Mysterious Heritage

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Magnetic Earth: Cause or Effect

One thing this little story (“Magnetic Earth: Cause or Effect” AR #123) completely overlooked about the magnetic field is its half-life. Earth’s magnetic field has a half-life of 1,400 years; meaning it was twice as strong 1,400 years ago and four times as strong 2,800 years ago, and so on. If you keep doubling it as far back in time as people say the earth is old, our magnetic field would have been as strong as a pulsar. So not only do we have the chicken and egg problem, we also have the problems of: how strong was its maximum; how do you set the limitations; and how do you fit that in the time line without saying the earth is younger than is commonly believed? It’s deduced that the half-life problem limits the age of the earth to less than 10,000 years. My deduction is, it was part of creation, at about 20–32 times today’s strength; and the event that caused the half life cycle of the magnetic field to start its deterioration in the first place was the same event that caused the flood: a massive meteorite collapsing the water shell. But many massive hits have come to the earth; and indeed comets, much feared by the ancients, were far more common the further back in history you go.

Rick Pilotte, author of Earth, Man & Devolution, Victoria, BC, Canada


Australian Americans

“The Australian Americans?” by Steven and Evan Strong (AR #123) suggests that some of the earliest human settlers in the Americas may have come from Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Guinea. During the last ice age, sea levels were as much as 400 feet lower than today, exposing vast areas of continental shelf that are now submerged. New Guinea and Australia, including Tasmania, were one connected landmass. Nevertheless, if Australia was settled by people from southern Asia, perhaps related to present-day Dravidians, they would still have had to cross perhaps 30 to 40 miles of ocean to get there (or cross in the other direction if Asia was settled by Australians). This means that the Aborigines, who, at the time of European settlement, were considered to be among the world’s most primitive people, had to have been seafarers to begin with. And it is worth noting that New Guinea natives were also considered primitive, but some of them have always been seafarers, and some of the inland tribes were farming at least 8,000 years ago. In addition, recently the ruins of an advanced and incredibly ancient culture have been found in Indonesia.

If Australians or a related people from that region settled the Americas, they may well have taken the southern route. This route would have been stormy and almost empty of islands where settlers might re-provision, but the early sailors would have had the prevailing winds and currents at their backs, propelling them forward—the counterclockwise southern Pacific gyre. Of course, that does not mean that others from the same general area might not have taken the northern route, following the clockwise Japan current in the northern hemisphere.

The Americas may have been settled many times by many peoples from several different regions. It is beginning to appear that humans have always been sailors.

Pat Alexander, Sacramento, CA


Basque/Atlantis Connections

In the late 700’s BC, the armies of Assyria (today’s Germanic peoples) were about to invade the northern tribes of Israel, for the last time. Just before this final invasion, some 90% migrated from their homeland—most going east across the Euphrates, and then north into the Steppes of Russia! There they became known as White Sythians—they having replaced the descendants of the Yellow Sythians.

However, two of the northern tribes of Israel did not flee with the other tribes. Rather, they migrated into the land of Judea, to the south, which Judea consisted of three tribes: Judah, Benjamin, and Simeon. These northern tribes lived there until just before the invasion of Judea by the Babylonian armies, in c. 600 BC. These two tribes then migrated west into northern Africa, taking with them many of the other original three tribes.

It wasn’t long before this mixed group of Israelites arrived at the site of Carthage, an early seaport of the Phoenicians. Were these Phoenicians the founders of Atlantis, which was sort of their “homeland” at that time? The Israelites, now beginning to be known as the Carthaginians, established a strong empire. Yes, Hannibal was an Israelite.

The above is a short consensus of historical and geographical times.

Which brings us to three points:

1) “Genetics.” I personally am a descendant of Judah. And, all of the nations to the west of Italy and Germany are Israelite, going north into the British Isles, and on further north into the Scandinavian nations. Denmark is among those nations. The main point of this is, the Iberian Peninsula has DNA genetics that are very much related to the peoples of Israel, far more than other genetic related peoples, for example, the genetics and name uses of the Basques, seems to have fit well with the Finnish peoples.

2) “Farmers from North Africa.”

3) “Hunters.” Consider these two points, for, both describe the Israelite peoples, a good example: “Go west young man.” And, who went first? The hunters. And, it should be noted that the Iberian Peninsula at those times was very sparsely populated, with people not coming from the east until later times and, mixing with those of Israelite descent.

