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History is not what it is cracked up to be—the official version, that is. In fact, just about everything we have been told about our past on the planet may be wrong and should be rewritten. That will be the theme of a major conference scheduled for this October on the campus of the University of California at San Diego. This year’s Conference on Pre­cession and Ancient Knowledge (CPAK) will be the fifth iteration of what has become one of the largest and most in­fluential of the many alternative science confabs to be found anywhere.

Headlining this year’s event will be a number of major researchers familiar to Atlantis Rising readers and a few who may not be. David Hatcher Childress, Dr. Robert Schoch, John Anthony West, and Walter Cruttenden have all been featured in these pages.

Childress will talk about his latest work The Mystery of the Olmecs. The enigmatic Central American civilization has never been satisfactorily explained by conventional historians, but conferees will be introduced to some startling and previously unheard research on the topic.

Dr. Schoch and John West will bring the latest on their continuing campaign to redate the Great Sphinx of Egypt. Even though the worldwide controversy which followed disclosure of their sensational research in the mid ’90s— namely that water weathering of the Great Sphinx proved the monument to be thousands of years older than conven­tionally believed—has subsided somewhat, the revolutionary main issues remain as hot as ever with new develop­ments continuing to unfold.

The debate over the real cause of history’s cycles will get special scrutiny from Walter Cruttenden, director of the Binary Research Institute. The author of Lost Star of Myth of Time and producer of the award-winning documentary The Great Year, Cruttenden has uncovered much powerful evidence that the sun has a lost twin. The interaction be­tween these two orbiting binary stars, he believes, fills in many blanks in our understanding of earth’s past and fu­ture.

Also on hand for the October 3, 4 and 5 event will be: Colgate University music professor Dr. Jocelyn Godwin on the harmonics of the universe; University of Calgary education professor Dr. Carmen Boulter on the sacred feminine in ancient Egypt; Marie D. Jones, author of PSIence: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics May Explain the Ex­istence of Paranormal Phenomenon; and there is much more.

CPAK will be at the Mandeville Theater on the UCSD campus. Details and tickets are available online at or by phone at 949-399-0306.

Giant Stone Eggs Found in China

Chinese scientists are scratching their heads over mysterious giant “stone eggs” recently discovered in the Shen­nongjia Nature Reserve Area of Hubei province. According to The Epoch Times, the “eggs,” along with a large copper sword (now missing), were unearthed by construction workers on a road site. Some geologists have speculated the eggs are natural formations of carbonate rock which snowballed slowly in oscillating water, but no one is certain what they are or if, indeed, they are natural. The unique perfection of their shape suggests to some that they are of in­telligent design.

Ranging from watermelon- to table-size, the eggs have been taken from many “nests” uncovered by the workers. Though the surfaces are often flaking, their interiors are reportedly shiny and black.

The Chinese “eggs” remind some observers of the large and perfectly spherical stone balls found in many places in Costa Rica. Anthropologist George Erikson and his colleague Ivar Zapp in their book Atlantis in America: Navigators of the Ancient World argued that the mysterious Costa Rican balls are markers from a lost ancient navigation system. So far, though, no one has offered any such theory for the Chinese finds.

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