History Channel to Spotlight Possible Atlantis Discoveries

The History Channel has a new documentary in the works focusing on the search for Atlantis and featuring astonish­ing recent underwater discoveries by Drs. Greg and Lora Little in the Bahamas.

The Littles are well known to Atlantis Rising readers. Their tireless underwater explorations have already pro­duced massive evidence of ancient civilization near Bimini, at Andros Island and elsewhere. The new History Channel show is set to reveal discoveries made this year and shows several apparently manmade structures built along the an­cient coastline, as it existed in circa. 10,000 B.C., (roughly the time specified by Plato for the sinking of Atlantis). This is much earlier than any prior discoveries by the Littles or anyone else. You can read the firsthand account of their stunning new finds in an A.R. exclusive on page 32.

Atlantis Rising has assisted the producers with some graphic imagery. The underwater photographic evidence of human construction, filmed by the History Channel for the show, we have been told, is very impressive.

As we went to press, the program’s air date and its actual title had not been finalized, but tentative plans were for broadcast in August. Keep a close eye on your local listings.

Atlantis Rising Reader Discovers Striking Underwater Anomaly off North Carolina

Atlantis Rising reader Paul Kristofek, while studying satellite images supplied by Google Earth, has made a startling discovery. Beneath the Atlantic ocean, about 45 miles east of Harkers Island, North Carolina, is a giant right angle with perfectly straight arms and nearby, a long straight rectangular feature with precisely parallel sides. Both dis­tinctly visible figures appear to be of artificial origin. The location, Kristofek tells us, is at latitude 34.5 and and longi­tude -76. The sides of the right triangle are about 7 miles long and the rectangle appears to be about 12.5 miles long.

Kristofek has no knowledge of what the source of the features may be, and he wonders if Atlantis Rising does. Un­fortunately, at this time, we do not. Nevertheless, we find them very interesting. Any reader who has knowledge re­garding the formations is welcome to write to us here at Atlantis Rising. You can read elsewhere in this issue that new discoveries by Drs. Greg and Lora Little around Bimini in the Bahamas could show the ancient Atlantic coast line along with evidence of civilization from 10,000 B.C. We don’t suggest that there is any connection with Kristo­fek’s find, but the possibility certainly seems well worth investigating.

At issue here is the existence of pre-diluvian civilization (before the flood or the end of the last ice age when ocean levels were much lower). The discovery of advanced human activity at that time would contradict all orthodox time-lines for history and corroborate the claims of of those who believe that ancient periods of advancement, albeit lost to memory, nevertheless existed and must be rediscovered if we are ever properly to understand ourselves.

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