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Open Minds and Deep Time

The only reason that I subscribe to Atlantis Rising is because I perceive it to espouse a philosophy of publishing material that expands the mind. But in Atlantis Rising #103, there seems to be a new trend: a desire to give closed-minded folks equal billing. Right after Michael Cremo’s article “Ancient Australians and Cosmic Impacts” you publish an article by Susan Martinez, (“Deep Time in Deep Trouble”) who argues that ideas such as Cremo’s are hogwash. But she does not even dare mention his name, nor did you at least offer to make it a dialogue, instead of an un-rebutted rant. In the very same issue, there’s another closed-minded lady, Rita Louise, who argues that giant, elongated skulls can only have come through head-binding. And she, again, does not have the guts to directly attempt to rebut the numerous alternative scientists who concluded that the original skulls were those of large-headed ETs, and that this was only later lamely imitated by head-binding humans.

Well, I would like to suggest to you that you will lose readership if the magazine continues to give equal space to proponents of closed-minded science. There are entirely too many journals where timid, conservative, mainstream planetary science can be found in abundance already.

Vytenis (Vyto) Babrauskas, Ph.D., Issaquah, WA


The argument about Earth’s true age can be made in more than one way. Michael Cremo, like most in mainstream archaeology, is essentially in the old-earth school, and he has said as much. In suggesting that modern humans existed in the far distant past, before they were supposed to, he is conceding that the mainstream time line is probably right but pointing to unexplained evidence which shows modern humans were present even then. Others, in the so-called young-earth school, take much of the same evidence to argue that since such humans were present in Earth’s early days, the planet must not be as old as we have been led to believe. Susan Martinez—I think she would agree—is in the young-earth school, but I am sure she meant no disrespect to Michael. The criticism here is directed at standard academic science, as is Michael’s. Both Michael and Susan are challenging the conventional wisdom, albeit from opposite directions. It is precisely because Atlantis Rising is open-minded, and not doctrinaire, that we give space to both ideas. I should add that Rita Louise, whatever she may believe to be the main reason for elongated skulls, is very open to the notion that ETs could have played an important role in human history. —ED


Born Again Fortean

I am a born-again Christian, take the Bible at face value, and am a creationist. Then why do I also call myself a Fortean and live for the next issues of Atlantis Rising and Fortean Times to appear on the newsstand? As I began to study the Bible, I discovered that there are more phenomena to be found within its pages than you can shake a divining stick at! And the Bible proves that monsters are real! The controversial Texas veterinarian Dr. Melba Ketchum—after studying Bigfoot DNA—concludes Bigfoot contains mitochondrial DNA from a human female and nuclear DNA from a male angelic entity. Dr. Ketchum is describing modern-day Nephilim. The story of the hybrid race of half-human, half-demonic entities is told in the sixth chapter of Genesis as well as the Book of Enoch—long suppressed by the Church.

Christian evangelicals are convinced that UFOs and extraterrestrials are demonic entities as a result of Satan’s ‘Big Lie’ he implemented in 1947 when he had pilot Kenneth Arnold see UFOs near Mt. Rainer and had that flying saucer crash near Roswell, New Mexico. The following year—in 1948—Israel became a nation. This is the single, most significant prophecy to be fulfilled pertaining to the return of Christ. The Christian world—including myself—believes we are in the Last Days, so false doctrine such as the New Age Movement is being promulgated by Satan to take people’s eyes off God and make them believe in something physical—like a shiny metallic flying saucer—and not spiritual. The New Age Movement teaches of the Intergalactic Belief in which extraterrestrials with superior intelligence will save humankind from the Apocalypse, but first a portion of Earth’s population will be removed because their ‘vibes’ are not ‘in tune’ with the New Age. They’re talking about born-again believers who will be ‘raptured’ from Earth just before the beginning of the Tribulation, aka Apocalypse.

Greg May, Orlando, FL


Vindicating Churchward

Your work could have a greater depth to it. Some time ago you published a piece—to paraphrase—“Vindication for James Churchward, or Maybe Not” (AR #91, Jan./Feb. 2012). There really is vindication for Mr. Churchward, but you don’t seem to have noticed. Separately you published an item on the cave painting of an ox with strange blotches underneath it. This was defined as being the depiction of a star system. If you read Mr. Churchward’s book, Sacred Symbols of Mu, you should look specifically on page 64. You would learn that this is really the Naga system of numeral writing. The meanings he gives of ‘Ox’ and ‘god who by his power created’ fit exactly the image in the cave painting. It seems that what is depicted here is not an astronomical observatory but a holy place of our ancestors.

