Our New iPad Retina App Makes Its Debut

A couple years ago, Atlantis Rising engaged a computer programming company to build an iPad App, which enabled readers to buy and read single copies of Atlantis Rising on their iPad. The app worked, but we encountered a number of problems in managing the process, which eventually forced us to drop the program.

Not the least of our concerns was the difficulty in communicating with the Russian company that built the app. As you might expect, there were significant language hurdles; but, in addition, the 12-hour time difference, meant in effect—since we were working at opposite ends of the clock—we could manage only about one message, and one reply, per day. Ultimately, we found the challenges to be unmanageable, and we discontinued. Those who had used the program and purchased our content, were provided equivalent PDFs and referred to our web store where they could order more.

All that is history now, though. With the unveiling of the new, and much improved, Atlantis Rising iPad app, we are back on the mobile app stage.

IPad users are now able, not only to buy and read single copies of the magazine, but to subscribe for a year at a time. Moreover, the new app will enable you to see the magazine in high resolution (virtual HD) on your iPad’s spectacular retina display (IOS 6.0 or later is needed). That is significantly higher resolution than from either our former app or the PDFs in our web store. Our richly illustrated pages contain all the internal navigation features you have come to expect from our PDFs, plus many more, and, as time goes on, we will add even more.

The Atlantis Rising app, is available for FREE from the Apple iPad store. It also includes one FREE back issue (#91) so you can see for yourself what your paid issues are going to look like. As we launch, we offer for sale our most recent issue, plus several back issues (we will soon be providing more). Single issues can be downloaded for just $3.99 (over 30% less than our newsstand price); and a year’s subscription (6 bimonthly issues) costs you only $18.99. If you have an Apple ID, buying and subscribing to Atlantis Rising within the App is as easy as making a few taps. Subscribers will be notified by the App Store when their new issues are available, which means you will see yours about three weeks before the printed versions arrive on newsstands.

Please understand, however, that iPad-app subscriptions are completely separate from our standard postal subscriptions, which will continue to be printed and delivered to you, just as they have been for the past 19 years. Also, since the app is operating through the Apple App store, we are unable, at this time, to provide any credit from your postal subscription toward purchases from within the Atlantis Rising app.

We plan soon to create equivalent versions of the app for other mobile platforms, like Android, Kindle, Nook, etc. For now, the Atlantis Rising app is available exclusively on the iPad. However, Atlantis Rising PDFs, in medium resolution, will continue to be available to everyone from our on-line store at AtlantisRising.com.

By J. Douglas Kenyon