On the Eve of Destruction or the Threshold of Freedom?

From the Fukushima disaster onward, the past year was a rough ride. And then we’re told that an Earth-like planet was discovered. I agree with the Canadian radio announcer who said we have to travel to it speedily—to stop the primates from evolving.

Seriously, it looks like our species is about to take an evolutionary leap—either over the cliff of self-destruction or toward a higher ground of awareness, responsibility, and harmony with life. The outcome won’t be decided by a toss of a cosmic coin but rather by our prevailing attitude. Will respect for the natural world, awareness of universal abundance, and caring become more widespread than arrogance, greed, and misinformed fear of energy scarcity? It’s possible—and necessary.

As we approach that cliff or shift in consciousness, some warning signs are so little understood that they might as well be written in a foreign language. An example is written by Orgonomic Ecology blogger Joel Carlinsky, “The smooth functioning of the atmosphere is today constantly being disrupted by the ever-increasing burden of radioactivity being inflicted on this planet by the ill-advised use of nuclear technology.” Who besides a researcher of Wilhelm Reich’s knowledge of life-force energy understands the science of the “smooth functioning of the atmosphere” being disrupted by radioactivity? It could be a reality though, as is radiation-caused weakening of immune systems.

Other warning signs should be easy to read. A people can’t survive indefinitely without respecting their drinking water sources.

I live in a country where corporations wring oil out of tar sands and want to pressure it through long pipelines, endangering rivers and ground water on the way. And corporations globally rush to shatter more shale to access the fuel called natural gas. That fracturing of huge underground rock formations–by shooting water mixed with sand and chemicals into the shale—is known as fracking. There’s evidence that those chemicals are poisoning water wells and reservoirs.

A corporation that wants to do further massive fracturing to extract gas in northeastern USA is hiring ex-military psychological operations experts—to deal with the media or with people who question the wisdom of endangering reservoirs of drinking water. “This is an insurgency,” a spokesman for the corporation is reported to have said when he advised other industrialists to read a military psy-ops manual on how to use misinformation and other psy-ops tactics to spin the minds of those who might get in the way.

A friend and I were talking about how difficult it is for people to thrive in a world in which decisions are influenced by profits instead of prophets. However my friend is optimistic, having relied on inner guidance that’s been correct so far in its predictions. The clearest message has been, “Just when it appears that the so-called dark forces have completely taken over, rejoice—we are very close to the shift.”

Meanwhile, unfunded but relentless garage inventors of magnetic motor/generators and the water-as-fuel researchers learn how to make devices that fit into a small-is-beautiful category, harmless to the environment. A few months ago I visited home workshops where such progress is being made and took the photo above. Al Francoeur of Canada is optimizing electromagnetic and permanent-magnet concepts in a variety of motors/generators. In other words, he’s improving our chances for low-cost energy abundance.

I first met Francoeur in 1987 on the flight to a free-energy conference in Hanover, Germany, when he was a cheerful 20-year-old, already inventing better motor/generators and studying the works of Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Edwin Gray, and other energy pioneers.

Last year the Italian entrepreneur Andrea Rossi went public with an invention named the E-Cat (Energy Catalyst). However we’re still waiting for tests that will convince skeptics. A side benefit from Rossi’s publicity is that it lit a match under scientists in the Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR was earlier misnamed “cold fusion”) research area. They seem to be spurred on by the attention paid to the E-Cat, including interest from the military.

Expect convincing developments from other LENR labs to reach the mainstream media in 2012 and hope that someone brings their working new-energy device to the public marketplace rather than selling it to weapon-makers.

While Rossi is said to get remarkable amounts of heat from pressuring hydrogen and a catalyst into one type of metal—finely powdered nickel—elsewhere scientists see dramatic energy output from other types of tiny particles. One scientist is excited about microscopic swirlings of magnetism involved with nano-scale particles in a certain miniscule size range. After he publishes a scientific paper about his discovery, I hope he’ll be blunt about his privately stated conclusion that those magnetic vortices pull in extra energy from the so-called vacuum, the energetic space that surrounds us. His colleagues are skeptical, but in the past few months his worldview has widened from the standard attitude of dismissing zero-point energy to an openness. It happened after he witnessed a successful free-energy project.

I found out what caused filmmaker Foster Gamble to step out of the mainstream when I interviewed him by telephone recently. He created and co-wrote the Thrive documentary film, which the ThriveMovement.com website describes as an unconventional documentary that follows the money upstream to reveal what’s really going on. “Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, Thrive offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.”

His gradual exit from mainstream thinking began early. In his school days, an out-of-body experience impressed on him the universality of a basic pattern—the self-sustaining geometry found at all size scales from the tiny atom to the human and throughout vast solar systems. Afterward, young Foster Gamble was driven to build something in his school’s physics laboratory. He was there after sports practice every afternoon, in a corner of the lab making devices to bend light. No one, including himself, understood exactly what he was building.

