Nonlocality to Zero Point

Two New Videos Point the Way to Unconventional Ways of Thought

With all the fuss surrounding the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? there seems to be a growing swell of interest in many of the provocative concepts—usually associated with alternative science—which challenge reality as envisioned by conventional thinking. Not the least of these is “nonlocality,” the notion taken from quantum physics which suggests that objects and events can interact even if separated by great distance and/or time, or not. Another related idea is that of the “zero point” field, thought to emanate from the very fabric of space-time itself, and offering a source of unlimited energy just waiting to be tapped by the right technology. Two videos under consideration in this issue provide excellent introductions to both of those crucial concepts.

A third video examines the stories of alien abductees.



A New Model for Your World

Presented by Mike Wright

Wright is an engaging instructor at J. Z. Knight’s Ramtha School of Enlightenment in Yelm, Washington. Knight is one of the many authorities interviewed in the What the Bleep… film. Prior to joining her school, Mike was an Air Force fighter pilot and instructor pilot. He has been a lifelong student of the interrelationships between the mind, the body, and the universe—psychology, physiology, and physics.

This video is taken from the second day of a weekend seminar, so references are made to the previous day. Wright summarizes: “So what are the principles you have learned based upon? So far you have learned that you and I and everybody else are God—blasphemous statement, but that’s the principle. And that we exist, and we’re here to make known the unknown, to evolve, to explore, to have adventures. And that we do that through consciousness and energy, focused intent, ambition, desire, want and knowledge—that’s what creates reality. And the school is designed to provide the philosophy, the knowledge and the practical experiences in the human laboratory of the mind and the body. We can master what we already know and prepare to build on new knowledge and new experiences to further our own personal evolution and go beyond what we have heretofore experienced and thought as humanity. Once we have the knowledge, we have the opportunity to experience the knowledge and find out for ourselves whether or not it’s truth. And when we’ve experienced the knowledge personally, we HAVE the truth, and we are wiser and we’re on the great journey once again.”

The model of science, the philosophical theory of reality, as presented shows that everything exists between two points in consciousness—between primary and secondary consciousness. Each person is a secondary consciousness, a traveler in space and time and dimensions. We have unfolded in this journey of the triad by involution, experience, and are working on evolution. We have created reality all the way. He overlays on this concept some of the models of modern science that nearly correspond, “because,” he says, “quantum physics, post-quantum physics, relativity, and the implicate order are all imbedded within this model. They all started in the physical and are working backwards to the beginning.”

We are currently limited to the local area of our environment—what you can see, smell, hear, taste, touch or to your five senses as augmented by technology—cell phone, airplane, television, radio. Non-locality is everything else—everything outside our range of perception, of our range of influence, as defined by our senses.

Wright argues that science has now shown that the human brain has the hardware to facilitate a nonlocal connection, instantaneously, beyond space and time as we ordinarily perceive it in our usual models of reality. “And what are the staggering implications of that?” he asks, then answers: “Anybody that you have ever interacted with, you have a nonlocal connection with. And that’s just the beginning, because that’s just this lifetime. Anything, any object in nature, anyplace that you have ever interacted with, you have a nonlocal connection to. Your brain can facilitate communication. And that’s just in this lifetime, on this planet. You have a nonlocal connection with any PERSON, any PLACE, any THING that has ever existed on this planet, star, or galaxy in THIS universe, and all OTHER universes, on THIS plane of existence, and every OTHER plane of existence—past, present, or future. You have a nonlocal hookup with instantaneous, high speed access!”

Wright presents these ideas with graphics and relates scientific experiments that show that the observer affects what is being observed. He says the intent of mind gives rise to the manifestation of mind that is experienced.

It’s certainly to our advantage to realize that we, as observers, CAN and DO affect our reality with our thoughts. As Wright says, “You always have a filter: experience, expectations, beliefs, assumptions, and attitudes that influence the outcome of your observations.” Knowing this, we might want to become more aware and choose to create a better reality!

