The four researchers who, in the mid 90s, shook up the public and academia with powerful challenges to convention­al theories of civilized origins, will make a rare joint appearance this fall in San Diego. John Anthony West, Robert Schoch, Graham Hancock, and Robert Bauval will all be present at the CPAK conference on the campus of the Uni­versity of California at San Diego on the weekend of October 6-7.

In 1994 West and Schoch caused a sensation with their re-dating of the Sphinx based on water-weathering evi­dence. Their work was featured in the emmy-winning NBC documentary The Mystery of the Sphinx. About the same time the books Fingerprints of the Gods by Hancock, and The Orion Mystery by Bauval and Adrian Gilbert became in­ternational bestsellers and launched a worldwide rethink on questions of ancient advancement, particularly issues re­lating to the precession of the equinoxes, notwithstanding cries of outrage from the orthodox establishment. All were featured in early issues of Atlantis Rising. West, Hancock and Bauval were together at a historic conference in 1996 at the University of Delaware which provoked a storm of controversy and inspired many new efforts to get to the heart of the mysteries of the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid and the Giza plain. Those efforts continue to this day, though final resolution still seems elusive.

This October’s Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge (CPAK) will be an academic affair bringing to­gether many top scholars to talk about cyclical theories of history and precession. The precession of the equinoxes is the phenomenon known to the ancients by which the zodiacal constellation which rises with the sun slowly changes, with a new constellation taking its place with the sun about every two thousand years. One complete cycle through the twelve signs of the zodiac takes about 26,000 years. The cycle, many believe, helps to explain the ups and downs of history.

For more information or to register, visit or contact Geoff Patino at the Binary Research Institute 949-399-5372.

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