stupidity. Not himself, but the fact that he does not bring into the topic the earthquake of the mid-700s BC, when said sea bottoms in the Caribbean chain of islands were “land masses.” Just as Lemuria. Hey, I apologize to Cremo. He is not “stupid,” just misinformed. But, the intent remains.

My!! The article on the “Menorah.” A lot of words with little understanding. Yes, there is a relationship between Jonathon’s efforts and its relationship to Moses and the Menorah. However, his year of the mid-1300s BC is as much off as the true timing of the Great Pyramid at 1400s BC. Hey, the “recorded” evidence shows why they are related. But, who gives a hoot?

Ray Daly, Lincoln, NE


Decoding Giant Legends

William B. Stoecker asks the question in his article in AR #125 (“Decoding the Giant Legends,” pg. 29) “If there were one or more actual races of giants in prehistoric times, where did they originate?… Multiple races would likely have multiple points of origin…” They do.

First, giants are spoken of in The Book of Enoch, by the Hindus, the Olmecs, the Greeks (Titans walked among us), Romans, Mayans, the Bible, and many other ancient legends, peoples, and writings, so to call them “prehistoric” is incorrect, because these people wrote about their existence when giants were alive. Indeed they were even spoken of as being alive as recently as 1849 in South America by a Sir John Marborough, and no less than [the explorer] Ferdinand Magellan recorded seeing them in South America in 1520. So the term “prehistoric” has to be taken out of the lingo for giants.

More importantly, the legends and ancient texts also speak of origins for the giants. Of course you and your readers will be very familiar with the biblical term Nephiyl, Nephil, or Nephilim, which is the biblical term for giants in Genesis 6:4, which means bully, tyrant, men of renown, or giants, depending on variants and context. I might inject here that the bible differentiates between giants and tall people. Saul was tall: head and shoulders above the Israelites, but he was never referred to as a giant…

Back to the sons of Anak. The bible has a mind-blowing statement in Numbers 13:33: “And there we saw the giants the sons of Anak, which come of the giants…” and continues on by saying they made them feel like grasshoppers in comparison. The term here ‘giants’ is the word Nephil! And they came from the giants. HUH?!! This appears to suggest they descended from the giants—possibly even the pre-flood giants, but how is that possible?! I’m sure this verse must really play havoc with some biblical scholars and indeed many new versions of the bible which eliminate the term “Giant” from the scriptures altogether, because it’s just too hard to cope with, and use ‘great stature’ or some such thing instead. But this is somewhat cowardly of these translators when you consider other legends boldly speak of Giants and no one is re-translating these stories to fit with modern day inability to accept them. No suggestion exists [in these translations] that more angels came back to Earth after the flood to have more kids and no mention of Noah and his three sons being giants is suggested, so where did these giants that Joshua and David attack, come from!?

The Sumerian legends (post flood) speak of a (new) origin of the giants. Sumer or Shumer means ‘land of the guardians.’ And other sources show these guardians came from the sky. The gods of the Sumerians were Moon gods, or they lived on the moon, or a moon, which appears to have been blue, and these gods lived with, built with, and taught the Sumerians. The temple of the Sumerians is called ANU and means “the house for descending from heaven,” and it was built by them. The gods of the Sumerians were called the Annunak or the Anu, and the giants came from them. And we find that the Israelites had to beat the Anakim, also called the sons of Anak. The Anak and the Annunak are the same people. So we see that the giants Joshua fought were descendant of the Sumerian gods (whose origin I clear up in my book—something Von Daniken never does).

Now the shocker. The Japanese want no part of the Bible as they think there is no link with it to their past, but, though there are other links. This one is startling. The Ainu of Hokkaido, Japan claim they are children of the gods that came from the skies. (Gods from Outer Space (Von Daniken,) and National Geographic (Feb. 1967 pg. 291 and 292.) They say that these gods were the same people who live in the clouds and sent flying saucers to Earth. A monument marks the spot where the first Ainu came to Earth. Ainu and Anu are the same and indeed have the same origin. These “Ainu” have to be the same gods that mingled with the Sumerians! They were called Annunak or the Anu, and the giants that came from them, the Anakim, were also in the land of Canaan that God helped Joshua’s army beat.

Rick Pilotte, Author of Earth, Man, & Devolution, Victoria, BC, CN

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