Moving Beyond the Printing Press

Atlantis Rising has been publishing since the fall of 1994, which, for the most part, has meant printing many thousand of copies of our product. That has been the opportunity provided by the printing press, and we have been happy to avail ourselves of it. The times, though, are changing and new opportunities, which Mr. Gutenberg could never have fore­seen, are upon us. With the success of mobile reading devices like the iPad and the Kindle, it is clear that electronic pub­lishing is here to stay, making the delivery of our product easier, and on a previously undreamt of scale.

Atlantis Rising has been working to serve these new markets for some time. It has been possible to read the PDF edi­tion, for several years now, on any computer, and when the iPad came along the PDFs looked even better. With a simple reader program, it was possible to view our pages exactly as they appear in print, to navigate easily about within those pages, and to quickly access many issues, no matter where one might be reading. PDFs, though, are just the beginning, and Atlantis Rising is now moving quickly to take advantage of the new openings before us.

For Kindle readers, we are happy to announce that our first Kindle-ready editions are already available for purchase and downloading from Just look for Atlantis Rising Magazine. All the articles of each issue are prepared for easy reading provided as story units with no need to jump to other pages. You can link from the table of contents to any article, and scale the very readable text to whatever size is most comfortable for your eyes. Issues are available from Amazon for only $2.99. In the weeks ahead we will be posting many of our recent issues, so keep checking to see what’s up.

One very exciting development on the IPad is now ready for you to download—the all-new Atlantis Rising iPad app. It is free to download from the App store right now, and with it you can download one free issue and buy others for sale at only $4.99. You can browse and read each issue with all the enjoyment you have come to expect from your beautiful iPad display. Just look for the FREE Atlantis Rising App in the App store.

In the months ahead we will be offering Atlantis Rising editions for other electronic publishing outlets, so keep watch­ing for us on your favorite mobile device.

For those of you who still like your reading matter on traditional paper, not to worry, we will continue to produce the printed copies of this publication on actual paper for a long time to come.

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