iNews: Late Breaking Stories

  • Man in Arctic 10,000 Years Sooner than Thought

Discovery of a woolly mammoth skeleton in Siberia—with spear marks engrained on its bones—has led scientists to believe that humans moved to the Arctic long before once thought.


  • Two Great Pyramid Cavities Found With Mysterious Features

A team of researchers has confirmed the Great Pyramid contains two unknown cavities, possibly hiding a corridor-like structure and more mysterious features.


  • Plan to Create Nation State in Space

A group of scientists is launching what they say will be a new pacifist nation-state in space, ‘Asgardia.’


  • Genetic Scientists Create Colored Designer Sheep

Researchers in China using the latest technique in gene editing have created sheep with customized colors … the first time this has been done with animals larger than mice.


  • Could Ninth Planet Tilt Solar System?

A hypothetical giant world beyond Neptune, which could be located in the next few years, orbits at a 30-degree angle to other planets, astronomers said.


  • Mars Moon, Phobos—Clue to Earth Survival of Ancient Asteroid

“Something as big and fast as what caused Phobos’ Stickney crater would have a devastating effect on Earth,” says Megan Bruck Syal, a member of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory planetary defense team.


  • Western Contact with China Happened Long Before Marco Polo

China and the West were in contact more than 1,500 years before European explorer Marco Polo arrived in China, new findings suggest.


  • Satellites Find Ancient Buried Egyptian Pyramids

Infrared images taken by NASA satellites orbiting 400 miles above the Earth, space archaeologists say, have identified 17 pyramids buried deep under the ancient Egyptian city of Tanis.


  • Lost Ancient High Priest’s Prophetic Breastplate Thought Found

A small onyx stone, claimed to be given to a Knight Templar over 1,000 years ago and handed down through one family from generation to generation, is actually what the present owner claims: a gem from the breastplate of the High Priest in Jerusalem. – oMlGdWd0Bkt1jFH1

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