The seminar was divided into groups. Numerous times throughout this presentation, Wright would give them assignments and then allow approximately thirty seconds to over a minute for processing. You’ll no doubt make use of your fast forward button!

Mike Wright makes a thought-provoking guide to the concepts discussed.

This is a good, clean, technically sound production.

VHS 118 min. • $24.95 • 1-800-228-8381



A Presentation at The 2004 International Conference on Science & Consciousness

by Dale Pond

A true renaissance man, Dale Pond brings a diversified background in chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, computers, mathematics, acoustics, hydrodynamics, geometry, music, and common law to this video. His vast experience includes technical writing, lecturing, corporate training, business, manufacturing, publishing, and authoring scientific and philosophical journals and books. As an internationally renowned lecturer, he has presented workshops and seminars at the Swiss Association for Free Energy Conference, the International Keely Conference, Sound and Vibration Conference, International Symposium on New Science, International Forum on New Energy, United States Psychotronics Association Conference, the Alchemy of Sound Conference and many others. He says he found his mission in 1984 when he discovered John Keely’s autobiography.

John Ernst Worrell Keely (1837–1898), whose revolutionary pioneer work has yet to be equaled or even understood by modern science, first introduced Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP) in the late 1880s. SVP is concerned with the study and application of the hidden aspects of the universal creative forces which manifest to us in a vibratory manner. He and a few businessmen of Philadelphia founded the Keely Motor Company in 1874. The purpose of the company was to fund the research, construction and the subsequent manufacture and marketing of the Keely Motor, a motor designed to operate on principles of vibration and latent nuclear forces released during cavitation of water. A cornucopia of science was opened because of the discoveries resulting from work on this motor. He went on to discover and develop other sources of energy we have yet to fully comprehend even after more than 100 years of intensive research.

In the room adjacent to the conference area, Pond set up the dynasphere, which his group built in 1996, based on Keely’s work. They had been developing it for eight years, though Pond’s research went back 20 years. He thought they were making a power device, like a big motor to drive industry. A year later, he came to realize that “there was a whole different thing going on that we did not suspect.” He had it at an energy conference in Denver in 1997. He came back from lunch to find some women holding their hands up to the machine as to a fire and stated, “I thought that was about the weirdest thing I had seen in a long time.” They said that they were feeling love coming off the machine. So he reviewed what little they could find of Keely’s old literature, asking, “What did this man DO!? We’re obviously missing something.” And he did more research on healing, mind, and love. He rediscovered that Keely had actually harnessed mind force, consciousness. Keely had demonstrated the power of will force in machinery, under given conditions. Pond was doing research at this time on zero point energy and over the years had discovered that love, mind, and zero point are substantially coherent states. Keely’s term for what we today refer to as “zero point” was “neutral center.”

This neutral center is what this video is basically about. The Dynasphere has a neutral center and the mechanism is basically built around it. Energy from that neutral center drives itself as a motor-type device, but it’s also where this love comes from. They have come to learn that zero point and consciousness is the same thing. Pond states that every person has a neutral center, as does every structure in the universe, from atoms to stars to galaxies. He says it’s important for us to see this because it relates to unleashing our creativity—because it’s mind. He presents this information in the most basic way, keeping the science and physics to a minimum. (However, for those who prefer more detail, his books, “The Physics of Love,” and “Universal Laws: Keely’s Secrets” have much to offer.)

Making the statement, “Every neutral center is sympathetic to every other neutral center in the Universe,” he explains that “sympathetic” is a physics term—two things vibrating at the same rate. If you strike one, the other moves. There is no time lag. It’s instant because, in actuality, there is no difference from one neutral center to another. That’s why it’s said there’s just one universe—it’s this one neutral center shared among everything.

Keely discovered and demonstrated the fundamental basis of all natural phenomena to be vibration. Everything in the Universe vibrates. Vibration has an infinite variety of frequencies. These frequencies oscillate between a positive and negative state. Each oscillation is considered a cycle or change from one state to the opposite state and back to a common beginning or reference point. When this time of oscillation is long, it is considered a cycle. When the time of oscillation is short it is generally called a vibration.

