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Scientists Validate Italian Cold Fusion

A new, and surprisingly favorable, independent scientific report on the Low Energy Nuclear Reactor (LENR, aka cold fusion) device, invented by Italian Andrea Rossi, was released in October. Reverberations in the world of high-energy physics have begun.

Rossi’s tabletop device, dubbed the E-Cat (or energy catalyzer), has—as it challenges the conventional physics paradigm—been the subject of much controversy since its introduction in 2011. Despite endorsements from many experts including Nobel Prize winning physicist Brian Josephson, the E-Cat has been dismissed as a fraud by much of the physics establishment. That view has been reinforced by Rossi’s reluctance, so far, to share important technical details. Nevertheless, seven, well respected European scientists have now issued a report confirming most of Rossi’s claims. According to, of the seven scientists who authored the paper, two are from Italy (Giuseppe Levi at Bologna University and Evelyn Foschi of Bologna, Italy) and five are from Sweden (Torbjörn Hartman, Bo Höistad, Roland Pettersson and Lars Tegnér at Uppsala University; and Hanno Essén brain. Rupert Sheldrake has led in proposing that in the same way that a magnetic field reaches beyond a physical magnet, the mind extends well beyond the brain, and he has the experimental evidence to prove it.

While we may not see riots in the streets, as occurred in Luther’s time, a considerable uproar can, nevertheless, be expected to ensue.