Ron Franzen, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


Unlike most publications that ignore entirely the work of James Churchward, Atlantis Rising has reported frequently on his ideas and certainly tried to give him his due. You will find a surprising reference to him in the Alternative News section of this issue. See the piece on the Voynich manuscript. —ED


‘Secrets of Electricity’

It’s interesting to speculate on the principles of electromagnetism (“The New Mission to Learn the Lost Secrets of Electricity,” Jeane Manning, AR #102), though it should be most worthily noted that not everything found in the Universe is subject to the laws of electromagnetic spin or gravitational motion. If what [Edward] Leedskalnin and his followers may have hypothesized or speculated upon be true, a multi-Universe would not exist in the findings of modern science today. The law of a ‘gyroscopic’ motion may dwell in the precepts of “for every action there’s an opposite reaction” but it mustn’t be confused with the multiplicity of subatomic particles or the concepts of an infinite vastness of space…

J.W. Pavlic, Wadsworth, OH


Continental Squeezing

I’ve read many books on Atlantis and like to take the more pragmatic view and to side with science over the woo-woo spiritual versions. Generally science argues that the two major oceans are so deep that there could never have been continents beneath them. However, while reviewing the flooding in the Black Sea, I learned of a scientific principle called isostatic pressure.

Essentially it has to do with the flexibility of Earth’s crust and all the oozing, liquid mantle layers underneath. You can compare it to squeezing a balloon. When one part is squeezed, the other part fills with the escaping air and bulges out. And vice versa.

Atlantis and Mu were said to have existed during the Pleistocene period—the Ice Age. In fact there was a lot more ice at the poles during that time than there is now. With so much of Earth’s water locked up in the polar ice, sea levels all over the earth were at least 30 feet lower.

The incredible ice mountains at the poles weighed so much that when they squeezed down toward the gravitational center, the earth’s flexible crust yielded to the isostatic pressure causing the un-iced areas at the equator to bulge outward. This, in turn, caused the ocean bottoms to rise and increase altitude, thus exposing themselves to the atmosphere. The water ran off, creating landmasses.

When the Ice Age ended and the ice melted, the great pressure at the poles was relieved, the bulging areas at the equators retreated, and the exposed landmasses slipped back beneath the oceans.

Sylvia Dailey, Farmington, NM


Cosmic Internet

Is it possible that the cosmos is trying to tell us something? We are living during a time of increasing chaos and growing hopelessness. Everywhere we look, we see that governments, special interests, and corporations are growing more powerful and corrupt. The hope of the masses that their salvation will come through religious organizations is becoming a transparent illusion. We are seeing firsthand that the very organizations that have promised to lead have only succeeded in leading mankind astray. As a long time reader of Atlantis Rising, I am convinced that most of those that read this magazine believe that human thought has power.

I have come to distrust governments, religions, and especially the Internet. Current disclosures about the abuses involving the Internet by the NSA should have proven how the Internet could be used to enslave. Many will disagree with me, but I fear that ultimately the creation of the Internet will fall far short of its potential for improving the human condition, and may well hasten the pace of global destruction. Along with the rapid “progress” of computer-related improvements, we are witnessing an equally rapid development of the abuses of this technology. Evil, it seems, has a long history of defeating good.

Maybe the time has arrived for the masses to circumvent the dishonest intentions of those that use positions of power and influence to enrich themselves and steal power and control. Maybe the time has come for a COSMIC INTERNET of connected minds and hearts. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people could form informal groups that use the power of thought to overcome the darkness that is rapidly overtaking the Earth.

Such groups could only succeed, however, if they could remain completely separate from, and outside of the reach of, government snoops and Internet hackers. In order to succeed, these groups would have to communicate via non-electronic means (face to face and snail mail) to avoid outside interference. Maybe, just maybe, if hundreds (or thousands) of small groups of individuals directing their thoughts towards the same objectives at the same time, positive change could begin to withstand the powers of darkness.

IMAGINE WHAT IS POSSIBLE! Thousands of minds opposing such things as the development of GMO’s, intrusive government, and the honest disclosure of new information could harness their minds to overcome the collective powers of special interests. Maybe the time has come for the masses to take control of their own destinies.

Paul Williams, Kenney, IL


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