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It Is Still Possible to Find Films That Can Stimulate Your Mind

Intelligent Design as a theory of life origins is gaining momentum on many fronts. Now a new DVD adds a significant new piece to the puzzle. Another offers new light on the mysteries of the Holy Grail. And still another explores the possibilities of quantum communication. You have some fascinating viewing to look forward to.

DARWIN’S DILEMMA: The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record

Illustra Media

This feature-length documentary examines the Cambrian explosion of life, one of the most remarkable events in the history of our planet. During the Cambrian period (a mere 530 million years ago), complex animals first appeared on Earth, fully formed, in a geological instant (an equivalent of two minutes, late in the 24-hour clock of Earth histo­ry), without evidence of any evolutionary ancestors, making it virtually impossible for Darwin’s theories of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity and information content that appears in the Cambrian record.

This DVD completes Illustra Media’s powerful trilogy on Intelligent Design (ID). Unlocking the Mystery of Life (released in 2002) revealed compelling evidence for design at the level of molecules and cells which AR reviewed in Is­sue #55. There, we highlighted the remarkable Bacterial Flagellum, a virtual machine within a living cell that bears the unmistakable hallmarks of design.

The Privileged Planet (2004) explored the depths of the cosmos in a memorable search for purpose in the uni­verse. It was reviewed in AR in Issue #63.

These critically-acclaimed documentaries were broadcast on PBS and translated into more than 20 languages. They have inspired and educated millions and fueled an international debate on the origin of life. Now, on the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth, Illustra Media’s new documentary appears to be the most powerful refutation of Darwinian evolution to date.

Charles Darwin viewed the Cambrian explosion as an inexplicable mystery. He had envisioned the evolution of life through a multitude of small, undirected steps. Yet, the fossil record reveals no such pattern of gradual development. Instead, early in the Cambrian period, compound eyes, articulated limbs, sophisticated sensory organs and skeletons burst into existence seemingly out of nowhere. This fascinating documentary examines some of the most important fossil discoveries ever made and with them a mystery deeper than Darwin ever imagined; for the Cambrian explosion of life was actually an explosion of biological information—assembly instructions in DNA and embryonic blueprints that directed the development of the first complex animals—information that points unmistakably to foresight, pur­pose, and intelligent design. “The Cambrian explosion was the most remarkable and puzzling event in the history of life.” “The fossil record had caused Darwin more grief than joy. Nothing distressed him more than the Cambrian ex­plosion,” says Paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould.

At age 22, long before he wrote The Origin of Species, Darwin studied Cambrian fossils with Adam Sedgwick. Sedgwick never accepted Darwin’s theory and, in fact, spoke against it. Darwin and his modern students slid past the chief objections to their theory. Information contrary to their belief has simply been ignored, or else given a close-minded censorship of anything that questions the Darwinian dogma. Their hope still seems to be that eventual dis­coveries will justify their blind faith—their own version of “religious fervor,” which they so readily, and unfairly, charge to proponents of Intelligent Design. These dogmatic Darwinists remain unwilling to engage on a level playing field and instead intimidate and harass those who present evidence contrary to their doctrine. How denial blinds the intellect! Darwin, at least, recognized that if the trend in the fossil record continued, it would constitute a valid argu­ment against his theory. “A fair result can be obtained only by fully stating and balancing the facts and arguments on both sides of each question,” wrote Darwin in his introduction to The Origin of Species. If Darwin knew then what we know now, he might well cry “Uncle!” himself.

Intelligent Design proponents want to put an end to this one-sided discussion. This DVD shows that there is a sci­entific case for Intelligent Design, although to quote William Dembski: “The beauty of this DVD is that it destroys Darwinism without needing to resort to Intelligent Design. It goes methodically through the challenge to Darwin’s theory that the Cambrian rocks have posed since Darwin’s day and shows how the problem has only gotten worse over time.”

Those who go through the traditional educational system are indoctrinated into the Theory of Evolution. The contention of this DVD is that it’s time to let the evidence speak for itself—look at the evidence for what it really is and follow where it leads—and it points more toward “design” than random chance. “Design,” however, doesn’t mean “Creationism,” as connected with the God of fundamentalist Christianity. Just because there are those who want/need to see it that way, it doesn’t mean it’s so. The old phrase: “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!” comes to mind.

