• Researcher Finds ‘Alien Life’ Fossils

A NASA scientist’s claim that he has found tiny fossils of alien life in the remnants of a meteorite has stirred both excitement and skepticism, and is being closely reviewed by 100 experts.

• Ark of the Covenant in the Virgin Islands?

Does St. Croix Island hold the key to a mysterious missing holy relic? The area’s seemingly inno­cent past has roots reaching back to Jerusalem, next to King Solomon’s temple, to be exact. A new book offers startling new evidence

New Respect for Alchemy

The scholars who write the history of science and technology no longer lump alchemy in with witchcraft as a pseudo-science. Instead they see alchemy as the proper precursor to modern chemistry.

• Scientists Revisit Tesla’s Electricity-From-Air Ideas

Harnessing the electrical power that is generated naturally when water vapor collects on micro­scopic particles of dust and other material in the air could provide an alternative to solar power and reduce the incidence of lightning strikes, say scientists at the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

• Air Force Fully Harnesses Wave Power

A wave energy converter generates power in a tank at the Air Force Academy. The converter was designed by Department of Astronautics researchers Stefan Siegel and Jurgen Seidel. It converts 99 percent of the energy in a simulated ocean wave.

• Gigantic Underground Moon Cave Found

Indian scientists have uncovered a cavern on the moon big enough to be a home base for human voyagers. Some say this is a game-changer for space exploration.

• Ex Canadian Defense Minister Accuses U.S. Government of UFO Cover-Up

Paul Hellyer says UFOs are real, aliens have visited Earth and the U.S. government is covering up information about them. He says he would probably get fired for his views if he was still Canada’s Minister of National Defense today, but is adamant he has seen UFOs himself.

• Wormholes Between Stars?

The scientists, Vladimir Dzhunushaliev at the Eurasian National University in Kazakhstan and co­authors, are looking into wormholes as possible travel routes between stars.

• Cracked Mayan Code May Pave Way to Lost Gold

A group of German scientists are on a mission to Guatemala in search of a lost Maya treasure al­legedly submerged under Lake Izabal.

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