Immortal Potentials

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John Anthony West

It is with sadness that I write having learned (from Dr. Robert Schoch’s article, “The Sphinx Breaks its Silence,” AR #126) that John Anthony West, one of the giants of the movement to rearrange our thinking of history—learned through his study of Ancient Egypt—has stage-four cancer.

We have gleaned so much knowledge through his study of the Sphinx, his book Serpent in the Sky, his tours of Ancient Egypt, his fascination with the early Egyptians and why they did what they did—and the way in which he brought so many scholars together to create a new movement that is now popular through the medium of television. He did his work and study before it was the popular thing to do and moved students to the study of Egypt beyond what was previously thought.

He is a unique, dear, kind, curious, fascinating, intelligent man who was never afraid to think beyond the norm, and he encouraged a generation to follow. His legacy is enormous.

I cannot help but think, from all that he learned and taught, that he now faces a new horizon with the same wonderful curious nature he exemplified throughout his life.

Please extend to him my thanks (and to Atlantis Rising) for the many ways to expand our minds and knowledge.

Godspeed, Mr. West!

Nancy Beang, Washington, D.C.

[A late call from John West’s close friend Bill Cote informs us that he has made a strong turn for the better. We hope to have more good news in our next issue. —ED]


Living for Centuries

Regarding William B. Stoecker’s article “Living for Centuries” (AR #126), I think his accuracy on what caused ancient man to live for centuries only got to the very edge of the target. Ley lines / dragon paths may incur a modicum of lifespan extension through physical harmony with our surroundings. Indeed some people who have had cancer start up inside them, had it go into remission and completely vanish when moved to a different sleeping location, which suggests he’s got it at least partly right. For what it’s worth, I suspect ley lines were used for three things: 1) gridding the earth in ancient times, (similar to how we use longitude and latitude today—I think stone circles and medicine wheels are intersecting points of this global grid…assuming you undo continental drift until they align back up again; 2) an antigravity assistance matrix; and 3) some care taken for being in safe harmony physically with the environment.

Normal cells in today’s world die after the 50th population doubling, which suggests a maximum age of about 115 years is possible.

Rick Pilotte, Author of Earth, Man, & Devolution, Victoria, BC, CN


Spherical Mysteries

AR #126 has a brief article about Saturn’s mysterious moon Iapetus (“Iapetus Fingered as ‘Death Star’) that has a low ridge running entirely around the equator. It is difficult to imagine any natural process that could produce such a feature. But I’ve seen that odd shape before, albeit on a much smaller scale. Many years ago I was at a MUFON meeting where Michael Cremo passed a couple of small hematite spheres around the room—and they both had ridges running all the way around, almost the same shape as Iapetus. They were found in rock deposits in South Africa well over a billion years old. There is no doubt as to their authenticity; many people have found hundreds of these over a large area. Again, no one has been able to propose any theory as to how they could have been formed naturally. And even if a civilized species lived on or visited Earth in that distant time, how and why would they have produced these on a massive scale, only to leave them lying around to be buried in sediments over the ages?

Both Iapetus and the spheres hint that our universe was deliberately engineered. Add to this the evidence for intelligent design and the mysterious nature of Earth’s Moon. Perhaps the Supreme Being, rather than winding the universe up like a clock at the beginning and then standing back and watching events unfold, continues to take an active role.

As to the motives of the Supreme Being or the purpose of the spheres, that remains a mystery.

Pat Alexander, Sacramento, CA 


Balls of Light

The late Ingo Swann wasn’t the only psychic that created a ball of light with his mind (“The Thoughtform Factor,” AR #125).

The late New York psychic Dr. Alex Tanous did an experiment at The American Society For Psychical Research in New York City back around 1975 or 76 in which he also created a ball of light using only his mind. The late Dr. Karlis Osis supervised the experiment.

I have seen the infrared photos of that experiment at a symposium where he was speaking, in New York City on May 22, 1976.

Rev. Phillip Beauchamp

Ocala, Florida


Dark Visitors

This is not a story about abductions or aliens but one that has taken me fifty years to understand.

As a college freshman, I was studying calculus with a friend in my top floor Bronx apartment. My window held a commanding view of the city horizon and on a spring night we both watched three “out of this world” crafts silently skim back and forth at nearly rooftop level. They threw off blazing rainbow colors and moved in odd, jerking motions as though in a quantum field. Finally they silently sailed right above us so closely we could see portholes on the craft. Then they were gone.

