Mammoths Blasted from Outer Space

Recently reexamined bison remains and wooly mammoth tusks in both Siberia and Alaska bear unmistakable evi­dence of being blasted by debris from outer space. In a report, which the BBC called “Startling”, to a November meet­ing of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, scientists offered detailed evidence that holes in the animal bones were caused by high-speed collisions with tiny fragments coming from meteoric impact explosions of some kind.

The fragments are magnetic and made of a combination of elements indicating they came from outer space. Con­tinued growth around the perforations shows that some of the bison survived the event which happened between 13,000 and 35,000 years ago. The evidence comes on the heels of recent studies indicating that the Clovis people, long believed by some scientists to be the original human inhabitants of North America, may have been virtually de­stroyed by an asteroid hit of some kind. It was once thought that the Clovis hunted the mammoths into extinction.

In the case of the mammoths, when the new findings are coupled with the fact that many of them were obviously quick frozen—undigested flowers from temperate climates still in their mouths and stomachs—the case for a sudden catastrophic event becomes virtually inescapable. Once again researchers such as Charles Hapgood, Immanuel Veli­kovsky and Ivan T. Sanderson are vindicated. Such “catastrophists” have long argued against the conventional “gra­dualist” view of history which claims that evolutionary changes have always occurred very slowly. On the contrary, the “catastrophists” insist, even the relatively recent history of earth has been punctuated by major cataclysmic epi­sodes which have dramatically changed the history of life.

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman points out on his web site ( that the new discovery corroborates the ideas of Sanderson as put forward in an article for the Saturday Evening Post in 1960 in which he visualized the final moments of the mammoths. Though Sanderson thought in terms of a volcanic event which he be­lieved could have led to the kind of sudden temperature drop which might have “quick-frozen” the massive beasts, his scenario could have been touched off by a collision from space. Hapgood, on the other hand, explained the extinc­tion of the mammoths as the result of a sudden displacement of earth’s crust, and Velikovsky believed the nearby pas­sage of a comet, which later became Venus, could have caused such events. The common element is the idea of a sud­den and cosmic catastrophe.

“Forbidden Science” to Appear

The third book in Atlantis Rising’s “Forbidden” series is set for release in March. Forbidden Science published by In­ner Traditions/Bear will follow the bestselling Forbidden History and Forbidden Religion. From ancient technologies to free energy, the new volume will include the best of Atlantis Rising on the true story of science and technology as suppressed by the orthodox scientific community and its collaborators in government and the media.

Forbidden Science explores some of the less-traveled, even darkened, corridors beneath the shining edifice of aca­demic science. Included is evidence that, no matter what the mandarins of the establishment would claim, the truth is not nearly so exemplary or easily disposed of. Explored are many controversial notions supposedly debunked by conventional argument, if, in fact, they have been discussed at all. But, from the true function of the Great Pyramid and the megaliths at Nabta Playa to Immanuel Velikovsky’s astronomical insight; from zero point energy and cold fu­sion, to Rupert Sheldrake’s research into telepathy and ESP, it is clear that the facts are something quite different from what we have been led to believe.

Contributors include the late Dr. Eugene Mallove, Jeane Manning, Dr. Robert Schoch, Walter Cruttenden, John Kettler, Cynthia Logan, David Lewis, Dr. Susan Martinez, and Atlantis Rising editor J. Douglas Kenyon. Kenyon also edits the book.

Containing 43 essays by 19 researchers, as well as scores of pictures (many in color) covering cutting-edge, heret­ical, or suppressed scientific research Forbidden Science is for anyone concerned that today’s scientific establishment has lost its way.

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