iNews: Late Breaking Stories

  • Humans Taught to Echolocate Like Dolphins

Scientists have successfully taught a small group of blind and sighted people how to navigate their surroundings using echolocation—the sonar-based language of dolphins and bats. Using sound created by tongue clicks, the group learned how to detect the size of virtual rooms with surprising accuracy—something that researchers had not expected in people who were born with sight.


  • Humans to Be Frozen for Space Travel

By lowering the average body temperature (37 degrees Celsius) to around 32 degrees Celsius, the heart rate and blood pressure are also lowered, inducing a state of sleep. Medical professionals already use the tactic to treat sufferers of cardiac arrest and heart failure so that they have more time to assess the damage.


  • Unexplained Nuclear Activity Detected in the Arctic

Thawing permafrost in Greenland is beginning to reveal, a top-secret World War Two-era U.S. military base rumored to house a clandestine operation to lob nukes at the USSR through underground tunnels. True story.


  • NASA Photos May Reveal Giant Hole at South Pole of Ceres

The photographs of Ceres’ north and south poles were taken from August 17 to October 23, 2015, from its current orbit 1,470 km (915 miles) above the surface. Those of the northern pole clearly show craters (Jarovit, Ghanan and Asari), mountains (Ysolo Mons) and other prominent features. Those of the southern pole show a large pitch-black area.


  • 2.5-Mile-Long Object Moving Under Pacific Ocean?

A massive circular structure has been spotted slowly crawling across the Pacific sea floor 3000 feet below the surface. The circular object has apparently left a 41-mile track in its wake as it trundles across the floor of the North Pacific off the Californian coast.


  • Internet Video Shows Russian ‘Tesla’ Tower

A drone video shows the current state of Russia’s mysterious ‘Tesla Tower’, the so-called Marx Generator inspired by the Wardenclyffe Tower designed and built in New York by Nikola Tesla.


  • Sea of Molten Carbon Hiding Under Western U.S.

Geologists at the University of London’s Department of Earth Sciences are reporting the discovery of a sea of molten carbon-based minerals underneath the western United States. The sea of carbon stretches across 695,000 square miles and lies some 217 miles below the surface of the Earth.


  • Siberia’s ‘Doorway to the Underworld’ Uncovering 200,000-Year-Old Forests

It’s no secret that Siberia’s permafrost has been on thin ice lately. Conditions are varying so much that huge holes are appearing out of nowhere, and, in some places, tundra is quite literally bubbling underneath people’s feet.

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