Late-Breaking Stories We're Following on the Internet

  • Fossilized Alien Tracks Found On Mars

A respected astro-biologist who has published authoritative studies and books on Mars thinks he has found fossilized alien footprints after studying images taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover.



  • Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica is Freezing, Not Melting

The largest floating ice shelf in the southern oceans—first found to be warming—now seems to have started to freeze, and baffling scientists in the process.



  • Were the First Europeans, Africans?

A sample of hands in cave paintings might reveal the identity of a mysterious group of prehistoric artists who left their art across France and Spain.



  • Harappans Had Advanced Hydraulic Engineering

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data suggests existence of a set of small and shallow reservoirs—possibly a sophisticated connection with the existing Eastern Reservoir—says a team of Indian archaeologists.



  • Expert Debunks ‘Human Hybrids’ Claim

A newly published scientific paper concludes that partial skulls discovered in Xuchang, in central China are evidence of a “hybrid” human who lived some 100,000 years ago. The find, spotlighted in ‘Science’ magazine, is “up-ending ideas about human evolution.”



  • Falcon Heavy Launch Could Mean Many More Mine-Capable Asteroids

Asteroid mining is about more than just heading up into space and bringing back a rock full of platinum—you actually need to land something on just the right asteroid. Now, the world’s most powerful rocket launched by SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, may have changed the game.



  • Has Artificial Intelligence Finally Cracked the Voynich Manuscript?

Canadian researchers say they have taken a huge step forward in unraveling the mysterious 240-page Voynich manuscript’s hidden meaning. Since discovery over a century ago, the document, filled with coded language and inscrutable illustrations, has confounded linguists and cryptographers.



  • The Language of Dolphins Could Be Translated by 2021

Language technology researchers from Sweden and the Netherlands are taking on the language of dolphins, in a project focused on expanding the capability of deciphering dolphin thoughts.



  • Fossil Discoveries Challenge Ideas About Earth’s Start

A series of fossil finds suggest that life on Earth started earlier than anyone thought, calling into question a widely held theory of the solar system’s beginnings.