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Underground Streams

This letter is concerning the article by Steven Sora, “The Underground Stream & Renne-le-Châteäu.” (A.R. #73)

The reproduction of the painting “The Shepherds of Arcadia” (Nicolas Poussin) is missing the right-hand part of the painting. This part is necessary for interpreting the meaning of this painting in relation with Rennes-le-Châteäu.

The analysis of this painting could be done in two parts, the artistic point of view and the interpretation of the meaning of this painting.

Regarding the artistic view, I would suggest the book by Henry Lincoln, Key to the Sacred Pattern—The Untold Story of Rennes-le-Châteäu. Henry Lincoln is one of the co-authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

Regarding the interpretation of the meaning of this painting, I would suggest the book by Maree Wore, The Dove The Rose & the Sceptre—In search of the Ark of the Covenant.

I hope this information could help your readers in the resolution of the mysteries of Rennes-le-Châteäu.

Marcel H. Leroux Monroe, CT

Mr. Leroux is correct, in that part of the Poussin painting was cropped in our issue #73, however, the part rela­tive to author Steven Sora’s narrative was retained. Here is the image, including the missing part, along with a pho­tograph of the landscape included in Lincoln’s book which appears to show the same feature included in the Poussin painting. Editor

The Psi in CSI

In A.R. #72 (November/December) Barbara Jason, in her article “The Psi in CSI,” recounts a story in which Bever­ly Jaegers of the Missouri-based Psi Squad aided the Belleville, IL police chief in locating missing Elizabeth West. I have been hard pressed to find any sources on the internet other than small blurbs on Psi Squad’s website that con­firm this event. If the account is in fact true, then there are far wider Fortean implications involved in this story.

Had Jason done additional research in following up on the Gregory Bowman case, she would have found that in 1998 The St. Louis Post-Dispatch learned that a Belleville deputy planted an informant inside a cell with Bowman to convince him to confess to West and Ruth Ann Jany’s murders to delay Bowman’s transfer to another correctional in­stitution while the informant would work to help Bowman escape from the outside. The ruse worked and Bowman was convicted based on his confession. No physical evidence was ever linked to his conviction. In 2001, Bowman’s conviction in those murders was overturned and a new trial ordered. Bowman submitted his own DNA for testing as evidence in the new trial. News of this reached Missouri cold case investigators who then linked Bowman’s DNA to the death of Velda Joy Rumfelt two years before the death of Elizabeth West. Trial is pending in the Rumfelt case as of this writing.

If the Beverly Jaegers account is true, then it is possible that Belleville police were thoroughly convinced Bowman was West’s killer based on Jaegers’ ability to pinpoint the location of her body and the details of Bowman’s appearance and when he would be caught, but lacked the physical evidence linking him to the crime, and therefore decided to use the police informant ruse to trick a confession out of Bowman fearing that if released then West’s killer would never be brought to justice. If it weren’t for the act of trickery on the police’s part, then a new trial possibly wouldn’t have been ordered, keeping cold case investigators from considering Bowman a suspect in Velda Joy Rumfelt’s mur­der. Thus, Beverly Jaegers’ psychic prophecy becomes its own self-fulfilling actualization.

Anton Stuhlmann Fort Myers, Fl

Unfortunately for all of us, Beverly Jaegers has passed on and thus is not communicating further with us on this or any other topic. Editor

Lake Titicaca

“The Place That Mocks Science” is not one of your better productions.Stephen Robbinsraises some interesting points, but he is very careless with his facts.

Contrary to what he says, the evidence for ice ages is massive, and it is not true that we don’t knowwhat caused the various ice ages; actually, we know of too many causes (the Chandler wobble, changes in the Sun’s energy output, vulcanism, etc.) and it is difficult to predict how these various factors will interact. The North American ice sheet did not require a northern mountain range; it almost certainly began quite suddenly with an accumulation of snow in the Canadian Arctic and sub Arctic, flowing out in all directions from the higher ground of the Canadian Shield, the original granite nucleus of the continent.

Likewise, the geological evidence that the major mountain ranges of the Earth formed over many millions of years and not at the end of the Pleistocene is also massive.

He makes the claim that Lake Titicaca was formed at sea level, following the lead of other careless authors who pretend that it is filled with sea water and Marine species. Actually, it is slightly brackish and filled with frogs, king­fish (a fresh water species), and, near the shore, totora reed, which cannot grow in salt water. I myself have eaten kingfish at a restaurant on the lake, and journeyed in a totora reed canoe to the floating islands built by local Indians, also made of totora reed. There is absolutely no evidence for its having been formed at sea level.

It is true that some of the alignments seem to show that thestructures were built in 15,000 BC, but the fact is that the location, cold and dry today, was even colder and dryer seventeen thousand years ago, during the very real ice age. However, and few authors seem to know this, following the end of the last ice age the earth continued to warm up, until, between about 10,000 BP and 5,000 BP it was substantially warmer than today, with the warmest pe­riod very roughly around 7,000 to 8,000 BP. Due to increased evaporation of sea water, more clouds were formed and the entire planet was also much wetter than today. During this period the altiplano would have been quite habitable.

As aninteresting aside, the people of Tiahuanaco apparently did have advanced knowledge. When I visited the site, I took an ordinary magnetic compass to check for magnetism in the stones. Atop a small pyramid is a row of stone monoliths, and I found that these were selectively and fairly strongly magnetized, with one end being a north pole and the other a south pole. Even stranger, my guide informed me that professional archaeologists had already discov­ered this…although it has never been publicized.

William B Stoecker Sacramento, CA

Biblical Issues

This is in regard to “In the Beginning” (A.R. #70) by Joseph Jochmans. He brought out many excellent points. . . but I will only bring up one. It involves the “missing three names” in Matthew’s genealogy.

Matthew 1:8 “And Joriam begat Ozias.” The three kings left out between these two kings mentioned are, Ahaziah, Joash and Amaziah. Actually, the reason for their omission is quite simple.

Most in the nation of the Jews, and those outside that nation, were expecting the coming of the promised Mes­siah—the physical son of David—their expected king. And, the rulers of the Jews were expecting a “pure blood” de­scendent. And this is the simple answer: II Kings 8:18 “…for the daughter of Ahab was [Joram’s] wife.”

Ahab’s wife was Jezebel, who was not an Israelite. Thus, the genetic DNA was polluted. Using the “three to four generation” teaching, the recorders simple wrote out those three kings until purity had returned.

Ray E. Daly Lincoln, ND

The foundation of the Christian Bible is the Jewish scriptures. The earliest Jewish scriptures—the first few chap­ters of Genesis—were based on the Gilgamesh Epic in ancient Sumeria (now known as southern Iraq). Gilgamesh was born and raised in Uruk; Abraham was born and raised in Ur. Uruk and Ur were only a few miles apart, but Gilga­mesh lived hundreds of years before Abraham was born.

Therefore, when the Gilgamesh Epic was begun—there were absolutely NO Jews in the entire world. The clay tab­lets that contain the Gilgamesh Epic were read by the Jews taken to Babylon after Babylon defeated Jerusalem in about 606 B.C. The Jews translated the Epic into their own Hebrew language and took the story back to Jerusalem at the end of the Babylonian captivity and then claimed the story as a part of their own history.

So—the foundation of the Christian-Jewish Bible is really an ancient Sumerian myth. The myth was simply an an­cient story to tell the common people how the world may have started.

Tall Paul Peoria, IL

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