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Is there Evidence for Life on Mars Now?

Notwithstanding recent public concessions from NASA that—at least in the distant past—Mars was habitable, some observers believe the agency is withholding key evidence that life exists on Mars right now. According to the Indo-Asian News Services, influential Indian “astrobiologist” Chandra Wickramasinghe says, “… the [recently confirmed] discovery of liquid water on Mars, combined with earlier discoveries of organic substances in a meteorite that came from Mars, and also of methane in the Martian atmosphere, all point to the existence of life—contemporary life—on the Red Planet.…” Elsewhere in the story Wickramasinghe also charges that NASA is deliberately withholding this explosive information “… for political and sociological considerations.”

Richard Hoagland, who has for years insisted that NASA is suppressing evidence of life on Mars, says the agency’s policy is based on a Brookings Institution study issued in the early days of the space program which warned of social upheaval on Earth should life be discovered on other planets, and proposed—for the good of the public—withholding such information.

On his website ( Hoagland analyzes recent NASA pronouncements based on discoveries made by the latest Martian probe—the Phoenix Lander. According to Hoagland, the lead scientist for Phoenix’s wet chemistry experiment Sam Kounaves asserted publicly “We’ve found nutrients that could support Life,” and added “…you might be able to grow asparagus very well [on Mars].” In December NASA offered a study in the journal Sci­ence which said evidence of carbonates—which don’t survive in conditions hostile to life—has been found.

According to the aerospace journal Aviation Week & Space Technology, the White House has been alerted about a soon-to-be-issued announcement concerning the “potential for life” on Mars; nevertheless, as of this writing (in late December) nothing like that has been officially released.

High Stone Age Art

Russian artists 21,000 to 22,000 years ago were capable of craftsmanship comparable to that of modern artists. The latest evidence comes from Zaraysk, about 100 miles southeast of Moscow, where archaeologists have turned up sev­eral carvings buried in pits and covered with mammoth bones. The discoveries were published in December in the ac­ademic journal Antiquity.

According to authors Hizri Amirkhanov and Sergey Lev, “The main lines of the image are clear, not ragged; they were made by confident, unbroken movements.” In other words they are much more advanced than typical stone age art. The article included the image of a female shown here from four different angles, but there was more. In one, what appears to be three overlapping mammoths only a few centimeters long are carved onto the rib of a mammoth. The objects “show an extraordinary repertoire of incised carving on mammoth ivory plaques and carving in the round, including representations of women and large mammals, and geometric decoration on bone utensils.” Uncer­tain what purpose was intended for the art, scientists speculate that they must have been regarded as magical, per­haps for use in a hunting ritual.

Like the cave art of Europe, the newly discovered art suggests a higher level of development in pre-historic man than is generally supposed. To write it off as some kind of anomaly is to ignore the multitude of such examples.

Did Truman Order UFO Shootdowns?

Reporter Linda Moulton Howe, author of several popular books on the UFO phenomenon, including High Strange­ness and its sequels, has gone public in a YouTube video with a new explanation for what may be the back story for the 1947 Roswell “UFO crash.”

Howe says she has been provided with extensive documentation by New Mexico congressman Andrew Kissner to support a claim by him that the initial policy of the U.S. government to UFOs in the late 1940s was, if possible, to shoot them down. President Truman also directed that, for national security reasons, all information about such ac­tions be denied and kept top secret. It was only after learning the hard way that the UFOs were not without defenses, and that the lives of military pilots were being put at risk, that the aggressive shoot-down policy was withdrawn. The denial and secrecy, however, remained in force and does so to this day. Apparently, claims Kissner, before it ended, the shoot-down policy produced several UFO crashes with subsequent recovery of debris, with the Roswell event be­ing the last and most public.

Knowledge of the actual government position, says Howe, is carefully compartmentalized and distributed on a need-to-know basis only. Thus, it exists entirely in the hands of a select few and remains unknown throughout the government at large.

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