Revolutionary Energy Said Possible

BlackLight Power says it’s developing a revolutionary energy source, and it won’t let the laws of physics stand in its way.

Scientists Learn How to Levitate Tiny Objects

U.S. scientists have found a way to levitate the very smallest objects using the strange forces of quantum mechanics.

Did A Comet Cause the Carolina Bays?

Researchers think the catastrophic collision happened as recently as 13,000 years ago.

Huge Undersea ‘Wall’ Discovered

A giant rock formation resembling a city wall has been discovered under the Taiwan Strait.

“Nanodiamond” Find Supports Comet Extinction Theory

The discovery of tiny “nanodiamonds” supports a controversial theory that a catastrophic bom­bardment of space rocks altered the course of Earth history and only a few thousand years ago.

The ‘Lake Michigan Triangle’ Mystery

The Lake Michigan triangle is said to have similar characteristics of the Bermuda Triangle and is said to be a place of ghost ships, strange disappearances and even UFO sightings.

Acoustics May Have Been Secret of Stonehenge

A university professor who is an expert in sound and a part-time DJ believes Stonehenge was created as a dance arena for listening to “trance-style” music.

Ancient Band of Holes Found in Peru

Strange holes, stretching for a mile over uneven mountain terrain, were here for so long that the local people have no idea who made them, or why. Funny thing is no one really saw the big pic­ture until the area was seen from the air.

Bright Flash in Heavens Has No Earthly Explanation

While conducting a routine search for distant supernovae, astronomers observed a bright burst of light that they can’t account for.

Getting into Space by Broomstick

Kilo for kilo, space elevator payloads would cost much less than rockets. The prospects for the space elevator have been shaken up with a simple prototype using a broomstick.

China-Russia Mars Mission Set for Takeoff

The first joint Chinese-Russian mission to Mars is set to take off in October and reach the red planet in August 2010, an exploration project designer said.

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