Personal Revelation & Public Pertinence

Recently, I found myself explaining to an ernest advertiser why her version of “revealed truth” could not be included in Atlantis Rising’s editorial content. Her “information” she assured me came from the highest sources, meaning, doubtless, the ‘cosmic hierarchy’ itself. On another occasion, we were chastised by a well-known psychic for quoting the quatrains of Nostradamus without consulting that same psychic to obtain current (channeled) quotes directly from the French prophet himself. Still another well-known writer who claims to be the recipient of guidance from ex­traterrestrial sources—though supportive of the publication for some time—eventually waved goodbye to us because we wouldn’t return the favor and explicitly support her “work.”

All of which concerns an issue that comes up frequently here at Atlantis Rising. It is the question of authority for the material that appears in these pages. Some wonder why we can’t include more intuitively derived material. Oth­ers wonder how we can publish what we do. So, in the interest of full disclosure, let me explain again our policies re­garding the editorial content of these pages—in contrast to the advertising. (As far as advertising goes, intuition is fine. We ask only that the material be in good taste, professionally presented, and not promote anything we consider, in some way, harmful.)

Since our inception, we have stated that we do not do intuitive. Such a policy may seem strange for a magazine which seeks, among other things, to cover the paranormal as well as other hard-to-define realms like metaphysics. But that is precisely why we do it the way we do. While we firmly believe that many things which are true may not lend themselves to the kind of narrow, materialistic reporting found in other places, we think our readers are entitled to more reliable evidence than someone’s subjective vision. Though we certainly respect the inner guidance which all of us must ultimately rely on, we feel that material offered to the general public must be based on high objective stan­dards. For us that means that assertions in these pages must be backed up with actual evidence, not just personal rev­elation.

The result, we feel, is a publication which can deal with the most controversial of topics, yet can be read in com­fort by believers and non-believers alike. No one need fear that they are being preached to, or that Atlantis Rising has some kind of hidden agenda—other than to present the truth as we see it, ephemeral and otherwise.

J. Douglas Kenyon Publisher

P.S. When it comes to truth seeking, a good map is important, even if you have GPS. Don’t miss the latest news on ancient maps elsewhere in these pages.

By J. Douglas Kenyon

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