With gas prices soaring to unheard-of heights, many of those who have read in the pages of Atlantis Rising about ex­traordinary breakthrough energy technologies have been left to wonder why they have read so little about such devel­opments elsewhere. Now a new book from Atlantis Rising columnist Jeane Manning and energy consultant Joel Garbon blows the lid off what has been described as a virtual alternative energy coverup.

Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World explores the hidden history of free-energy from the time of John W. Keely’s futuristic nineteenth-century inventions, through Nikola Tes­la and naturalist Viktor Schauberger’s pioneering efforts with magnetic-motors, up to JFK’s surprising advocacy of a certain clean energy technology that could have replaced nuclear reactors. Fully covered are many amazing emerging inventions and in a chapter titled Misled Media, the authors ask and answer the question: “Who Hijacked The Energy Revolution?” The final section tells how readers can help in the emerging grassroots effort to change an explosive world situation.

For 25 years Manning has researched inventions that could replace oil. As a sociologist she focuses on what an en­ergy revolution means for individuals. Author of The Coming Energy Revolution (Avery Publishing Group, New York, 1996), Energie (Omega Verlag, Germany, 2000) she has also written other nonfiction books including Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, co-authored with Dr. Nick Begich. Manning’s books have been translated into several languages and she is a much-sought-after speaker around the world.

A chemist with a degree in Applied Science, Garbon currently works in product development in the water treat­ment industry. He has been a consultant for dozens of companies in North and South America and is a highly regard­ed speaker and educator. President of the New Energy Movement, Garbon authored the historic legislative draft Ener­gy Innovation Act of 2007. He is a founding member of the New Energy Congress.

Published by Amber Bridge Books, Vancouver BC, Breakthrough Power sells for $19.95. The softcover 6” x 9” tradebook is 288 pages with black-white photos, glossary, resource list, notes and index. It will soon be available at bookstores everywhere. You can order it now from Atlantis Rising.

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