At the leading edge of new paradigm thinking, Pond has been able to show that vibration is the principle underlying all things. Vibration is the link between spirit and matter—the magic key for creating new worlds and universes. “When you want to create something,” he says, “you don’t create it by going out and DOING something, you create it in your MIND, because your mind is linked to every neutral center in the universe.”

He teaches that when it’s balanced, the neutral center is outside of time and space. When it’s disturbed, it vibrates positively or negatively and THEN we start seeing polarity, materiality, and experiencing what we call “life.” Confusion, fear, envy, anger, doubts, etc., create negative disturbances. When the neutral center is negative, it becomes extremely repellant, things move away from you. When it’s positive, the neutral center becomes very attractive; like a magnet it draws every other neutral center to itself. Feelings of brotherhood, love, joy, peace create positive disturbances.

Pond is a laid-back, unpretentious speaker who presents exciting material in an easy-to-understand manner. His graphics for his “the Universe is NOT running down, but constantly renewing itself” speech were too small, but his clear explanation makes up for the lack. It would have been nice for us video viewers if he had shown the Dynasphere, which was “in the adjacent room.” However, there are pictures of it in his two books referred to above.

VHS 1 1/2 hr. • $24.95 • 1-800-228-8381



by Dr. Roger Leir

Dr. Leir states that he has a scientific background of over forty years. For the past several years, he has been doing research in the alien abduction phenomenon regarding the physical evidence aspect. He and his surgical team have performed, he says, ten surgeries for removal of objects from individuals who have alleged an alien abduction. They have submitted these specimen for both biological and metallurgical analysis.

He says that one of the earlier objects removed was a metallic rod covered with a dark gray, biological membrane, which couldn’t be cut with a sharp, surgical blade. There was no inflammatory response and the area contained a large amount of specialized nerve cells which were not anatomically correct for the area in which it was found. There was no port of entry, no scar. Leir says they took it to the National Institute for Discovery Science, which he says, because of these unusual findings, offered to fund the first set of metallurgical diagnostic procedures.

According to Leir, the metallurgical tests done by New Mexico Tech and Los Alamos National Labs showed that the isotopic ratios were not of this earth. The labs were not told the origins of the samples they tested; they compared them primarily to a meteorite sample.

On this video, you see a surgery on the jaw of a self-proclaimed abductee. They removed a metallic object covered with some type of organic membrane on which digital instruments are used for an in-depth analysis. The camera joins the crew in the lab. They were, apparently, most impressed with the results from under the atomic force microscope.

The lab technician (LT) comments, “I’ve never seen a human tissue which would get hard so fast and turn into this resin-like material.” Leir’s Crew (LC): “Is it composed of human tissue? Some tissue which is using constituents of the human body covering a metallic rod that is inside?” LT: “A logical explanation would be that it is not human tissue, of course, but it’s a very quick conclusion and I think it’s too early to really say that.” LC: “What would you think if it wasn’t human tissue—would you think it was a resin or non-biological material—is that what you were meaning?” LT: “Right, or something very new, or we don’t know….”

When asked if we should be concerned about what was found, Leir says, “Yes, concerned, but not alarmed; this has probably been going on for thousands of years.” It is his opinion that these are genetic monitoring devices and he believes that there is a signal that is both going in and coming out. He also believes that the human race is now, and for some years, has been undergoing genetic manipulation and that the children born within the last 40–50 years are not the same human beings that were born prior to that.

“Here,” he states, “we have a situation in which a person is alleging alien abduction and then we find an object either by X-ray, CT Scan or MRI in their body. We take it out. We submit it for very stringent analysis at world-class laboratories and they tell us that these contain non-terrestrial isotopic ratios. So, what is a logical person going to conclude? Nothing other than the fact that the person who alleges alien abduction is telling you the truth.”

Be forewarned—actual surgeries are performed on this video. Though there is only a small amount of blood, it might bother some more than others. These are performed under local anesthetic, so the patients are alert.

DVD 1 hr. • $19.95 • 1-800-228-8381


By Marsha Oaks