Yes, it is true that the native tribes were in America when the Israelites arrived centuries ago. But, they were there for a reason. In the early AD 300s, the Roman armies defeated the Carthaginian Israelites. But, before said defeat, as was done in the past, most of the Israelites again migrated—this time, northward into the British Isles, where they encountered “natives”. It was these natives that made up the first “Native Americans” to come to America from the north of Europe. Their first arrival is said to be the early AD 300s. It was not until AD 1000 when William the Conqueror conquered the British Isles that other “Native Americans” arrived from the east.

A final thought on any relationship the Basques could have had with Atlantis—as mentioned earlier, Atlantis was a land of the Phoenicians. And, said Phoenicians were those who today are the Japanese peoples. In the mid 700s BC, when Atlantis began to sink into the Atlantic waters as a result of great earthquakes over most of the earth, the Phoenicians living there fled into the southern United States. We see their mixed remnants today in the Indian tribes of the southwest.

Ray Daly, Bismark, ND


The Immortal Laws of Music

That “sound” may play a role in creation is not new, but modern science must be commended whenever it pursues knowledge of the ancient sages—and that we have now “some who believe…sound is the source of life itself,” (Publisher’s Letter, AR #122).

Pythagoras, in the fifth Century BC, said: “There is a geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacings of the spheres.” Ptolemy, in AD 200, wrote Harmonica, a treatise on both mathematics and musical tones or vibrations. As far as recorded history, wise men, known as sages, believed that stars also produced sounds of music. II Enoch 15:1 speaks of “the elements of the sun, called phoenixes and chalkydri break into song,” hence, at the break of day, “every bird flutters… rejoicing… into song!”

Modern science now appears to acknowledge that even trees communicate, in a limited sense, something alluded to in the Bible: “Sing, O ye heavens… shout, ye lower parts of the earth; break forth into singing, ye mountains, O forests, and every tree therein” (Isaiah 44:23).

When God created life on Earth, we’re told: “the morning stars sang together, and all the Sons of God shouted [opera style, I presume] for joy” (Job 38:7).

The Philadelphia Trumpet (Dec. 2010) reported: “Now modern science is supporting what the Hebrews believed… The universe contains the equivalent of rhythmic pulses—like a percussion section, as well as low drones, like a brass section.”

Moreover, “The sun’s corona carries magnetic sounds similar to those of musical instruments. ‘Explosive events at the sun’s surface appear to trigger acoustic waves that bounce back and forth between both ends of the loops, a phenomenon known as the standing wave,” the article stated.”

The Kolbrin Bible, which contains the Egyptian Texts of the Bronzebook, undoubtedly written by a Hebrew Tribe (Joseph’s), which dwelt in Egypt… four hundred and thirty years,” (Exodus 12:40), tells us:

“So from The Inconceivable One there came a great outpouring melody, the song of conception, the notes winging vitalizing consciousness outward in radiating ripples. All that is now existing came out of that, which was harmoniously sung into being, and the sweet echoing vibrations still sound in rhythm throughout the many circles of existence. All life and matter vibrate in response to a divinely originated, orchestrated melody and rhythm.” (OGS: 1:5)

Ernst Brenner, Edmonton, AB, CN


Feminism and the Holographic Universe

What part of the Establishment as detailed by human history is distinctly feminist?

Almost nothing, for the simple reason that males are more extremists and thereby more controlling. The woman’s world has been relegated to a helpmeet status of maidens, maids, and matrons. Nevertheless, at present social media is possibly a shift to Feminism as the new standard for prevailing behavior. That Internet environment could inform the real world as a distinctly female-biased lifestyle, which is the previously elusive Peace on Earth. Notably, the female-bias must become universally recognized as harmlessness, a chosen path that puts Mother Nurture ahead of Father Nature as humanity’s future. Yet ironically Nature is presumed to be motherly even though its food chain is actually tortuous and extreme. Thus males readily were able to relate and so exploit Nature as their resource. Meanwhile, nurturing was a status, at best, one day of rest in a workweek or a distant final paradise of ease. As first-do-no-harm healing, peace had a philosophical inroad, although largely upon after-the-fact injury or illness. That feminist window of proactive insight closed, but social media has become a shared-experience format in real time whereby proactive inspiration is possible via the immanent wisdom such communication can generate. Historically, that psychic realm has been called Hope, and its interconnectivity is now recognized as Holographic Entanglement. Notably, the Internet has been shown to be both prescient and productive. As pure information, it is harmless in principle. And when given a female-nurture social perspective, the result is a sympathetic worldview compatible with peace as a truly healthy vision of a shared prosperity rather than the old-school patriarchy of dominion.

  1. J. Street, Paso Robles, CA


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