Detractors, of course, complain bitterly. One wrote, “The good reviews show a bias which is disturbing. These are obviously axe-grinding people. As someone once said, ‘It is easier to be born again than to grow up.’ ” It’s simply not true, though, that all good reviews are written by Christians; there are many non-Christians who just want the truth and aren’t threatened when it turns out different from their long-held, cherished beliefs. Whether Christian or “scien­tific,” dogma is dogma; but because of this DVD, someone’s dogma has been challenged. Well-designed creatures need—dare I say it—a designer!

Featured here are excellent Interviews with world-class paleontologists Simon Conway Morris and James Valen­tine (who are not affiliated with the Intelligent Design movement), as well as leading Intelligent Design theorists and scientists Paul Nelson, Jonathan Wells, Stephen C. Meyer, Paul Chien, Doug Axe, and Richard Sternberg. The over­whelming evidence is presented with fantastic animation, sound, and graphics. Darwin’s Dilemma is an exceptional production!

If you’re willing to keep an open mind, this informative, challenging, and educational DVD could well be one of those rare productions that can change your world.

DVD – 72 min. plus over 60 min. of Bonus Features



LAPIS EXILLIS: The Stone Is the Grail

Spirit Culture

Lapis Exillis, the stone that is called the grail (in Parzival), is the subject of this highly controversial new docu­mentary. Parzival is a major medieval German epic poem attributed to the poet Wolfram von Eschenbach, written in the Middle High German language. The poem is commonly dated circa the first quarter of the 13th century. The poem is, in part, an adaptation of Chrétien de Troyes’s Perceval, the Story of the Grail and mainly centers on the Ar­thurian hero Parzival (Percival in English) and his long quest for the Holy Grail, following his initial failure to achieve it. A long, middle section is devoted to Parzival’s friend Gawan and his adventures defending himself from a false murder charge and winning the hand of the maiden Orgeluse.

The poem continues to be read in Middle High German and has been translated into modern languages around the world. Among the most striking elements of the text are the scope of its plot and its emphasis on the virtues of compassion and spiritual questing.

The producer explains: With the exception of one tangled truth, ‘grail’ lore is the greatest illusion of Western his­tory. This documentary explores that one truth. The name for this documentary was selected for three reasons: 1. From Parcival (as mentioned above); 2. a stone artifact surfaced in the hands of Nicholas Roerich, which he called “Lapis Exilis” (August 24 entry in Roerich’s published travel diary titled Alti-Himalaya); and 3. Lapis means stone in Latin, and the Latin name Exillis suggests the traveling and exiled status of the artifact about which the documentary was created. “I know well that many knights to Munsalwäscheat Mica live. If they ride out, and they often do, it is for adventure; wherever these Templars receive victory or defeat… I will tell you by what they live: they live with a stone, a kind of the very purest. If you do not know it by name, I will name it for you. It is called: Lapsit Exillis… The stone is also called the Grail …” (from Parcival)

This DVD exposes, for the first time, a central theme that has influenced European and North American history for centuries. Presented, it is said, is a real-life-experience that looks within the world’s most influential secret socie­ties of Europe, America, and the elite’s obsession to possess a particular ancient stone artifact. Louis Buff Parry, it is claimed, deciphered the 250-year-old encoded inscription on the Shepherds Monument in Staffordshire England. Surrounded by what is called the smoke-screen of the Da Vinci Code, the “true story” of the real code-breaker is drawn from three decades of research and adventure into arcane and secret societies throughout the Western and Middle Eastern worlds. Though shadowed by mysterious deaths and surviving abduction and torture, Parry yet lives to reveal incredible links between the Shepherds Monument and an ancient stone artifact retrieved from North Amer­ica in 1743. Citing scholars, founders of sciences, powerful influencers, and other luminaries, Parry assembles a star­tling story supported with remarkable facts which he says is sure to radically change our views of history forever. Lapis Exillis is a journey through New York, Los Angeles, Britain, and France covering the mystery, murder, and mayhem that surrounds the dramatic events behind this well-concealed history. Ultimately revealed is how the pro­ducers think this stone artifact has influenced the central powers governing western civilization.