I recall an odd “draining” feeling that was very negative, but that was all. There was no missing time, etc.

I was filled with wonder and confusion, and we never discussed it with anyone. My life took a terrible turn for a few years after this, and I was drawn into negative, self-destructive behavior for a time. (I did eventually recover.) Decades afterwards, I read all the UFO literature out there and eventually drew my own conclusions as follows:

These were not tourists from the stars; rather, as Jacques Vallée and others have concluded, these were interdimensional visitors with a purpose.

I hesitate to use the term “demonic” but they were negative entities, seeking to draw out our spiritual energy for their own purposes, enriching themselves and leaving us drained with psychic wounds that have left us vulnerable to further self-destructive behavior.

Whatever claims there are about Area 51, Dulce, etc., these beings have not been our friends. They are here to reap what they need and leave us poorer.

If you doubt this, look at the evidence for our “secret government,” hidden cabal, Illuminati, and so forth. Look at the death of peaceful progress in the last five decades and the steady decline of our society, after a promising postwar start.

We are moving backwards as a civilized society, and none of these interlopers have done anything but push us downwards.

The ONLY thing that has helped me has not been some alien visitor but a return to God and the real moral truths we have known for centuries. Perhaps this is the real message we need to heed—not these deceptive visitors who noticeably steer clear from our religious faith.

Anonymous, Manalapan, NJ 


The Garden of Eden

I read with interest Dr. Schoch’s “The Search for the Garden of Eden” (AR #117). He’s right; the writers of Genesis do hint at a primeval world. One in particular is in Genesis 10:25 that states “the world was divided” in the days of Peleg. Perhaps this is a reference to the end of the Ice Age as low-lying lands were flooded, separating humanity. If so, this pushes the Noah cataclysm further back into prehistory, along with its allusions to Nephilim, Sons of God, and unmentionable evil.

Concerning Eden, I think Schoch is looking in the wrong location. He is looking in the North, but the biblical passage states “in the East.” Can we find four rivers flowing into the East? We know the Tigris and Euphrates flow into the Persian Gulf. Where are the Pishon and Gihon? Satellite photography has discovered potential answers.

Imagery shows a dry riverbed from southwestern Arabia (through what is now known as the Empty Quarter). The Bab el Mandeb strait and much of the Red Sea were dry in prehistory, putting the headwaters in the region of Cush. Another dry riverbed emerges from west-central Arabia. This mountain region of Hejaz is a major source of workable gold. Both of these rivers emptied into what is now the Persian Gulf.

The Gulf, too, was dry in a lost age. Ruins of ancient civilizations ring the current waters, so were they pushed out as the seas rose? This seems plausible, and if we follow all four of these rivers, we find ourselves under the Persian Gulf, which was once a lush, livable region. I would recommend Dr. Hugh Ross’ book Navigating Genesis for deeper discussion on this ancient text’s clues to our past. In any case, it seems fitting that Eden is lost to mankind, hidden by the sea.

Darrick Dean, Pittsburgh, PA


True Power

Deep divisiveness is experienced when we insist we are right and others are wrong, with what’s right depending on the “shoes” one is in. And there are as many “shoes” as there are people. However, there’s one thing uniting everyone: One’s own inner fear at the center of and dictating the divisive actions we take. We all have the exact same emotional pain—only the details surrounding it differ.

The more unconscious we are of our own internal fear, the more we believe others are to blame for it, whether an individual, group, or country. The more we tell each other how we should think and what we should do (so that we ourselves can feel safer), the bigger the divide becomes. The more “we” lash out in fearful attacks, the more “they” attack back.

But others can only trigger my fear as they’re unconsciously acting out their own fear. It’s up to me to decide if I’m going to join in, projecting my own pain at others just because others are projecting their pain at me.

Deciding (rather than unconsciously reacting) to not join in requires remembering the truth of our eternal oneness with God in spirit. Forgetting this is to believe we have much to lose from one another. Remembering we’re always safe in truth bridges the divide. Then, the actions I take as a human (what I do is secondary to how I do it) come from peace/divine truth rather than from my unrecognized fearful turmoil, making things better instead of making things worse.

Even in the absence of any actions taken, this shift in focus alone has the power to make things better. In fact, Love/God is the only true power there is.

Michelle Sullivan, Springfield, IL


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