New Oasis on the World Wide Web

By the time you read this, it will be possible to visit our brand new Atlantis Rising online archives. Just go to our reg­ular web site at and click on “Archives,” or go directly to it by logging into “AtlantisRisingMaga­” Awaiting your easy access now are all the articles and many of the accompanying graphics for the last ten issues, prior to this one (to read the latest issue you will continue to need an actual printed or PDF copy). The con­tent on the web is free to all, though at some point, we may reserve certain issues for members only. Eventually we hope to be able to post all of our back issues in this manner, but it’s a big job and will take awhile.

We are very excited about our new web offering as it already is and we think you will be, too. Not only does this great new resource provide the full text of all the articles, including news from our “Early Rays” sections, but it also includes all special text emphasis (bold, italics, etc.) to aid your reading comprehension. (Previously, for technical reasons, the articles in our archives section—from our first 17 issues only—were entirely in plain text, so book titles, for instance, were indistinguishable from the rest of the text). Moreover, our new web site will provide you with the opportunity to post comments on articles. We are also tagging our text to make our content more accessible to the search engines and thus to more Internet surfers looking for our kind of material.

These images show how particular issues and articles are displayed, but there is no substitute for actually visiting the site and seeing for yourself. We also hope that this project will make it easy for you to refer friends to special arti­cles you would like them to read. Don’t hesitate to pass along the links to pages that you like. Also, just by clicking on words in the “Tag Cloud” at the bottom of the right-hand column, you will easily be able to find various articles on the same, or a related, topic.

Of course it goes without saying (but I will say it anyway) that a tremendous amount of work has already gone into preparing our material for the new site. I would particularly like to thank our longtime office manager and proofer Darsi Vanatta, whose tireless efforts in combing through hundreds of pages of material to make edits, place links, and identify key tag words, were indispensable. There were others whose help was also essential, and maybe someday I will have the space to name them, too. But for now, I would just like to say that I am very grateful for what has been accomplished so far; and I look forward to the full completion of this immense project, which, I believe, will provide, for years to come, a refreshing oasis to many a weary wanderer in that vast wilderness also known as the world wide web.


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