Over the years, he came to understand that his light-bending device represented toroidal dynamics. The toroid or whirlpool vortex is the only pattern which sustains itself in a homogeneous medium like water, air, or electricity.

“It turns out, if you understand this toroidal vortex sufficiently and you build a technology in the right geometry and out of the right kind of material and then you create a rotating toroidal field, at certain frequencies it will go into resonance with its ambient environment. It will just start accessing the energy, and if you have the right kind of wiring technology to capture and use it, it will start pouring energy out of the space that surrounds it.”

In the interview I asked him how the world might look today if a gradual changeover to accessing that free energy had begun 25 years ago when Adam Trombly began publicly calling for the transition to “zero-point-energy-based technologies.”

“Imagine you don’t have to pay your energy bill any more because you’ve got a free-energy device in the garage,” Foster Gamble replied. “You had to buy the free-energy device, which probably paid for itself in a few months. And now you’re not paying for the fuel in your car or to heat or energize your home. Imagine what that would do to your own personal economy.”

“Then imagine that happening all over the globe. Imagine people in rural Africa having access to the energy for pumping their well water and to light their homes. And imagine we no longer are burning fossil fuels—which obviously we are running out of and fighting over—so there’s less excuse for war.”

“This not only would universalize access to clean safe energy, but it would also bring in the proof of the whole new paradigm of infinite abundance.”  Schools today teach that we live in a universe that’s winding down, with lack of enough energy or food to go around. We’re told the solution is to amass an army and protect our resources while taking the resources of others, Gamble noted. “All of that goes away when we realize that we have enough energy for everyone on the planet, that we have enough food for everyone on the planet and there’s also plenty of money to go around as we go to an honest money system instead of the scam that we’ve been involved in for 400 years.”

Even over-population problems could be handled more wisely. His research led to the conclusion that population naturally levels off and even begins to shrink when people are healthy, prosperous, and educated. “All of those things become available with an honest money system, with access to inexpensive energy and to a new paradigm that we’re living in an open system and one of infinite abundance.”

Gamble is aware of the late Viktor Schauberger’s access to clean energy via implosion technologies instead of by exploding atoms or fuels, and how Wilhelm Reich understood a life-force energy in the atmosphere. Gamble observed that theoreticians such as Nassim Haramein and inventors like John Bedini, Bruce DePalma, T.Henry Moray, Floyd Sweet, Shiuji Inomata and Paramahamsa Tewari all used various approaches to access this life force.

“If we honor that life force and align all of our systems—not only our energy systems but our educational systems and our economic systems—with the life force, then we will truly be living on an abundant planet, in harmony with ourselves and the planet.”

Foster Gamble has visited many experimenters’ laboratories. Among those who had some success in accessing the free energy of the universe, he saw a common denominator. In some way, each researcher understood and honored the basic toroidal field.

“This isn’t some obscure scientific concept, even though a lot of people haven’t heard the word ‘toroid’. Every magnet you ever played with has an invisible torus field. It’s that naturally-occurring field that people are learning to access… honoring the wild force of nature rather than trying to crush it, contain it, explode it, and then use that through dominance to somehow access our energy.”

In contrast, what he calls a feminine approach is described in the film. “You realize that all energy surrounding us—from the atomic level to the human level to the planetary level the solar system and galactic level—is doing this toroidal dance. Then if we’re willing to blend with that and access the energy through resonance—literally through making music with what energy is already doing, rather than this macho approach of trying to control it through explosion—then the universe pours out infinite abundance at our disposal. As long as we don’t violate it.”

Gamble wants to spend most of his life energy on facilitating the solutions in energy, eco-agriculture, social justice, and other areas, but he doesn’t want to lead a movement. “We’re looking to empower a self-creating movement rather than try to gather it under the umbrella of Thrive Movement…It’s the whole notion of decentralization of power… empowerment of all parts rather than concentrating power and decision-making in a very small group.”

Everyone can join in the effort; the Thrive Movement website gives What Can I Do tips. And as we concluded the phone interview, Foster Gamble gave an unsolicited plug for my latest co-authored book.

“At the end of your book Breakthrough Power you have an excellent chapter on What You Can Do which also gives people specific things they can do in relation to the whole New Energy Movement that again don’t take a lot of money and time. They can help us all to coordinate this effort to bring in the understanding and the technology of new energy, to transcend both the political and the environmental challenges that have kept us from thriving to this day.”

Jeane Manning and Joel Garbon co-authored Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World. Libraries and bookstores can now order the 2011 revised edition through the distributor Book-Hub and wholesalers. An e-book edition will soon be available.

By Jeane Manning

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