Parry is an internationally renowned cryptologist/cryptanalyst, intelligence advisor, poet, contributor to sciences, painter, inventor, and diplomat. His work experience, spanning several decades, includes an integral role in the Pan-Am Flight 103 (Camp Zeist) investigation as well as assisting in the investigations of 9/11.

This is an intriguing production; whether or not it’s for you is for only you to decide.

The main feature runs 113 minutes; commentary by Louis Buff Parry covers 107 minutes; and the bonus material, which includes an in-depth, guided tour through Rosslyn Chapel, is 79 minutes.

DVD – 299 min.




David Sereda

If you ever wondered how communication really works from the quantum level, you’ll find some answers in this film. Sereda was previously reviewed in AR in Issue #70 for his DVD The Voice. For Quantum Communication he as­sembled an outstanding group to share their work and discoveries with the viewer.

Sereda asks questions on the hot topics of concern to most of us: How do we manifest our soul mates, business partners, and teachers? How do we communicate with God? What is actually happening when we pray? How do we create an intelligent dialogue with the creative force of the universe to allow us to experience a quantum leap in our own intelligence?

And then some questions not high on our agenda but with answers that may startle and/or delight us: What is the language of quantum communication? How does the universe communicate from subatomic particles, wavelets, su­perstrings, atoms, planets to stars, galaxies, and all living beings? Is there a communicative symphony happening all the time that remains invisible to our current technology and awareness? What if we come to understood its secret? “Oh, my God! We would know how to talk to the Creator, Nature, science, each other, and interstellar civilizations.” Are we in communication before we meet in person? How do we as human beings communicate with each other? Did the ancient stone builders know the secret healing powers of spiritual vibration, stone technology? Did they know that stones and crystals could hold memory? Is our bio-consciousness like a living computer system having its own power supply, memory, feelings, and the ability to transmit information?

To respond to this last question, Sereda brings in Dr. Bruce Lipton, who has made a revolutionary discovery that first proved that the DNA nucleus is not the brain of the cell; rather, the intelligence center of the cell is the mem­brane. The membrane receives signals from our consciousness and writes the DNA code. For the first time in history, Dr. Bruce Lipton is proving that we can actually reprogram our DNA if we are dissatisfied with our blueprint and then broadcast a new message about ourselves to the universe.

“The fact is that the cell membrane in the human cell actually is an information processor,” Lipton says, “and what I ultimately realized in 1985 was that ‘processor’ had an interesting and very important definition. The defini­tion of the membrane is it’s a liquid crystal semiconductor with gates and channels. When I recognized this biochem­ical description in 1985, I was very much amused by it, because I’d heard that exact same definition somewhere else and…in a book called Understanding Your Microprocessor, a book about how to use your computer. Basically, the definition ‘liquid crystal semiconductor with gates and channels’ is the exact same definition of a computer chip. What this all led to was a very simple, yet very profound, understanding. The cell is an information processor, be­cause the membrane reads the environment and adjusts the biology. The nucleus of the cell, with its genes, repre­sents a hard disk, and the genes are programs. Our old belief system is that the nucleus and its programs were ‘read only’ memories, so that whatever the genes are that would be our fate. However, the new insights revealed that the nucleus of the cell is not ‘read only’; it’s actually ‘read write’ so, basically, the cell is a programmable device.”

Sereda adds, “In each one of us, there are 46 human chromosomes among which there are nearly three billion base pairs of DNA. That means there are three billion strands inside of us to store our personal information. If we can rewrite our own hard drive by reorganizing our thoughts, feelings, and higher consciousness, we can reprogram our own personal blueprint to attain any goal we desire. As our personal energy signature broadcasts this new message, we will discover new people in our coincidence meetings. We will also gain new knowledge to apply towards our own enlightenment, relationships, careers, and life purpose.”

And you’re off and running—there’s a lot more in the way of intriguing information in this two-part production.

Sereda believes that the way we manifest abundance in our lives is by awakening the genius within each one of us so that we can excel in our relationships, careers, and by super-learning to transform our lives and those around us.

This awakening of intelligence happens when we understand how quantum communication actually functions within each of us. He offers the information to help you discover how to master these principles in your life and to become a fully-actualized human being.

At the very least, you’ll gain more insight on just how fascinating human beings really can be, in spite of them­selves.

DVD – 165 min.



By Marsha Oaks

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