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• Oldest Stone Tool Ever, Found in Oregon


Below a layer of volcanic ash from an eruption of Mount St. Helens 15,800 years ago, archaeologists have uncovered a stone tool made from

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orange agate that could turn out to be older than any known site of human occupation in western North America.


• UFO Victim to Be Compensated by U.S. Government


An American airman has won a legal bid to force military health chiefs to pay for the treatment of an illness allegedly caused by a UFO encounter in England’s Rendlesham Forest in December 1980, which has become known as “Britain’s Roswell.”


• 1,000-Year-Old Buddha Statue Has a Mummy Inside


It looks like a bronze statue on the outside, but the skeletal frame of Buddhist master Liuquan can be seen through a CT scan performed in December at the Meander Medical Centre in the Netherlands.


• Lost City Discovered in the Honduran Rain Forest


Christopher Fisher, a Mesoamerican archaeologist on a team

from Colorado State University, said the pristine, unlooted condition of the newly discovered site is “incredibly rare.”


• Mars Once Had More Water Than Earth’s Arctic Ocean


NASA scientists have determined that a primitive ocean on Mars held more water than Earth’s Arctic Ocean and that the Red Planet has lost 87 percent of that water to space.


• First Full-Body Transplant Is Two Years Away, Surgeon Claims


Sergio Canavero, a doctor in Turin, Italy, has drawn up plans to graft a living person’s head on to a donor body and claims the procedures needed to carry out the operation are not far off.


• Ancient Humans Bred with Completely Unknown Species


The genome of one of our ancient ancestors, the Denisovans, contains a segment of DNA that seems to have come from another species that is currently unknown to science, says new research.



• Robots Replacing Human Factory Workers?


Cheaper, better robots will replace human workers in the world’s factories at a faster pace over the next decade, pushing labor costs down 16 percent, says a new report.


• Breakthrough in Energy Harvesting Could Power Life on Mars


Martian colonists could use an innovative new technique to harvest energy from carbon dioxide thanks to research pioneered at Northumbria University, in the U.K.

• NASA Twins to Embark on Year-Long Space Experiment


Twin NASA astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly are to put Einstein to the test in a pioneering study that could pave the way for humankind reaching Mars.

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